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This website is the home of a long-running game that started in the summer of 1996. Over the decades, we've had over one-thousand unique characters from players who have joined us from all over the world throughout the years. The story of Solaris RPG takes place in a world of mixed fantasy and science fiction.

In the heart of the Wildlands, beneath the scar of a Builder vessel's fiery departure, lies the crater housing Vardtrad, Guardian of the Awakened. Drawn by whispers of Queen Yasmine seeking forbidden power in the abyss known as The Breach, the Elyndrians face off against their ancient foe, vengeance brewing for the fallen Ylel'thaeus.

Vardtrad lies vanquished, leaving behind an echo of power that resonates with Zidala, the newly crowned Queen of the Grovekin refugees. Yasmine's malevolent laughter trails into the maw of The Breach, beckoning the Elyndrians and their newfound allies on a perilous descent into the World Below. The fate of Solaris hangs in the balance as this unlikely alliance plunges into the abyss, united against a queen fueled by an ancient grudge.

Whispers of forgotten horrors danced on the edge of torchlight in Underworld Point, where Elyndrian resolve mingled with Grovekin unease. Queen Zidala, newly crowned from the thorns of circumstance, navigated the unspoken tensions while beneath them, the Emerald Expanse shimmered – a vast, alluring abyss promising secrets as vast as its emerald depths. In its stillness, the water held its breath, waiting to exhale the truth about Yasmine's twisted plans and the fate of Solaris.

Krauser Killener was snatched away by an unseen entity. He awoke in a cavern, imprisoned within a cocoon of vines. After escaping his prison, Krauser discovered the ancient city of Eldrenhollow. This city is the home of the Protokin and controlled by an entity that claims to have existed since the creation of planet Solaris. This being calls itself the First One.

The Protokin attacked Underworld Point. The Builders Dakon and Valmir unexpectedly showed up to help end the fight. The Elyndrians and their allies now devise a plan to dive deeper into the World Below and stop the actions of Queen Yasmine and the First One, or Ylel'Shaogog as Dakon calls him. The creature is believed to have been the first native life of planet Solaris. It started war with the Builders eons ago and has been imprisoned deep below the Protokin city known as Eldrenhollow for untold ages.

There is more story to come as our joint-narrative writing session continues here. This storyline began on Sep 21, 2022. It is currently 150+ posts in length and growing. If you are interested in learning more about the current happenings of Solaris RPG, please, check it out.