Welcome to Solaris RPG

Welcome random netizen! You have stumbled onto a long-running, mostly private role-play community. This collaborative story has been ongoing since 1996. All interaction between players is typed out entirely in our forum.

Our role-play environment has changed and evolved tremendously over the last two decades and it will continue to adapt and improve over time. Together, we are a team of world-building writers who seek to continue our tale for the foreseeable future.

Gameplay Intro

Solaris RPG is entirely a turn-based game of storytelling. All of our players, or writers as prefer to call them, participate in role-play sessions in our forum community.

These sessions are forum topics that multiple writers participate in over a period of time. A role-play session may last hours, to days, to weeks or even months. It's completely up to the players.

Participating in a session is as simple as writing out your character's actions as if you were writing a book. When another writer joins your story, he or she will continue where you left off. This is a turn-based activity that will continue until all the writers involved have decided they are finished with the story arc.

Before joining a session be absolutely certain the other writers involved don't mind. Not all sessions are multiplayer and many of them could be solo. When you suddenly jump into someone's solo session it can make things quite awkward.

The game is equipped with nine unique character classes, ten unique character races, and fourteen unique regions to explore via role-play sessions.

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