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Solaris is a text-based role-play environment set in a world of mixed fantasy elements intertwined with technology and science fiction. All interaction between players is completely acted out via a play-by-post forum. Participating here is like working with others on a collaborative story. Each player's character has a role in the world and the more involved they choose to be the greater their role will be. We focus on mature and literate role-play to provide a creative outlet for all players involved and we welcome all newcomers who may be interested in text-based role-play. Solaris is an endless adventure and we always have a new storyline in the works.

News and Updates
Site updates
I've updated the description of every single race tonight. If you haven't read them in awhile now would be a good time to do so. I also phased out the "Origin of Species" sections and just merged them into the general race description. That section seemed a little redundant to me. I've changed Freeform characters to Veteran characters. Chris, Bryant, and myself all thought this would make sense so I went ahead and made the change. I've changed Job Class to simply Class. I felt having both "Job Class" and "Professions" was confusing because in Solaris they are two very different things. Finally, I've also changed the name of the site from World of Solaris back to Solaris RPG. That is all.
Posted by Steve on 10/20/16, 10:02 PM

Balthazar's Fortress
Balthazar's Fortress has been added to The Hinterlands Region. The description of the new area hints at Grey's efforts to ramp up his armies overall strength and mentions a special concoction the Vegonian's are now equipped with. This vial is used when the Vegonians are threatened and it amps up their strength, endurance, and increases their overall size for the duration of an entire battle. It basically turns them into ravenous hulking rage beasts. So, with that in mind, role-play accordingly! On another note, I will be adding areas for the remaining World Bosses very soon. These locations are places you would go to in order to encounter them. That's all for now.
Posted by Steve on 10/15/16, 9:44 AM

Character Submission Conundrum
Most of our regulars around here might not realize it, but creating a character is apparently extraordinarily difficult. This year the ratio of acceptable character subs to unacceptable subs is about one in twenty. Which I find terribly unsettling. The concept of this site is pretty simple in my opinion. Quite simply, this site is a place for role-players who enjoy writing stories to do just that, write stories!

If someone can't write more than a sentence for a character bio, what in the world makes them think this site is a good fit? This happens so frequently it's utterly disappointing. Out of the several dozen submissions this year most of them have less than one sentence for a bio, some of them a single word. (Someone literally put "cool" for their bio a few weeks ago.)

I have tried everything from putting text requirements on the text box in the submission form to putting bright red and bold text saying that we absolutely need a descriptive bio to accept a character submission. Neither one has worked and I'm not really sure what else I can do. I have even tried finding the proper target audience to advertise to and we still receive terrible submissions.

If anyone has any ideas on how to remedy this situation, I am all ears. If you have any ideas please email me by clicking my name directly below this or post your idea(s) in the forum under Solaris Discussion. Thank you all for your continued support. /endrant
Posted by Steve on 10/13/16, 11:07 PM

Race Guide Updates
Bryant, Chris, and myself were discussing the fate of some of our available races last night. We decided that Fae and Elwen could be bumped down a notch to creature instead of race. So I went ahead and made the change. We currently have no characters of either race, except for an inactive one. We can reevaluate Fae if that particular character returns. On the other hand Vegonian has been made into a non-playable race. The race will remain as a race but players will no longer be able to create characters based on that race. We had no Vegonians, so I don't see this as a problem. We felt these changes would make character creation a little easier for new players.
Posted by Steve on 10/12/16, 10:25 PM

Guild Hall Updates
I'm working on posting up Guild Halls for each job class on the World Atlas section. Most of you are probably aware of this by now if you keep up on the forums. I've decided to change the names up of these locations though.
Current Guild Halls:
  • Adventurer -> Adventurer's Lodge -> Mountainous Region
  • Champion -> Champion's Enclave -> Osperian Region
  • Cleric -> Monastery of Light -> Kazarial Region
  • Magus -> Tower of the Magi -> Plains Region
  • Mercenary -> Den of Wolves -> Xhan Tarn Region
  • Necromancer -> The Necropolis -> Swamp Region
Each Guild Hall will be a role-play location listed on the World Atlas and each will be located in a different region. So far the Adventurer's Lodge and Champion's Enclave are already up and also seem quite fitting. I'll be working on the others soon.
Posted by Steve on 10/12/16, 10:13 PM

Switching things up
Here's a change of pace. I'm going to start posting updates back to the main page instead of the forums. I feel like the front page is a little neglected because it never changes. Once you've read it you really never look at it again. If I put updates here it should make things more interesting. On another note, the advertisement I recently added to the bottom of the site is actually doing well. It's been a good test run so far. Thanks to anyone who disabled their ad blocker on the site!
Posted by Steve on 10/12/16, 10:02 PM
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