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You have stumbled onto a long-running collaborative storytelling community known as Solaris RPG. Our writing environment has changed and evolved tremendously over the last two decades and it will continue to adapt and improve over time.

Our team of world-building writers seeks to continue this adventure for the foreseeable future. Our writers participate in collaborative writing sessions via our online forum community. A session may last hours, days, weeks or even months! It's completely up to the writers involved in the session.

Participating in a session is as simple as writing out your character's actions. Sort of like writing a book! This is a turn-based activity that will continue until all the writers involved have decided they are finished with the story arc.

Before joining a session, you must be certain the other writers involved don't mind. Not all sessions are multiplayer and many of them could be solo. When someone suddenly jumps into a solo session it can make things awkward.

The game is equipped with nine unique character classes, ten unique character races, and fourteen unique regions to explore via role-play sessions.

November 2019 -- Plot Summary

War is brewing in the Blasted Region after tensions between the Elyndrians and the Black Empire spiked following an incident in the Hinterlands. Grey Fenrir, the leader of the Black Empire, has a dark secret beneath Vegonaar City and the Elyndrians have only recently been made aware of it.

Elsewhere in the world the Thunderwing Brood are busy rebuilding their society in the Mountainous Region. The Exiled beastkin from the Hinterlands has also traveled to the distant south and begun rebuilding their city in the Broken Region.

New rift jumpers from other worlds have started popping up again and exploration of the solar system has resumed, opening up planet Lunaris and planet Gorgonia for exploration by anyone willing.

11/3/2019 -- Site Updates and Changes

I made a ton of site updates this morning, including simplifying my site template to make adding new sections even more seamless.

I cleaned up some junk in the coding and I think I touched all 309 content pages! Most of this isn't noticed by the end-user, but it helps me out on the backend.

I did make some obvious changes, like changing the color of links across the board. I wanted to do this to make them more visible. I also adjusted some font sizing throughout the site. If you see any cosmetic issues, let me know!

Side note... I will be finishing some changes to the creature stats soon, as well as continuing work on the World Guide additions (Gorgonia, Arcasphere, etc...) - Steve

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