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May 21 2023

I have updated the Race, Class, Magic, and Trade Guides with more details, history, and information. Check them out when you have time. Thanks!

May 14 2023

I may not have posted anything here on the main page for a bit, but I have been busy in the background. I added some missing creatures for levels 25, 41, and 42 so go check those out in the Creature Guide. I revamped a lot of creature descriptions. I also tweaked the stat engine as we discussed in the Discord. Leveling up is a little more interesting now. Lower levels are faster and the higher you go the slower it gets. I think this is pretty common in most other RPG's and it makes leveling up more interesting in my opinion. I made a bunch more updates since my last post, but I can't remember them all. Doh!

April 26 2023

I made some considerable leveling changes just now. Leveling up now requires 2,000 EXP per level (up from 1,000 EXP per level). I believe the majority of our players can write 1,000 words in their sleep. I have adjusted current character EXP levels and Prestige accordingly to place every active player character at level 65, 70 being the current cap.

We are just beginning the next leg of our major storyline session and I feel this puts us all in a good position to level through the Wildlands region. All creature EXP has been adjusted accordingly, to keep them at the proper levels for their locations.

Also, avoidance ratings have been tweaked across the board, and rounded to the nearest 10 for easier math during combat. Please be aware, nobody lost any EXP, it was only moved into Prestige to make leveling through the new region more interesting.

April 25 2023

I added some new details on character profiles such as eye color, hair color, and homeland. I also reintroduced Prestige Points and explained this system in the Attribute Guide if you want more details.

Please let me know your character's eye color, hair color, and homeland. I also did a ton of work to improve the backend of the site and made some modifications to the stat engine and how stats are calculated. I also implemented some other changes to character profiles, check them out for more details.

April 9 2023

I may have forgot to mention this when I did it, but I've added the Mechanoid as a playable character race. So, if you want, you can now create a Mechanoid like Rusty or Wingnut. Also, your trade, race, class, and magic combination influences your attributes as always, but I've dropped extra capabilities from each of them.

April 6 2023

I cleaned up the Region Guide and the Creature Guide. I compressed the level cap down a bit from 75 to 70. I feel like it cleans a few things up. Previously the groups of creatures from the Creature Guide didn't match up with the regions on the Region Guide because the Afterplane was listed on the Creature Guide as the Afterplane and the Infernal Chasm. So now the Infernal Chasm is considered part of the Afterplane, because it is, technically.