Solaris RPG

This website is the home of a long-running text-based game that began in 1996 between two friends. Over the decades we've had over 1,000 unique characters from players who have joined us over the years.

Our current plot revolves around the Elyndrians traveling to the heart of the Wildlands to face off against Vardtrad, the Guardian of the Awakened. Vardtrad is located at the bottom of the crater, where a Builder vessel once resided.

When the Builder vessel lifted off, it cracked the surface of planet Solaris, revealing what is now known as "The Breach" at the bottom of the crater. The Elyndrians believe Queen Yasmine has traveled into The Breach to gain incredible power in her quest for vengeance against the inhabitants of the surface world.

Vardtrad has been defeated, one way or another, and the Elyndrians are about to head into The World Below to learn what the evil plans Queen Yasmine has in store for the surface dwellers of planet Solaris. The Guardian power of Vardtrad has transferred into General Zidala and it seems the Grovekin who escaped Queen Yasmine have decided to make Zidala their new leader!

The Elyndrians have established a base camp called Underworld Point. Several Grovekin aid them in their adventures, claiming Zidala as their new Queen. The Elyndrians have discovered a vast ocean hidden within The World Below and have named it the Emerald Expanse due to its beautifully colored waters.