About Solaris RPG

Solaris RPG began as a pencil and paper role-playing game between two young friends over the course of a muggy summer break in 1996. When I received my first desktop computer, the game eventually migrated from pencil and paper to the world wide web where it gradually evolved into the website you see today.

While Solaris is typically considered an RPG (role-playing game), I tend to refer to it as a RPE (role-playing environment) because that is what it really is to me. I created Solaris RPG to be a place for friends to participate in joint-narrative role-play sessions. Every player has a part in driving the narrative through turn-based sessions on our community forums.

For more details on the in-game world, planet Solaris, check out this introduction located in the character sign-up section. This section basically summarizes the in-game environment and the current storyline.

For more details on the rules and other systems of Solaris RPG, please check out the Guidebook. The Guidebook covers almost every aspect of the game from the races and classes to combat and creature encounters.

For all other questions you can sign-up on the forum community and ask your questions in the Solaris Discussion forum. You can also utilize a Microsoft or Facebook account to sign-up to save some time!

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