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Solaris RPG is a text-based role-playing game set in a world of science fiction and fantasy. All interaction between our players is typed out entirely in our online forum community.

The game requires a lot of reading and a lot of writing. It requires a strong sense of creativity, a lot of patience, and a powerful imagination. It’s important to keep that in mind.

For over twenty years this website has been a creative outlet for a lot of people. The game has changed and evolved tremendously over twenty years and it will continue to adapt and improve.

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Solaris RPG v10.13

Minor updates below...

  • Added a new section to all races listing the homeland, leader, faction, lifespan, and city of all races.

Posted by Steve on 8/14/18, 9:23 PM

New Character Boost Week

From 8/5/2018 to 8/11/2018 all new characters will begin the game with an additional 5,000 bonus EXP. This is a limited time offer and only characters submitted between now and the 11th will receive the bonus. If you would like to take advantage of this bonus, the registration page is here.

Posted by Steve on 8/5/18, 9:37 AM

Solaris RPG v10.12

A few more updates...

  • Added new cosmetic template to all player character's custom abilities on character profiles.

  • Added new cosmetic template to all player character's equipment and items on character profiles.

  • Soon all World Bosses and Leaders will have the new cosmetic ability templates applied to them as well.

  • After adding mechanical functions listed out on every ability, I need you, the players, to look over your own abilities and make sure they have any mechanical functions listed out.

  • I have updated the Custom Ability Guide to reflect these changes.

  • The mobile site template has been updated to reflect the cosmetic changes. The background of the templates will not change on mobile like it does on desktop for easier readability.

  • I think I might update the Storyline Guide soon. I feel like it's too complicated and needs trimmed a bit. I don't think new players and visitors will want to read through all of it.

  • I made some extremely minor changes to the way a couple things on character profiles are displayed. Instead of saying "Gold Stash" it now simply says "Gold" and instead of "Magic Type" it now says "Magic". I think it gives the profiles a cleaner look.

  • Page size and internal scrolling changes have been made. As you can see, the main content block of the site now scrolls within itself instead of making the entire site scroll down. I don't know if I'll keep it this way or not, but part of me kind of likes it this way. This change does not affect mobile users, only devices that display the entire site.

Posted by Steve on 7/28/18, 1:31 PM

Solaris RPG v10.1

Levels 225-250 are now available! The Oceanic Region is now available from Captain Tillen's harbor in Xhan Tarn. Sail the oceans, slay some pirates, and explore the mysteries of the region!

  • A couple of encounters have been added, the Depthling and the dreaded Dormuzahn Pirates!

  • The exciting Adventure Island, the pirate haven Dormuzahn City, and the mysterious Ulemner Trench have all been added as explorable locations!

  • I will soon be posting up Captain Tillen's Harbor in Xhan Tarn. Using one of the ships there, travelers can head into the oceans and enjoy ocean-based role-play sessions!

Posted by Steve on 6/23/18, 4:14 PM

Solaris RPG v10.09

Here are the most recent updates...

  • Increased all player character's HP by 25%. We need to do some PvP testing guys!

  • Altered the levels and star ranks on the character page a bit.

  • Added a new section to the bottom of all player character profile for account wide stats.

Posted by Steve on 6/21/18, 9:34 PM

Solaris RPG v10.08

Here are the most recent updates...

  • Essential Equipment upgrade pricing has been updated!

  • Equipment upgrades are now the sole function of the new profession, Engineer.

  • Engineers and Engineer Shops have been added to the Market Guide.

  • Rusty now has his own upgrade shop(s) available where he will upgrade your equipment based on a new pricing structure.

  • The Progression Guide has been majorly modified and updated.

  • A new class variant is available for Clerics, the Monk!

  • Star Ranks have been added on the Character Page. Please see the Progression Guide for details.

  • I am contemplating changing World Bosses to be leveled to their region level cap versus the overall game's level cap.

Posted by Steve on 6/21/18, 1:30 AM

Solaris RPG v10.07

Here are the most recent updates...

  • We're currently building the story around Skyhold City, with Sirak and Giran currently in Elyndaar City sharing their story with us.

  • I've made some more cosmetic changes to the site over the last week. I put some coloring behind the headers and made some major changes to the Character page. Player characters are now listed by level.

  • I split storyline characters away from player characters and gave them their own section called Heroes. This section includes notable retired player characters as well.

  • The next big thing I'm working on is adding Class Variants to all Character Classes. I've only done a couple so far, the Wizard and Warrior. Currently the Warrior has two class variants, the Berserker and the Defender. The Wizard has two class variants as well, the Sorceress and the Mage. Class variants keep the same capabilities but their vitals can be very specialized.

  • Prestige points have been added. They may be purchased by using up any Overflow EXP you may have. They are purchased in 1% increments are account wide. For more information on Prestige, please visit the Progression Guide and skip to the bottom.

  • I have removed the equipment limitations on the number of Ascended and Legendary pieces of gear a character can have equipped. It no longer matters if you have multiple legendaries, or multiple ascended items.

That's all for now.

Posted by Steve on 6/16/18, 9:30 AM

Solaris RPG v10.06

Here are the most recent updates...

  • New creature Xitha was added by Odessa to the Blasted Region. Thanks!

  • Lots of cosmetic changes to the site, headings, borders, site width and pictures added to profiles again!

  • I've fixed some issues in several guides, mostly wording and spelling mistakes.

  • I'd like to develop Skyhold Region a bit more before moving on to the next region. If anyone would like to help me add creatures it would be much appreciated!

  • The character page has been changed around a bit and I have removed all inactive characters. If you feel you were taken down in error, please let me know... or just play the game a little and I'll put you back up.

  • Added new sub-level to the Solaris Central Laboratories. The Nanotechnology Lab!

  • New "Character's Affiliations" section added to the bottom of some profiles (Krauser, Giran, and Sirak on a trial basis)

That's all for now.

Posted by Steve on 6/9/18, 12:30 PM

Solaris RPG v10.05

Some more updates...

  • Gold is now earned passively through role-play sessions at a rate of 20%.

  • I have hidden region areas that are not yet complete. Once completed they will return.

  • The Quest Guide is now gone, due to the addition of passive gold earnings. Questing isn't really needed anymore.

  • The Market Guide has been updated to reflect the gold changes.

  • Restored the website's background.

That's all for now.

Posted by Steve on 5/24/18, 9:56 PM

Solaris RPG v10.04

Some more updates...

That's all for now.

Posted by Steve on 4/26/18, 11:21 PM

Solaris RPG v10.03

Some more updates...

  • Added a new storyline to the Storyline Guide.

  • Progressed the in-game timeline five years.

  • Increased all known ages by five years.

  • Merged the Retired characters into the Characters page.

  • Added a new region to the World Guide.

  • Moved the Companion Guide up a few sections.

  • Removed sections on the Characters page.

That's all for now.

Posted by Steve on 4/21/18, 9:24 PM

Solaris RPG v10.02

Some more updates...

  • Changed the background of the website.

  • Changed up the left and right navigation menus, again.

  • Moved all news to the Changes link.

  • Changed up some wording in several sections, again.

  • Removed Google Analytics from the entire website.

  • Merged Encounter Guide into the World Guide.

  • Changed heading titles in Guidebook.

That's all for now.

Posted by Steve on 4/21/18, 2:24 PM

Solaris RPG v10.01

Some updates...

  • Updated the character page to be friendly vs hostile.

  • Changed up the left and right navigation menus a bit.

  • Removed inactive characters from the Character Page.

  • Removed Innovate submission link from right menu.

  • Changed up some wording in several sections.

That's all for now.

Posted by Steve on 4/18/18, 10:09 PM

Solaris RPG v10.0 (Beta)

Welcome to the test version of the site. I will post all updates here and release them to the main site as larger patches instead of doing tiny updates all the time. The updates posted to this test site will be for the next big storyline. When the new storyline is released, this new version will be made live and it will include new regions, a new level cap, and even some other additions and changes.

Posted by Steve on 4/18/18, 12:09 PM

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