Welcome to Solaris RPG

You have stumbled onto a long-running collaborative storytelling community called Solaris RPG. Our role-play environment has changed and evolved tremendously over the last two decades and it will continue to adapt and improve over time. Our team of world-building writers seek to continue this adventure for the foreseeable future.

Our writers participate in collaborative writing sessions via our online forum community. A session may last hours, days, weeks or even months! It's completely up to the writers involved in the session. Participating in a session is as simple as writing out your character's actions. Sort of like writing a book! This is a turn-based activity that will continue until all the writers involved have decided they are finished with the story arc.

Before joining a session, one must be certain the other writers involved don't mind. Not all sessions are multiplayer and many of them could be solo. When someone suddenly jumps into a solo session it can make things awkward. The game is equipped with nine unique character classes, ten unique character races, and fourteen unique regions to explore via role-play sessions.

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