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Solaris RPG is a text-based role-playing game set in a world of mixed fantasy. All interaction between our players is typed out entirely in our online forum community.

The game requires a lot of reading and a lot of writing. It requires a strong sense of creativity, a lot of patience, and a powerful imagination. It’s important to keep that in mind.

For over twenty years this website has been a creative outlet for a lot of people. The game has changed and evolved tremendously over twenty years and it will continue to adapt and improve.

Happy Easter!

I just wanted to take a quick moment to wish a Happy Easter to everyone! So, have an awesome day, enjoy your families, eat good food, and remember the sacrifice Jesus made for us all 2,000 years ago on the cross. Let us not forget what it's really about. God bless!

Posted by Steve on 4/1/18, 12:29 PM

Goodbye Patreon

I have decided to end the site's Patreon account for the foreseeable future. It was very helpful for the site (we used it to buy a UPS backup battery and a server upgrade recently, the RPi 3 B+) and I appreciate all the support from those who donated.

However, after much thought and consideration over the last couple of months I have decided that some part of me just doesn't like accepting donations. So, I have closed the Patreon account and those who donated will no longer be charged on a monthly basis. All remaining money from Patreon has been transfered into the site's PayPal account where it will be used for future upgrades and maintenance.

Here's the thing... I personally feel that by accepting financial donations from our players, it obligates me to constantly work on the site and make improvements. You all know I love working on the website, but this seemingly turns a hobby I greatly enjoy into a job in a weird sort of way. I don't like this feeling.

The problem is, when we have a slow period I now feel like I owe it to the Patreon supporters to make something happen on a regular basis. I no longer wish to feel this way, as sometimes I do like to take a break. Solaris RPG will be here with or without donations, as it has for over twenty years.

So, thanks again to all the supporters who graciously donated money to Solaris over the last few months. Also, as always, there will be no advertisements either.

Posted by Steve on 3/24/18, 3:16 PM

Encounter Guide updated

I have just expanded on the Encounter Guide, specifically the Crimson Region. With the current storyline gradually unfolding, I would like to focus on developing this area far beyond where it previously was. You will now find combat profiles for the Scrufaceros beast the Elyndrians originally encountered on their first trip to planet Lunaris, the Queen's Marauders, Queen Vishera, and a new creature called the Parasitic Fiend. If anyone would like to help me with this endeavor, please let me know.

Posted by Steve on 2/24/18, 10:16 PM

Custom Ability Guide updated

I have completely rewritten the Custom Ability Guide this afternoon. I have also introduced a new system that allows characters to upgrade the number of functions their abilities can have. I highly recommend just reading the whole guide to be clear on everything. Also, if you see any issues, let me know.

Posted by Steve on 2/11/18, 3:30 PM

Level "cap" introduced

Over the next thirty days I will be testing the idea of having a "level cap" in Solaris RPG. I won't get into all the details here, but you can read about it in the Progression Guide.

The World Guide has been updated to reflect the level 200 cap and the Encounter Guide will be updated soon as well. I plan to add more creatures to the Twilight Region (level 100) and then add the Crimson Region (level 200).

This is a pretty significant change and I wouldn't do it if I didn't feel like the game wouldn't benefit from it in some way. I think this will help encourage PvP combat because characters will be capped at the same level (at least until the next "expansion" is added).

Also, the Combat Guide has undergone some changes to make fighting creatures more rewarding. It's all listed at the bottom of the guide, so be sure to check it out.

Posted by Steve on 2/8/18, 11:55 PM

World Guide reboot!

I've been hard at work on revising the entire World Guide for readability and expansion. So far I have the Osperian Region complete and it's coming along nicely. I plan on knocking out a couple regions per night for the next few days until it's complete. After that I plan to move on to making the character registration process a bit more interesting (racial introductions, class introductions, etc). The next two weeks should be pretty interesting!

Posted by Steve on 2/1/18, 11:15 PM

Creature stat rebalance

I just finished rebalancing the vital stats of every creature currently listed in the game. Please go check out their stats and let me know what you think. Along with this change, I reevaluated how I handled the difficulty ratings of each creature. I changed the difficulty of some, and added a new tier called Extreme. I smoothed out stats, altered difficulty ratings, and hopefully took care of some problems.

Posted by Steve on 1/28/18, 10:15 PM

Thank you, Patreon supporters!

With the donations from our Patreon account we received enough money to purchase a backup battery for the web server. I can't thank our Patreon supporters enough for their continued generosity! We no longer need to worry about sudden power outages causing database corruption for the site. The site may still go down here and there, but outages would only be due to our Internet going down once or twice a year. No more worries about power outages! Currently the site has an almost 99% uptime over the course of a year!

Posted by Steve on 1/18/18, 8:15 PM

Vital stat rebalance

After some things were brought to my attention yesterday, I dove into the vital stat system last night and realized I had left some glaring problems behind with all the various stats. Last night I spent about 2.5 hours going through and doing some moderate rebalancing to the stat system. (This is a good example of why we need some PvP situations so we can find these flaws.) Some stats were buffed, some were nerfed. These changes were universal and will effect every single class and race.

After my dive into the stat system, I feel many of the problems should be worked out now, although I may have just moved them around in some cases. There were some major problems with what I like to call "stat-spikes" for certain classes and races. For example, one class might have an absurdly high hit rating. A character 20+ levels beneath another character might have far more "hit" than the more powerful character. The lower level character should not be THAT far ahead in one particular stat.

So, after this change, those enormous stat-spikes should no longer be a problem in most situations. I need YOUR HELP though! I need people to compare characters and point out these flaws for me. Be patient with me while we work through this. If you see these glaring stat-spikes, let me know. Let's work together to make Solaris RPG better than it ever has been.

Posted by Steve on 1/14/18, 10:26 AM

Progression Guide updates

I've made some updates to the Progression Guide this afternoon. I've greatly modified the section about Veteran characters. I simplified it a bit and added some new sections. I have added the option to bring a character out of retirement as well. Finally, Speed Sessions have been removed (for now). Nobody seemed to have any interest in them. That's all!

Posted by Steve on 1/13/18, 1:41 PM

22 years of Solaris RPG

Hello everybody! I just wanted to let everyone know 2018 marks 22 YEARS of Solaris RPG! This game and website have changed dramatically over the years and I think I'm happier with the site than I ever have been. This year I introduced a new vital stat system and we had several major storylines unfold. As many of our veteran players already know, this time of year is when I like to drop a considerable EXP bonus on all of our active characters! I do this mostly as a thank you to all the players who've stuck around and remained active in the game. So, thank you all! Let's keep it up. I see lots more interesting RP sessions coming down the line this year.

Posted by Steve on 1/3/18, 11:41 PM

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