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Ability Guide

All players have the opportunity to create custom abilities for characters. Custom abilities make for a great opportunity for a player to be creative and unique. These abilities are yours - no other character can copy your ideas.

Unlocking Abilities

At levels 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 all characters unlock a Custom Ability. If you have decided you want to make a custom ability for your character you can post up the name and description to our community. The administration will typically accept any ability that makes sense and does not exploit the in-game systems.

Naming Abilities

One would expect that this should be the easiest part, but it can sometimes be the hardest part of making a new custom ability. You want a name that makes sense and fits the ability. The new ability’s name cannot be taken by another character. All players should strive to make their custom abilities 100% unique.

Describing Abilities

A description should explain the ability and what it does. If a passive aura, what color is it? How does it appear to others? If hurling a ball of energy at someone, what type of energy is it, and what color is it? Be descriptive and give plenty of detail without writing a book. The goal is to make others visualize it the same way you do.

Purposing Abilities

A mechanical function allows you to perform an action in or out of battle. It could be an active or passive function. Active abilities enable the character to do something unique, perhaps the ability to summon a wall of ice or throw a fireball at someone. Abilities that work quietly in the background are passive. Whether active or passive, both have a mechanical purpose.

Signature Abilities

The final Custom Ability a character develops is considered his Signature Ability. This extra powerful ability can do things normal abilities cannot. Imagine a healer resurrecting his entire party at once instead of one at a time. Or a super powerful attack that bypasses damage mitigations entirely. Or maybe an attack that does a massive 250% bonus above normal damage.

Limiting Abilities

To keep it simple and prevent players from including ability limitations, we put a hard cap on ability usage. In all situations, normal custom abilities may be used up to three times per battle. All signature abilities may only be used once per battle.