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All players have the opportunity to craft custom abilities for their characters. These abilities are a powerful platform for creativity and self-expression, allowing you to imbue your characters with unique and distinctive powers. Rest assured that your custom abilities are yours – no other character can replicate your ingenuity. Embrace the boundless possibilities that await and unleash your imagination to forge abilities that will leave an indelible mark on our game world.

Custom Abilities

At levels 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100, all characters unlock Custom Abilities. If you have a unique ability in mind for your character, you can share its name and description with the community. A Game Master will carefully consider each proposed ability and approve those that align with the game's lore and mechanics without exploiting its systems.

Naming Abilities

While it might seem straightforward, naming your custom ability can be one of the most challenging aspects of the creation process. The chosen name should be meaningful and well-suited to the ability's function. Additionally, it must be unique, ensuring no other character shares the same ability moniker. Strive for originality to make your ability truly stand out.

Describing Abilities

A description should paint a vivid picture of your custom ability, allowing others to visualize it as you do. For passive auras, describe their color and appearance to onlookers. If your ability involves hurling a ball of energy, specify its type and color. Provide ample detail without becoming overly verbose. The objective is to ensure that everyone shares your vision of the ability.

Purposing Abilities

Mechanical functions define how your custom ability operates, enabling you to perform actions within and outside combat. These functions can be either active or passive. Active abilities empower your character to execute unique actions, such as conjuring a wall of ice or hurling a fiery projectile. Conversely, passive abilities operate silently in the background, providing ongoing benefits. Active and passive abilities serve a distinct mechanical purpose regardless of their activation style.

Signature Abilities

Unleash the true potential of your characters with Signature Abilities, powerful skills that surpass the limits of ordinary abilities. Imagine a healer reviving their entire party in a single stroke or unleashing an unstoppable attack that shatters all defenses. Signature Abilities embody the peak of character power, opening doors to unimaginable feats. Signature Abilities are attainable once a character has reached level 100 for the first time.

Limiting Abilities

We have implemented strict usage caps to maintain balance and prevent players from exploiting ability limitations. Standard custom abilities can be used up to three times per battle, while Signature Abilities are restricted to a single use per battle due to their immense power. This carefully calibrated system ensures that abilities remain valuable assets without disrupting the overall flow of combat.