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This section includes all notable non-player characters, storyline characters, and even inactive player characters from the past. These characters do not have full profiles because they are typically not utilized often enough to justify it. Many of these characters are a large part of the storyline. Solaris has had over a thousand characters over the decades and I can't include them all, unfortunately.

Agremmon Tillen

The one and only, the legendary, Captain Tillen. The Captain returned to the past with the Elyndrians during The Undoing and upon arriving 30,000 years in the past immediately went on his own separate path.

While he did remain close allies with the Elyndrians, Captain Tillen took on a strict neutral stance with all of the other factions of Solaris. It doesn't matter who you are or what color your skin is, Captain Tillen will work with you as long as you follow his rules while in his harbor city.

Captain Tillen's Harbor resides in the far western stretch of the Xhan beach. It's quite the sight, filled with citizens of all races and species.

While visiting the city, travelers are warned to mind their business and keep their noses clean. Any funny business will be dealt with by the Captain himself. He has a entire brigade of solders and sailors at his disposal. He's an honorable man though, and values honesty and hard work.


Lumione Therion was a legend. Having lived several trillion years, Lum spent the last few years of his life on the planet Solaris. But due to the eternal effects of entropy, Lumione died over several days as his crystalline lattice decayed, and all his personality, memories, and everything he was faded with it. As his lattice broke down, the eatherling died. All that was left as the energies within him receded was a small globe of pure Eather energy.

It was from this miniscule amount of energy that Akistos came. As Lum's influence faded, the energy rearranged, establishing a new crystalline lattice. Akistos is the first Eatherling whose creation was witnessed by non-Eatherlings, leading to much confusion as to whether Lum had died or simply changed.

However, Akistos is indeed an entirely new being, who has no memory of Lum. However, because of an unexplained attraction to the Remembrance Glade where Lum dispersed his energies, Akistos discovered that the remnants of Lum’s energy and Akistos’ own energy vibrated at the same frequency. Using this discovery, Akistos was able to absorb a small portion of the massive power remaining in the glade. Akistos’ power continues to grow, and only time will tell what kind of Eatherling he will become.

Allenia Killener

Alenia is an enchantress from Earth Realm who wound up on Lodoros several years before the Elyndrians followed the Dark Avatar to the region. She is a powerful spellcaster and became an excellent Shadow Magic wielder after stumbling into the Void Realm and meeting the Voidwalkers.

After her arrival, the Builder Gateway went dark and she was unable to return home. Unfortunately for most Voidwalkers the gateway never reopens to allow them return passage home, hence why they are stuck in this strange realm. Alenia has come to terms with the fact that she will never be able to return home.

Instead of attempting to leave the Void Realm, Alenia acts as a teacher to the children of other Voidwalkers stuck on Lodoros. She has long brown hair and green eyes, a loving personality, and she is usually very kind but can be downright vicious if necessary. When she's not teaching the children of Eidos Village, she leads a quiet life just outside of town in a cabin on a hill not far from The Flow.

The locals say she built this cabin by herself using her impressive magical abilities. Her cabin is a thing a beauty, nearly as lovely as she is and it is surrounded by a glowing flower garden that flows down every stretch of the hill minus the trail back to town.

Ariptor Stormdraven

Ariptor was called away from his studies on Solaris to lead an assault on Larzuts 4. During this assault his battle axe was damaged beyond all repairs. After the breaking of Ariptor's battle axe, the King of Zetha Prime commissioned the forging, and enchantment of the Staff of Stormdraven.

After the first battles of Larzuts 4, Ariptor had a new armor forged, to better defend himself against the nearly invisible creatures that live on that planet. Ariptor’s personality is some what aloof, but he can be quite deadly when provoked.

He was granted his retirement from the military after the war on Larzuts4, and returned to Solaris just before the Second Flux. The war changed him and he is not as peaceful as he was before he left Solaris the first time.

Arngrim Schwartz

Believed to have been one of Queen Vishera's finest soldiers at one time, Arngrim was persuaded to join the Elyndrians at the Battle for Explorer's Landing. Arngrim was urged to join the Elyndrians rather easily by Gremlock, Sylvix, and Rusty the mechanoid.

Perhaps it was Arngrim's disapproval for his Queen's leadership and actions that led to his decision in joining the Elyndrians, or perhaps Gremlock crushing him into a pulp persuaded him. Either way, he made the decision to abandon the Black Empire. When the Elyndrians were unsuccessful in stopping Queen Vishera at Gavdrek Temple, Arngrim decided to stay with them and join their cause.

The Black Empire believes him to be deceased, believed to have died during the raid of Explorer's Landing. He now lives a quiet life in Elyndaar City as the bartender of the Sunfire Tavern. He strives to build trust with the Elyndrian citizens, but it's not an easy task.

While he would love nothing more than to see his wife and kids again, Arngrim fears that if he returns to Aufeis Village in the south his entire family will be slaughtered due to his betrayal. To the Ardanians, it is better to die in battle than to be captured and turned against them.

Ardanian law would see his entire bloodline murdered. His betrayal would soil his family line, permanently, and his family would be murdered to prevent any future traitors from rising up. Arngrim had seen it happen many times in his homeland.

Arngrim currently spends much of his time working in the Sunfire Tavern. While he has impressive skills in battle, he has not yet built up trust with the Elyndrians. He currently works as a bartender and shelf stocker for the back room of the tavern.

Arngrim also cleans the tavern and does all of the dishes, as well as maintain the local stables. He makes a pretty good bartender as he is surprisingly talkative and social. He has made friends with many of the locals and shows no signs of attempting a betrayal, likely for the sake of his own family.


Believed to be an demon of some sort, this strange and mischievous entity shows up for a short stint once a year around the same time, during the Month of the Dead. His trademark characteristic? A pumpkin head! No one knows why he shows up and wreaks havoc on the citizens of Elyndaar, but every year the Elyndrians get together to banish him back to the Afterplane. Upon his arrival he cackles like a maniac, usually appearing atop the roof of the Arena of the Elites in the Gladiator District of the city. He leaps across the rooftops and chucks pumpkin heads at the citizens of Elyndaar.

Azmodeus occasionally leaps down from the rooftops to scare women and children. This is usually the best time to initiate combat with him. When he is defeated, he drops a large bag of gold coins! Traditionally, this gold is often divided up between those who banished him. While he shows up and strikes terror into the citizens of Elyndaar City, he never seems to do any real harm. He only seems to enjoy scaring the crap out of people... especially children.

Balthazar Silverberg

Once a mighty warrior of virtue Balthazar heroically fell in battle against a legion of Demons led by the forces of Grey Fenrir and his second in command General Abaddon. Balthazar killed General Abaddon only to be felled by a blast of Shadow energy from the hands of Grey Fenrir.

Instead of letting the virtuous champion die a warriors death, Grey instead used his necromancy to raise him as one of his own. Balthazar now acts as Abaddon's replacement and commands an entire legion of Grey's undead armies.

On the battlefield Balthazar is a force to be reckoned with. He's fast, powerful, quick witted, and strategic. He is now driven by Grey's Demonic corruption and will stop at nothing to extinguish all life on planet Solaris, it's neighboring planets, and the galaxy beyond.

It has occasionally been witnessed that Balthazar fights Grey's control, but he's often put right back in his place. Usually these lapses in Grey's control only last but a moment before the Demonic lord tightens his grip on Balthazar again.

After ascending and becoming an Angel, Balthazar Silverberg returned to Solaris during the Siege of Vegonaar City storyline to assist in the defeat of the Black Empire.

After the battle Balthazar disappeared and no one knew where he had went. As it turns out, Balthazar now searches the Infernal Chasm for... something.

The golden warrior was last seen roaming the hellscape searching for information on an ancient artifact. If one were to travel into the chasm, they might see Balthazar wandering around, angelic wings and all. What is this artifact he's looking for? No one knows.

Some Demons say he seems absolutely consumed by his search, and others will tell you to stay away from the wandering Angel as he's cleaved many Demons in half since his arrival. He seems unnaturally powerful, more so than during the battle with the Black Empire.


Darion is an old Veteran from a long-forgotten time. He has not been seen in the world of Solaris in a long time. Mostly because he was mostly dead for a time. Left wandering the Afterplane for an extended period. Darion is a veteran of a great galactic war that took place back in his galaxy in a long-forgotten time.

It has been so long now, that the exact time of when this occurred is difficult to pinpoint. Some may say, this may have been considered a mirror universe where War and Conflict was the norm.

Great space battles of massive battle fleets fighting over systems and warp gates. A devastating civil war on Earth. It was during this time he was in command of War Corps, the 'brown coats' as some called them in reference to a popular tv show that once romanced the idea of civil war in a fictional setting. The name stuck as the militias that rebelled against the Armed Forces fought viciously across the planet.

There is a tale of a strange plot surrounding 13 alien artifacts called the 13 Rings of Aeons. Each ring with special properties and a plot to round them up to unleash great power. To what end is no longer important and has been forgotten in the winds of time.

This bloody conflict has been long over for a while now. With the disappearance of Darion, the leadership fell to his second in command who seemingly could not fare so well with the task of keeping the war effort from falling apart. Either that, or it was a lost cause, to begin with. There is none left to tell the tale of that conflict.

Darion is the last surviving human from that period thanks to having a unique ability to refuse being sent to the after-plane. He could have self resurrected any time he wanted but chose not to have lost hope. It wasn't until Stacia appeared from the Heavens that he remembered who he is, who he was, and had desired to live again.

But by then it was too late to self resurrect. He needed help. Stacia brought him back from his deep sleep, it is time to move on. Leave the past and forge a new future. Old, beaten and weathered, but still able to live another day.

Once upon a time, during the Great War, when he was very deep in the race to find the ancient artifacts before his enemies did, Darion came across something strange.

To keep it brief, this was the time that he first met Stacia. A lonely Goddess wandering aimlessly on Earth's moon. It was the most bizarre and life-altering encounter of his life.

It was there that Darion's life would never be the same. As it happened, Stacia's reasons for being there and Darion's aligned for similar goals. Stacia assumed the body of a mortal woman and went on many missions and adventures with Darion during the war for a time. Even adopting a snazzy nickname.

On the outside, she was a cold calculated woman, but on the inside, she was having the time of her life! She too was searching for these missing relics, but not for the same reason as Darion. Her job was to bring them back to the Temple of Titan to be placed under lock and key. Darion needed them to save the galaxy before it got consumed into a firestorm of endless war and death.

During their time together, they fell in love and had a child together named Ellen. When Ellen got older she ran off and joined up with the militia to be a great leader like her father. But... things did not go so well.

She disappeared and was assumed KIA. Ellen's disappearance created a rift between Darion and Stacia among other things that happened with time.

Stacia and Darion parted ways and that was the last time they saw each other for many years. Going on a little hunt for a clue she came across Mars and found herself getting sucked into a trap and that is how her tale begins.

As for Darion, he found his way to Solaris, had many adventures. Only to one day, make a friend, become copied, and betrayed by someone he thought to be an ally.

After death, his mind was plagued with the thoughts of losing his daughter, his lover, and possibly the war itself. Grief overwhelmed him and almost welcomed permanent death as a result.

While stuck in the Afterplane, he became much more spiritual and found himself learning sacred arts. Arts that was adopted by his people in the modern era. Or at least the virtual side of Earth. But the principals were similar. With having a literal Goddess and his former lover present, he has adopted a new role in his life. The role of Paladin.

Only he needs not to go to an altar or pray to some distant god. He is right here with him, and she will never forsake him again. Not this time.

Interestingly enough, his spirit guide taught him that perhaps losing his sword was not such a bad thing. For he can become a living weapon, to use only his fists to keep evil at bay.

Then he will never want for a weapon again. For he will become a weapon. Not having faith he would actually wake up in the real world again, he went along with this discipline, and boy, was he glad he did!


Hailing from the distant Earth Realm, Bu'lah Kee arrived on Planet Solaris as a small black feline. Shortly after his arrival the nanites of Solaris hyper-evolved him into a Beastkin of incredible potential and power. Over time he developed the ability to speak and eventually encountered a champion by the name of Garr Fengalon while traveling through Osperian Forest.

During his time spent training with Garr at the Champion's Enclave, Bu'lah Kee became quite an exceptional melee fighter. Rather than become a Champion like his trainer however, he instead honed his skills into becoming a cunning Mercenary and over some time he became known as simply as the widely feared and incredibly dangerous, Darkclaw.

Bu'lah Kee is an exceptional melee fighter. He is talented and clever, quick-footed, and deadly. Due to his mysterious albeit humble origins, his transformation has been very impressive. He is now an incredibly feared bounty hunter who will capture or kill just about anyone, if the price is right... Bu'lah Kee's personality is quite stern, although he does have a sense of humor.

Due to his origins he has a tendancy to sleep a lot and becomes bored rather easily. Occassionally a small rodent or bird will scamper by and he'll regress to a more primitive state of mind and chase after it all the while making strange clicking noises with his mouth. He has his moments.

Bu'lah Kee is a mysterious Beastkin who never runs from a fight. His goals are uncertain, but he seems content as long as he's got a warm place to snooze and a full satchel of gold at his side. He seems like the type who never has anywhere in particular to be unless he's on a job. He's often found laying around in various locations of Elyndaar City, usually just chilling out on the ledge of a building, laying on a rafter in the tavern, or chilling on a tree branch in the park area.


This powerful Demon roams the area surrounding the Infernal Chasm in the Afterplane. After asking around Evermore Village, Krauser Killener discovered that he is known only as Deimos. He does not speak, and will not communicate with travelers. Instead, he will attack anyone who wanders too close. Krauser found this out the hard way while searching for Scrios in the Afterplane.

The Demon is incredibly aggressive and seeks only to destroy. All travelers should steer clear of him. Deimos was defeated by the Demon Scrios and sent back to the Infernal Chasm where he was locked away a time by Vol'nash the Jailer. Recently, Deimos escaped his prison and now runs amuck through the Afterplane again.

After the Dark Avatar left his trail of destruction through the Afterplane on his way to the Infernal Chasm the two encountered one another just outside of Evermore Village. While Deimos has always been notorious for being a seemingly wild and untamed demon, Bahumura decided the creature would be a perfect guardian to leave behind in his wake.

After corrupting Deimos even further and transforming it into a Shadowborne Demon the Dark Avatar continued on his way and left Shadow Deimos to slow any do-gooders who would follow after him. Shadow Deimos now waits, ready to destroy anyone who seeks to follow after its dark master.

After his defeat in Evermore village by the hands of Drake Raven, Scrios, Odessa, and Krauser Killener, Deimos was sent back to the Infernal Chasm. Now rid of the corruption cast upon him by the Dark Avatar, he now resumes life as a normal Demon. Deimos has lost much of his wild nature, and now wanders the chasm aimlessly searching for enough power to return to the upper realms.

Surprisingly, he is now able to speak Common Tongue and act like a normal functional member of the Demonic society. He has no money or equipment, and begins life anew. A Demon by the name of Azmodeus is guiding and helping him.


Dorn is a mighty warrior of the great tree-city Ylelthaeus located in Hinterfall. He is one of Queen Yasmine's commanders. For over 40 years Dorn has been in the Ylelthaeus military.

He is often seen in forested locations assisting with the battle against the Vegonians of Vegonaar City. Dorn is capable of wielding Lightning magic with expertise seldom seen by many Beastkin. He once stunned a dozen Vegonian raiders at once, cutting them down completely solo.

Dorn is brutally honest, noble, and tough as nails. He will often give quests out to assist in the war efforts, but he’s no stranger to getting his hands dirty. Dorn is a great asset in the ongoing battle against the Black Empire and a great friend and companion as well. He will often set up camp near a battlefield to offer support and supplies to his allies.

After a terrible plague was released upon the tree-city Ylelthaeus, Dorn and his Beastkin followers suffered heavy losses while trying to help the Hinterfolk. Commander Dorn pleaded with Princess Yasmine to call for help from the Elyndrians, but she refused. As time progressed many of Dorn's Beastkin followers were killed by zombified plant-folk.

Suffering catastrophic loss of life, Commander Dorn took the majority of his people to the distant south, fleeing the ancient tree-city and abandoning Princess Yasmine and her remaining people. A few of his Beastkin refused to leave the city and her people, so Dorn left them behind.

Commander Dorn and his group of allies are now referred to as The Exiled by the other factions of Solaris. They are often seen as betrayers and outcasts because they left the city in such a time of need. Dorn and his people now search for a new home in the Dormuzahn Isles.

After a furious Queen Yasmine assaulted the entire world with a plague of plant-like abominations, General Dorn and his people now live in fear. Their once peaceful existance has all but been eradicated as they were the first civilization attacked by the Grovekin.

Many of the beastkin living on the isle were infected with a mysterious virus that spread like wildfire. Some of them were able to flee the island, seeking refuge elsewhere, but many perished during the attacks. General Dorn remains to defend their home from the Grovekin assault, but things are not going well.

Dune Glyder

Dune Glyder has been on the land of Solaris for a very long time, first starting out as a small gremlin from the Arena of the Elites, Dune would appear from time to time to hang out with the other lifeforms that came around.

He cannot speak, and in resent times has become a little mischievous, drinking other patrons beverages at the local inn; popping a random cork from a bottle of ale and watching it shoot around the room. Tying ones boot laces together, even stealing items and hiding them from their respected owners.

Not a lot is known about Dune, no one really knows where he came from or for what resin, it is just known that Dune has been around since before the Second Flux had accrued and still remains around to this day. Dunes physical characteristics make him look like a small gremlin, or even an imp, but he is neither, he is a Beastkin.

Its hard to pen down what type of beastkin he is because he has so many different characteristics; from bat like wings to a flexible exoskeleton. Compared to his body size he has large bat like wings, and even a long slender tail, he has a bald head with overly long pointed ears and large doe like eyes.

Cute and small one mite think to leave this small creature alone, and this might be wise for Dune holds many secrets within himself.


Esmeva is an insectoid beastkin who had lived with her parents near the Ylelthaeus Mothertree. Life was good and she was young for their kind, and so she was sheltered from others. This all changed when the corruption of the mother tree cost her everything.

Her mother had been corrupted and had started killing Esmeva's siblings when her father had discovered what was going on he intervened. He died protecting his last daughter, which was worth it for him.

Esmeva didn't understand what was happening and couldn't ask, as her kind communicates telepathically, but it takes a long time to develop.

So she ran. She ran into the forest to escape from the city and from her grief. She is now on her own, trying to learn, grow, and survive.


He is a foul creature, putrid and disgusting even! The pot-bellied gorgon that came from Gorgonia though magical means. Sent there though way of the elementals. He did not want to go, but he was an outcast on his own world. No one wanted to be around him.

Not to say he is malicious in any way, but his ways of battle differed to much even for the crude gorgon race. No one wanted to be around him because he stank, his attacks were that of bile and filth.

It was for the best he supposed. So now banished to Solaris he must now make his own way. And to do that he must find were he belongs, a difficult task for someone like him who uses filth as a weapon. When he arrived he had the bare minimum of items but he does enjoy using a club or spiked mace.

He seeks a home among the brimstone and places normal folks would not dare live, but to him it would be a haven, a place of belonging.

Garr Fengalon

Garr Fengalon was born as a member of the nearly extinct Guardian race and half-brother of Krauser Killener. Garr has had a long and confusing history in Solaris. Once the mighty king of the ring in the Arena of Elites, Garr eventually retired and went into a life of peaceful solitude. There was a time when his brother Krauser would occasionally call upon him for assistance, but for the most part, the Guardian liked to keep to himself.

In the future timeline, where most of the current citizens are from, Garr was eventually poisoned by Deus Killener (Krauser's biological father). The poison only affected members of the Guardian race, and it gradually began to turn Garr into stone. It was at this point Krauser Killener approached Garr to “fuse” with him and save his life from certain doom.

For many years, Garr lived on as a part of Krauser's own consciousness, sort of like an alternate personality. Something subsequently happened, and Krauser released Garr's essence to the Gorgon Gremlock.

Gremlock maintained Garr's essence for a time and often Krauser returned to reclaim his lost brother. It was at this point when Krauser placed Garr's essence into a newly crafted stone tablet from the Guardian Temple. Garr was eventually reborn and took on a slightly new form but remained mostly the same as he had been in his previous life.

Eventually, another tragedy befell Krauser, and his family and Garr happily sacrificed himself to save Krauser's only son, Hauer Killener. Krauser once again captured Garr's essence, never one to give up on his brother, and he placed it in a large statue inside the Arena of the Elites.

Garr remained in this stone form over the course of several years completely oblivious to the changes going on in the real world around him. To him, it was the same as not existing at all. (Sort of like when you go to sleep and suddenly wake up only to find eight hours have passed by, and you didn't even dream about anything.)

Eventually, Krauser returned with new purpose and a way for Garr to live on once again, but this time Garr would be reborn in the old world. Krauser linked Garr's essence with yet another Guardian Tablet and took him to the recently formed Guardian Caverns, and this is where his latest story begins.

Garr awoke to find his newly forming body gradually materializing and shifting out of a stone tablet hanging on a wall in a cavernous chamber. It was like being born for a Guardian. He couldn't remember anything before the current moment. His body gradually finished forming and finally slipped out of the tablet.

He somehow, perhaps instinctually, already knew how to stand and walk. His new body was fully formed, and he seemed bigger and stronger than ever. He felt fresh and renewed, but still couldn't remember a single thing. His first reaction was to have a good long stretch, so he threw both arms into the air and gave a big yawn.

As he took his first steps, he noticed a very large spear leaning against the wall a few'from him. It immediately seemed familiar to him, but he still couldn't remember anything. He looked around the chamber he was in. It was quite large and strange blue orbs built into the ceiling glowed dimly, just enough to light up the room. Along the walls were dozens of other tablets.

Some of them were blank slates, and others seemed to have stone figures frozen in various poses on them. Still, nothing seemed to click for him though, that is not until he took a step towards the large spear. He felt absolutely drawn to the weapon.

As he neared the spear and reached out to grab it thousands of memories came rushing back into his mind. All of his past lives had flooded his mind in a matter of seconds, and he nearly toppled over but instead grabbed the gigantic spear and caught himself.

Everything suddenly clicked. He knew who he was, Garr Fengalon the Guardian. He knew he had a younger half-brother, Krauser Killener. What he didn't know was; How long had he been out of the loop again? He pondered over it for a brief moment, but it didn't matter. He knew he had his little brother to thank for his rebirth yet again, and that he needed to find him.

Garr quickly took the infamous Ouroboros Spear in hand and began searching for an exit. He hurried through the chamber towards the smell of fresh air and then turned, heading down the only tunnel in sight.

After a few moments and a couple of twists and turns later, he saw the dim glow of daylight for the first time in what felt like a very long time. As he rounded the last corner, he immediately took notice of a wooden stool near the exit with a leather shroud and some armor.

He knew what it was for and who had left it for him. His little brother had always planned for things extremely well.

He quickly slipped the armor over his head and shoulders, carefully angling it around his brand new horns; he was a beastly looking Guardian after all, and with spear in hand, he stepped out into the light of the day.

He took a deep breath and felt the sense of a brand new beginning. A moment later and he had left the Guardian Caverns and was headed wherever his instinct led him.

After some soul searching Garr has found his place in his new world. After designing and building the Champion's Enclave out in the middle of Osperia he decided to do some exploring.

During his exploration Garr has uncovered some interesting secrets of Osperian Forest. He discovered a tiny village in the southern region of the forest full of pixies.

In the northern reaches of the forest he discovered the ruins of an ancient temple. He walked all the way from Elyndrel Village to the beaches of Xhan and even made his way into the Mountainous Region.

It was there he discovered a city high above the clouds that was home to an advanced civilization of bird-like Beastkin known as Avians.

Recently Garr traveled to the furthest regions of Solaris from Elyndrel Village yet, a region known as Hinterfall. This region is located far beyond Osperia, beyond the Endless Plains, and even beyond the Darkmire.

Garr discovered an enormous tree known as Ylelthaes there, which is the home of the Grovekin race and also a sanctuary for the Beastkin of the region. Within the tree there lies a vast city filled with incredible sights and experiences.

While in Ylelthaes Garr met and became good friends with Queen Yasmine, the ruler of the Grovekin folk. He spent some time with her and learned the ways of the Grovekin and the treefolk of the region.

Garr left the city of Ylelthaes and began traveling the world again. He now seeks to uncover the hidden mysteries of Solaris and will not rest until he's mapped out as much of the world as possible.

His goal is to provide the citizens of Elyndrel Village a vast World Atlas so that other citizens will have a guide in their travels. It now seems as though Garr Fengalon, the Lost Guardian, has the purpose he had sought all along.

...and as we all know, a Guardian with a purpose will not rest until his duty is complete.

Girak Luhia

Once a simple avian cleric in Pre-Flux times, Girak Luhia became the savior of the avian race after the Second Flux occurred. Bringing with him satchels of avian eggs, and reclaiming some from rescued eggs from Krauser Killener after the event occurred, Girak slowly rebuilt Avian society.

Discovering a large cavern within the mountains near the old Xhan Tarn beach area he has since started their civilization over from scratch. He still practices the work of the cleric, but also watches over the younglings hoping to build a future in Post-Flux Solaris for the race. Girak's hard work and determine rebuilt the entirety of Avian civilization.

Giran Cloudstrider

When the Avian Girak Luhia traveled back in time with the other heroes of Solaris he made it his life's goal to locate the ancient city of the avians he'd lived with in the future world.

Girak successfully located the city and over time learned the ways of his ancient people. He became a notable figurehead in the ancient avian society and advanced their society with plans stolen from the future. Over time he took a wife who he eventually fathered a son with, Giran Cloudstrider.

Before Girak passed away of old age (he was very old even in the future) he made it his goal to pass on as much knowledge as he could to his son and his seventy-two grandchildren. He taught Giran and his grandchildren nearly everything he could before he finally passed away.

Giran Cloudstrider is the only son of the late Girak Luhia and is now the ruler of the hidden city in the Mountainous Region. He's a noble and honorable leader who has dedicated his life to protecting his people.

While Giran is highly skilled in the healing arts, he is truly a Warrior at heart. Giran typically wields a magically enchanted and indestructible golden spear. The spear is believed to have been made from a huge collection of "sparklies and shinies" that his father Girak had collected over the years.

While Giran may be a good and kindhearted soul to his people, he will not hesitate to violently skewer his enemies when it comes to protecting his people and his allies. He is a very proud leader, and incredibly stubborn. He's also a bit racist to lowlanders from the surface world.

Presently the young Giran Cloudstrider reigns over the hidden city and guides his people with a youthful wisdom. The avians have been safe for centuries in the hidden city, but recently things have changed.

Vegonian marauders have been venturing closer to their home than ever before. Giran is currently gathering an army of flying soldiers and an entire horde of magical constructs. With the passed down wisdom of his father and the mighty forces of the ancient city, Giran will surely hold his own against the evil armies of Grey Fenrir and his generals.

Giran isn't aware that a band of Elyndrian heroes have already squared off against Grey and would surely be more than happy to join forces with them... maybe.

Grey Fenrir

Grey Fenrir was once a mighty Vegonian General for the armies of the floating city of Manark. It was during this time that he had his first encounter with Deus Killener, a powerful Solarian from the floating Solaris City.

Let it be known that the Fenrirs and the Killeners were mortal enemies long before Grey and even Deus existed, but Deus and Grey hadn't met until the fifth Battle of Xhan during the Great Wars storyline.

It was always their fate to meet in conflict at some point during their lives. At this point though, the two of them battled and that was that. I only mention this seemingly eternal conflict between the Fenrirs and Killeners because it's important later.

In this time period the Vegonians weren't the evil monsters we now know them to be, and Grey wasn't an evil and sadistic madman either. The Vegonians were still an aggressive race of barbaric warriors, but they were certainly not the cannibalistic raiders we know them to be now.

This didn't occur until a Bahumura-corrupted version of Grey hitched a ride 30,000 years into the past and made it his mission to corrupt the entire race and then send them out into the world to destroy everyone else.

Grey was once an honorable warrior in the beginning, but as with all of his previous ancestors his heart was eventually blackened. In fact, the Vegonians themselves were pretty respectable overall during this time. Unfortunately though, after losing the Great Wars they nearly became extinct.

The Eastern Solarians of Solaris City nearly eradicated every last Vegonian after the Great Wars. (That's a different story altogether though.) It was mostly because of this that Grey turned vicious towards anyone and everyone. It was likely the mass extermination of his people that eventually encouraged Grey to go back in time and give his people the means to stay in control.

Before the time travel however, there were more conflicts between Grey and the Eastern Solarians, especially the Killeners in particular. The son of Deus Killener, Krauser, was once a knight in the Solarian Military and during his time serving in the military he was tasked with hunting down and eradicating the remaining Vegonians.

Krauser and his fellow knights (including the legendary Xeno Knight, Ramsus Vormav, Hukan Lao, and Zero to name a few) hunted down and killed all but a handful of Vegonian warriors, Grey Fenrir and his band of followers.

Grey and his followers plagued Solaris City with many “terrorist” attacks over a time and over that time his gang was slowly picked off one by one until finally it was just Grey and his lady friend and mistress, Vyrana Bloodborne.

Well, to keep a long, long story short Grey grew very fond of Vyrana over time and while Vegonians don't recognize marriage in their culture, he and Vyrana were basically married to one another.

During another encounter with Krauser and his band of knights Vyrana and Grey briefly had the upper hand through some crafty manipulation and strategy.

During this encounter Krauser found a way to distract Vyrona and his second in command, Ramsus, decapitated her right in front of Grey.

As you can probably gather, Grey's hatred for Krauser and his followers was boundless by this point in time. For a good while, several years, Grey laid low and gathered a new group of followers. He dabbled in Shadow Magic and eventually stumbled across an ancient artifact while exploring some ancient ruins.

Perhaps it was fate, but this particular artifact was the vessel which housed Bahumura, an entity known throughout Solarian history as the “Original Evil” by many.

It wasn't long after discovering this artifact that Grey began having visions and hearing voices in his head. His ability to wield Shadow Magic accelerated dramatically at this point.

This drove him further into madness and only thickened his hatred for Krauser Killener and not only the Eastern Solarians, but all inhabitants of Solaris.

The next years were wrought with death and sorrow for Krauser Killener. Grey and Bahumura nearly took everyone he loved from him over time, even going as far as to corrupt the heart of a Western Solarian female by the name of Delaria Kai who later tricked Krauser into falling in love with her, had a child with him, then when the time was right destroyed his home (Cloud Nine) and nearly killed him and their son, Hauer Killener. Krauser killed Delaria though, and shortly thereafter learned the truth of her lies and who was truly behind it all, Grey.

It was a wicked web of deceit that literally spanned years. It was also during this time that Bahumura nearly killed Hauer, instead the young man was sent thousands of years into the past to only later meet up with his father (after the Undoing took place, but that's yet another story).

Grey and Bahumura influenced the world over the years and caused many destructive events from behind the scenes. The duo was responsible for influencing several major catastrophes, the biggest being the initiation of the Second Flux and Neolarians, which led to The Undoing storyline.

During the final hours of the future timeline, when the Neolarian ship came crashing to the ground, Bahumura and Grey saved Elyndrel Village from destruction by diverting the shock-wave from hitting the village. This wasn't to save the people within, but instead an act of self preservation.

Grey lost his physical body during this moment and became a literal cloud of evil for lack of a better term. He literally became like Bahumura, who up until this point had also been a hazy floating cloud of black destruction. The two of them fled into the Arena as Elyndrel was saved and transported back in time 30,000 years by Krauser Killener and his technology.

Upon arriving 30,000 years in the past, Grey and Bahumura fled the village (as noted in a role play session during the time as two dark clouds fleeing the Arena and disappearing into the forest) and escaped into the ancient timeline.

Their mission? Locate the ancient city of Vegonaar and corrupt it beyond all compare… and then use their corrupted army to conquer planet Solaris.

Hawk Shadow

Hawk Shadow is the bastard son of an Elvin Cleric who was attacked by a demon when she and her husband was separated from the clan on their pilgrimage to a new home. She was found lying in a pool of her own blood covered in cuts by an Elvin Mage. The Mage knew a few healing spells and cured her best he could.

He then carried her back to the clan where they cured her body though her mind was still in pieces. She no longer had the ability to use spoken words.

It wasn’t until later the clan found out that she was pregnant with her husband's child. Though due to the demon attack the child was changed full of dominic energy.

The clan wanted to kill the child upon birth though she convinced the council to spare the child and let her raise him as if he were just a normal elf.

When the child was born he had gray eyes and a pair of black bird like wings growing from his back. When one of his feathers falls out they turn to a hard black silver metal and a new feather grows back.

His mother gave him the name Hawk for his wings while the council gave him the last name Shadow though he would know of his demon farther.

She raised him best she could though the other Elvin kids wouldn’t have anything to do with him. His mother passed away when he was still young leaving him a dark silver cross.

When he grew older he left the clan to search out his own life on Solaris. He met up with a Demon Mage who took him under his wing and taught him how to fight.

This demon wasn’t evil but he had his own way of living. This demon made his life by cheating other demons in bets for items, powers, slaves, or any thing else he could talk them out of.

In one of the bets Hawk puts up his mothers cross for a pair of magic glasses and the dice landed in his favor. The other demons accused him of cheating.

Well he did what any good gambler would do; took his winnings and ran away. Well now Hawk lives day to day looking out for the group of demons who want his hide. As a parting gift his demon teacher gave him a custom made suit of armor for him.


Gremlocks long lost brother Hemlock, is a warrior that was once on Solaris before. But something had happened to him and he had vanished from the planet of Solaris, or so it would seem.

Hemlock was within the old Solaris City when a rift of space time ripped open over head. The rift began to suck in street lamps ripping them straight out of the ground along with stone benches and Hemlock. He fought with all his might against the massive energy well. As the portal reached its peak Hemlock, and the large piece of ground that he was holding onto was ripped up from the main square and was hurled though time and space.

It was a long ride as Hemlock traveled though the vortex. To him it was years of endlessness. It went on and on, leaving him awake, never to sleep and the hunger he felt but never had to eat. After years he was thrown out from the portal landing within the Village of Elyndrel. Energy rippled from his body as he fell though the portal. The energy wrapped around him and as it did it transformed into a armor that was lost eons ago on Gorgonia. The Fire Gem Armor.

All was dark within the village. The only light that shown was the light given off from the Lava Crystals and the small blinking light overhead where the monster of a ship was. He took note of his new armor that he had never known before.

Hemlock stood there, still feeling the hunger from years of being trapped within the void. A voice spoke to him.

"So, you finally made it?" Come a voice from the darkness. "I was beginning to wonder when you where going to show up."

Ignius Flagonius

Ignius Flagonius the 3rd is an energetic, but naive, cartographer. He enjoys his time out in the world, marking down every detail he can about an area, even going so far as to journey down dangerous paths to get that EXTRA bit of information.

Not afraid to go it alone, Ignius has found himself in a lot of tight places and had to fight his way out against some unwelcoming creatures. Always excited to meet new people and learn more about the world outside of the Elyndaar Academy, Ignius will not shy away from people, but is usually lacking in proper etiquette.

Jacob Chapman

Jacob Chapman has been in constant employment with the Sajin System's Trade Federation since he was 18. A distant but very wealthy system always on the look out for the rare item or rare good that they can use to further their social standings. These wealthy clients pay top dollar for whatever is found and the Federation has never seen anything like Chapman.

His intuition, his wit, and his perseverance has made him and the federation a lot of money in the past 16 years. He can seemingly tell what items will be that "hot" item and he is able to bring it back very cheaply for his employers.

Chapman, on a new search, has found himself in a uncharted system for the Sajins. He, in his ship the Maiden of Veri, have been traveling looking for a planet that is inhabited. Happening on twin planets in this system he decides to do some quick scans.

These scans shows that the larger planet, Solaris, is home to some sort of life forms. Deciding that this is something he has to check out, Chapman alters his course to the larger planet to see if there is anything of interest. He wasn't prepared for what would happen.


As a child of a different magic type, Janza was often teased by the other children of Sertsa. She was a wizard after all, and her type wasn't allowed on the grounds. However, it was the choice of the elder to bring her in and teach her the ways of controlling her magic.

Growing up in a temple full of people that do nothing but heal was a bit depressing for a child of her capabilities, and she wanted to not only impress them but improve her focus.

There was no better time for that than when the temple was under attack. It was a brutal battle between everyone's favorite female and a creature from out of this world. It was neck and neck for much of the fight, but a game changer happened for the healer.

The book that she held was the key to the succession of freedom for Janza, and it was that book that would drive her to improve many of her abilities.

Joel Kurrat

Joel Kurrat, the son of a very famous politician, John Kurrat, United States Senator and presidential nominee. Joel, after winning the second term as a House of Representative member, goes to visit the newly discovered planet of Solaris, for economic and cultural exchange.

During the great nuclear meltdown of the century, it is possible that Joel has some reminisces in his body which the scientist have called "Ciedium 392". What it does is still unknown by the people of earth.

Joel is kind, but he also sticks to his goals. He also has a lot of experience in speech and debate. He is known to look to the future, and help accommodate and adapt solutions for it. He's a forward thinker, always embracing the new things given from the universe, but doesn't want those new things to impede on the people who stand behind him.

He isn't anything special in looks. Short black hair, Black Businesses attire (no tie). Shiny leather black shoes.

Not much of a mercenary. But that's what his opponents smear him with. Some call him loyal to the money, specifically with this trip. But he goes to his values, and sometimes those values are economic gain. Everything in life is a trade-off. However he would never except money for things that would hurt the public.

During the minor war of Spain, he had enlisted to gain some experience for the campaign trail, and while he never did see combat (due to the war ending) he learned a lot about close quarters combat, as well as traps and tactics used in war. While he isn't the particular greatest at combat, he learned a lot in trap making, becoming one of the better of the new bunch. He kept a Wakizashi as a reminder of the training, an item he would bring with him, just in case.

Dropped off by the space force 1, he starts his journey.

Jolly Roger

Captain Rogers was a strange one, his mission in life was to track down and find Davy Jones' Locker. Believing it to hold much more then what the average man would assume. After ten years of searching though, his men decided their voyage had gone far enough. After fighting a giant and man eating scorpions it was all they could take. Well, let's just say a Kracken was the last straw for his crew.

That night the remaining crew mutinied, strapping old Captain Rogers to a cannon before thrusting said cannon straight off the side of the ship and sending him into the briny depths.

He thought himself to be dead for sure. He believed at the very least he would finally find Davy Jones' Locker. But as fate would have it, death was not in store for old Rogers. After slipping away into the darkness he saw a glowing blue portal near the bottom of the sea floor. He and his cannon fell into it. Some time later, Captain Rogers awoke laying on the beach known as Xhan Tarn.

Kali Dragool

Kali has been on the planet for quite some time. She was here before the second Flux and now after. Prior to the flux she spent most of her time either in her makeshift lab trying to "cure" her hunger for blood or working on her fighting skills.

Shes been involved with past clans the most recent being the Sol'Kanar. Havoc and chaos were her favorite pass times while she was on earth. She stumbled upon Solaris while in the midst of flight from her creator and master Akin.

She swears to avenge her people and all that he has done to them. While under Akins control she played coy and went along with his plans for many centuries. Eventually her plans for vengeance were forgotten. Akin was charming and very persuasive. She eventually became a part of his clan and worked her way up the ranks.

She even became his second hand and lover. Many centuries passed. They started wars and feasted upon the blood shed. There was a time when her blood lust knew no bounds. Human history books account for these times as the black plague of Europe and a yellow fever out break in America.

While running rampant in Europe she came across a man that much reminded her of her old second in command and dear friend Merrique. He had a way that made her yearn for her past, for the time before she was a vampire.

When she had many great ambitions and was well on her way to completing them. An army of her own along with an almost united empire to go along with it. It was all lost on that fateful eve when she was defeated by Akin and his army.

Her army assimilated and she its only survivor she agreed to be turned but only to eventually avenge her clan and army. Being reminded of all this she began to plot once again against Akin.

A few year pass and she finds her chance. Akin drank from an opiate addict and was thus heavily sedated. While sedated she attempted to stake the vampire only to fail because she was caught at the very last moment by one of his more feverant followers. She was able to get away and thus began her journey.

Post flux she now again spends many hours still trying to cure her hunger and seemingly failing every time. Though now more time is spent hunting. It almost seems as if her hunger gets stronger and is sedated for less and less time. She feels as if her time running out and also fears that a darker side will emerge from such happenings.


Many thousands of years ago, in the very distant future, Lord Kelthuron was the leader and king of a legendary brood of dragons known as the Thunderwings. The Thunderwings were the largest and most powerful brood of dragons at the time. In total their numbers soared beyond the tens of thousands.

When a series of unfortunate events took place in the future world the Lord Kelthuron and his closest followers banded together to secure the future of their brood by traveling into the past with Krauser Killener and the Elyndrians.

In order for Lord Kelthuron, his younger brother Lothuron, and his consort Queen Vishera to travel back in time with the Elyndrians they had to give up their true dragon forms and become Dragonkin instead. This wasn't an easy choice, but it was the only choice for them.

The rest of the clan was left to fend for themselves in the bleak future. Their fates are unknown. The trio did bring with them a few unhatched eggs however, whose current fate and whereabouts rest hidden in the new secret location of the Thunderwing Den.

Lothuron and Vishera went off on their own to start new broods, and Kelthuron went off with his remaining eggs to rebuild a new version of the Thunderwing Brood.

Lord Kelthuron now resides in a secret location, far from civilization. He now focuses his efforts entirely on rebuilding his nearly extinct brood. While he may not be the dragon he once was, he's still incredibly powerful and will not hesitate to protect his brood. Kelthuron values all life and does not like to fight.

He uses extraordinarily powerful teleportation magic to send entire legions of his enemies to the far ends of the world when they try to start trouble with him and his people.


One day, a sapling awoke from the ground. It immediately realized it was out of place. The other great pines in the forest around him were definitely very different from him. They were alive, but in a different way.

They could not think as he thought. He knew none of them could have produced him, and so, he realized, he must set out to find his true sire, and the others of his kind... it took him nineteen years to master his growth abilities.

He listened to the stories of the woodland creatures to learn the shape of a humanoid being, as well as the secrets of healing and the all-powerful strength of nature, therefore making him an effective healer.

After his formation was finally complete, he was seven feet tall, four-armed, and a devout believer in the Ways of Nature. His journey was ready to begin.

Kora Nightblade

Kora Nightblade is adept in the arts of assassination and avoidance. She's one of the Elyndrians best kept secrets, often accepting secret missions from Krauser Killener himself.

She's quiet and often works alone, but has no trouble working with a team. Her kill count for Black Empire scum is climbing to new levels on a nightly basis. She's often seen hanging around the Hidden Encampment in the Blasted Region.


The combined forms of Krauser Killener the Solarian and Scrios the Demon, Krios. The two mighty warriors temporarily combined their power into Krauser's body after traveling into the burning hellscape known as the Infernal Chasm in search of some answers from the Eternal Warden himself, Vol'nash. Krios is fueled with both Chaos and Shadow energy. Due to the immense combined power of both warriors, the natural laws of the Nomaverse are broken.

This unlocks his full potential and true power. Krios is built similar to Krauser, but his flesh is bone-white like Scrios. Due to Scrios being a walking skeleton, Krios is unnaturally slim but still well built physically. His memories and knowledge are a combination of both Scrios and Krauser. While Vol'nash split the two after the encounter, Krauser and Scrios could potentially manage this feat again someday.

Kwin Alexander Dark

The A’lexi are members of a timeless, extraplanar race led by a commander with the ability to peer into intersecting planes in the ever-shifting miasma of time-space and see into its present and dozens of years into its future.

This arrogant being, followed by an arrogant culture, deems himself worthy of deciding who on these planes that are in trouble deserve a second chance and who on these planes that are destined for wrong-doing deserve a swift death. To the former group he sends agents of the A’lexi called Guardians, rescuing those in dire circumstances or from certain doom; to the latter he sends agents known as Executioners, who are never seen and do just as one would expect.

A young A’lexi named Yenis of one of the greater houses of Silvia was sent as an Executioner to Western Solaris, near the time of the Great Wars in order to fulfill a specific task.

Once completed, instead of returning to her home plane immediately, the inquisitive A’lexi secretly roamed the nearby Gardens of Basien City. Entrapped by its beauty, she committed the unthinkable, and missed her window to return; as the ever-shifting planes of her home and the Nomaverse drifted away, she became stranded.

Unable to live as an A’lexi outside of her plane, she was forced to create a vessel to house her true form; she copied the Western Solarian physiology, as it was the ambient race around her, and she modified it slightly to be able to contain her A’lexi essence. Through a long series of events, she became pregnant.

Yenis was frightened, as she did not know how to birth a child without also giving it an A’lexi form – a form that would live inside the body of her infant like a parasite and snuff out its life as it drained large amounts of life energy. Her own body was specifically created to resist this corrosion, but her poor infant wouldn’t last a day.

However, to her surprise, the child lived; little did she know that her son was a legendary True Solarian, one of the few races in the Nomaverse that could actually survive such a parasite for an extended period of time. Her plans were to train her son as soon as he could walk and talk to control this inner being and to create a new body that would be custom made, like her own, to hold in his true form. Sadly, that training never came and her son was orphaned before he could learn the truth…

Excommunicated from both of their homes, Yenis and her beloved became a husband and wife pair of wandering mercenaries and freedom fighters. They died attempting to protect a small desert-dwelling tribe when their child was but an infant; luckily, the child was able to be taken back to the great floating fortress, Solaris City, where he was taken in by an old private teacher, known simply to his adopted boy as the “Professor”.

The Professor did not know the true identity of the growing boy – neither his legendary True Solarian blood nor his A’lexi parasite, slowly killing him from the inside out. If he had, then he would not have been so surprised that they young boy was such a sponge for knowledge that even he could not keep up with his learning.

He attempted to send the boy to boarding schools, but he never lasted long; either he was expelled because of his illegal contraband, the sword he never parted with that killed his mother, or because his arrogance and confidence in his intelligence often got him in tight spots with other children who were often twice his age and a mere fraction of his IQ.

In the end, the loner spent a majority of his time in the Professor’s attic, learning from the stacks and stacks of tomes that were provided to him by his caretaker and paying his rent by copying and translating books for the use of libraries across the grand city.

Hungry for challenge, he took up the arts of the forces, what he was led to believe to be a complicated task. It only took one near-catastrophe with the fire element in his old, dusty home to make him take most of his practices outside. During his daily walks and practices, he would pass near the edge of the city.

Looking through the shifting, translucent hexagons that made up the city’s shield, he could make out a structure in the distance if the sky was clear. It was simple-looking from the outside, but he knew what it was; in fact, he knew many things about it. The Arena of the Elites was a place for fighters to train to defend or destroy.

It was a place to truly challenge all those who entered. One day, when he decided the time was right, he left his foster father and traveled to the Arena to register himself as a fighter of Solaris.

While many other fighters acted more like the bullies of his youth, intimidated and even aggravated by his confidence and arrogance, one in particular noticed and was interested in the potential of the newest addition to the roster, the wizard Kwin Alexander.

Lumione, soon to be promoted to the rank of Elite Master, he who runs and manages the fighters, took the newcomer under his own tutelage. Armed with natural talent, an increased learning potential, and a master who was more powerful than all the other fighters, Kwin Alexander’s growth in reputation was only overshadowed by his growth in power.

When threatened by an outsider, the fighters of the Solaris looked to the most powerful fighters for protection. However, a personal conflict froze the elites into a stalemate, unable to confront the problem head-on.

Frustrated, Kwin Alexander stepped forward, against the wishes of the elites and his closest associates, beginning a political tailspin that began to topple the structure of the elites but also proved to push them into exterminating the threat.

With a first-hand look at the problems that come with authority’s corruption and apathy, Kwin Alexander vowed to change the way the world worked. He promised to seize control of power through whatever means necessary.

He has spent years and years manipulating the formation of the new Elyndrel’s now-anarchical, but budding, structure in an attempt to form a new order. With a command structure put into place and commanded by himself, the world could be a better place.

It seemed that Kwin Alexander was doomed to die of old age after only a fraction of a percentage of his life-span would conclude. His body just was not fit to hold the essence of an A’lexi; it ate away at his life force, poisoned his blood, and withered his flesh.

For no apparent reason, his body was wasting away. Even armed with his mother’s old journal, he could not decipher its strange language or come to the fact that her mysterious homeland mentioned in the text was not just a village he had never heard of, it was in fact a different plane of existence.

It was on one fateful day that the planets seemed to align, all in his favor. Every time that the A’lexi home plane and the Nomaverse came close enough to communicate, Kwin Alexander’s inner being passively attempted to communicate with its true leader, but it never had enough power to reach all the way across the planes.

This time, though, it was able to get through. As the elementalist’s power grew, so did his A’lexi essence, until it was finally powerful enough to send a plea to its commander.

In an instant, a tsunami of memories and knowledge passed down from A’lexi to A’lexi washed over and throughout him, the missing child and the only one of his kind to be born outside of his home plane. In this moment, he became completely aware of his history, his mother’s abilities, and his own potential. With this new-found awareness and with the blessing of his commander, he created a new body, as his mother did, that would house his true form safely.

Armed with a timeless outlook, a millennia of knowledge, and a continual burning desire for peace through dominance, the defender of Elyndrel plans to make his world a better place, whether the others want it or not.

Leanna Iceborne

Being one of the only creatures to live in the World's Edge region, Leanna had grown to rely on her prowess in magic and energy to survive. Never knowing how she had come to be, Leanna simply awoke long ago in this frigid and frozen world.

Almost literally stepping forth from the ice and snow that had surrounded her ever since she awoke, this powerful being has been angered by the insulence of some inhabitants of this planet.

Coming down from the mountains, Leanna ventured deep into the frozen forests, and as she became distracted by the warmth and beauty, of something other than snow and ice, she found a small group of distraught Ardanian children.

As she conversed with these young ones, she came to find that they had been orphaned by a powerful group of assassins. Enraged by these findings, and in a tremendous display of power, the great Enchantress suddenly vanished from the children only to appear directly in front of each assassin as they made their own ways back to some frozen ruins.

After torturing the assassins, she returned to the children. With another tremendous display of her power, she resurrected their families and vanished into the night.

Arriving in the small village of Aufeis, she decided to make this her new residence, and has vowed to help residence, as well as the warriors of this endangered village from creatures like the assassins, or worse.


General Lothuron is Lord Kelthuron's right hand. Wherever Kelthuron goes, Lothuron isn't far behind. In the future timeline of planet Solaris (before the Undoing occurred), General Lothuron was the commander of the entire Thunderwing army. He was also one of the mightiest dragons to ever set foot on planet Solaris.

Lothuron saved the Thunderwing brood from many threats countless times over the years. He also helped defended Solaris City from several threats over the years. Lothuron is like a brother to Lord Kelthuron in many ways and the two have been together through thick and thin for roughly 18,000 years.

Even though the Thunderwing brood are all bronze dragons, Lothuron, a red dragon, was accepted into the brood without question when he selflessly defended the Dragon's Den from an invasion while Lord Kelthuron was away.

Currently General Lothuron defends the new Thunderwing Lair. The location of the new lair is a complete mystery as Lord Kelthuron wanted to rebuild the brood's numbers in safety.

One day the Thunderwing's will be completely rebuilt and likely reclaim the glory they left behind when they ventured into the past with the Elyndrians. While still the High General of the Thunderwing army, Lothuron can be found guarding and teaching the broodling whelps.

Lothuron's new goal is to raise a new army (literally) and lead them into glorious battle one day, likely in defense of the Thunderwing Lair. On another note, Lothuron is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Not only is Lothuron an incredible Warrior and physical threat, he's powerful wielder of Fire Magic. He's so in tune with Fire Magic that physical contact with fire regenerates his physical form.

Lumione Therion

The Eatherling Elite Lum journeyed to Solaris in 6996 in search of new dimensions. As a traveling assassin, Lum had usually been a loner. He spent several days in Solaris, looking around, meeting some of the people and then decided to stay after spending several days in the realm.

At first, Lum was unsure what to do with himself. He was constantly being pestered by a man by the name of Ramsus Vormav. Ramsus was a much stronger assassin, and Lum was comparatively weak by Solaris standards.

He started his training under Master Xeno, and continued this way until right before he reached Master status, when Krauser removed him from Xeno. Lum completed his training under Elite Garr Fengalon.

During this time, Lum served as a Blacksmith and Elite First Class of Solaris. Lum took an apprentice, Kwin Alexander Dark, and although there are few actual lessons between them, both are certain that the learning will never stop.

Lum has developed a quirky, temperamental persona from his time in Solaris, as well as gaining a number of experiences. He has developed highly advanced multiple inhabitant state, whereas there are several different entities making up Lum as everyone knows him. This blend of individuals makes Lum a very unpredictable person.

He takes the notion of security in Solaris very seriously, often tinkering or exploring with the Security droids and Central Security Computer. He died in late 6999 after a long illness brought about by a Therapoi, but was revived and then some when his "grandfather" of sorts came to visit Solaris.

Because of the unique makeup of an Eatherling's body, it is quite easy to recreate an eatherling when you have even the slightest bit of that eatherling in store.

Lum's patterns were imprinted onto a formless bit of energy donated by Frelige, effectively reviving the Eatherling using a small amount of energy from an Eather dagger Lum had forged months earlier (although his memories were "reset" to the time he had forged the dagger.

When he realized what had happened, Lum was scarred deeply. He was the "real" lum, just as a starfish regenerates its body from only a severed limb, but did he still have the soul that belonged to the Lum that came before?

These troubles were dealt with over time, and Lum eventually ascended to the status of Elite Master when Krauser stepped up to the position of Elder.

Solaris under Lum's control has seen an unusual boost in non-warrior citizens, for reasons totally unknown. All Eatherlings have a predelection for order, and Lum is no different, arranging the world's economy and culture into a more structured and organized society.

Lum journeyed for quite some time, dissapearing for months at a time. It is still unclear what he did during this time, but he returned more cynical, more chaotic, and quite a bit more powerful.

Now, Lum sees himself as the only figurehead, a lone windbreaker between the approaching storm of Grey Fenrir and the citizens of Solaris city he has been charged with protecting. He feels betrayed by the Elder's inactivity, abandoned by all but his closest friends among the warriors of Solaris City, and above all, he feels doubt as to whether any of them has a future.

A masterful (if unusual) fighter, Lum is slow to draw into combat in all but the most inescapable of conflicts. Even then, he is tricky and ruthless, fighting for the victory and nothing else.

Honor matters to Lum, but not when a victory is at stake. Lum rarely uses weapons, seeing as how Eatherlings have long considered their own energetic bodies far more deadly than any weapon devised.

Lum has been described as: roguish; impish; sinister; sarcastic; tumoltuous; overbearing; patronizing; pompous; mercurial; veiled; and many such other terms unfit for publication in a public datafile.


Lutuck the Mender is born from a story that starts at the beginning of creation, but his true story started not long ago. In a small hut owned by a peasant family, a paradox was birthed.

A raven brought a battered piece of parchment with an urgent plea for help. The knight who owned the lands took the note and read it, only to cast it to the side. A widowed peasant wrote it.

A widow, who had lost her husband to famine the previous winter and whose four sons had died in wars fought for their king and kingdom, who was besieged by supernatural forces in her tiny corner of his lands.

The knight's young squire, Lutuck Levitan, waited for his master to leave the chamber before reading the discarded note. Young Lutuck had a fire growing in his chest, "How could my master not help this woman?" as he read the note. The young squire took the note to his master's chambers with his now seething rage.

"We must help her!" he yelled as he kicked open the door. "Do not speak to me of what must be done boy!" as the knight threw his goblet of ale. "Retire to your chambers and clean my shield while you still have a tongue."

Lutuck stood in the door, the fire in him at a simmer, looking down as he grabbed the shield leaning against the wall and retreated from the room.

Lutuck quickly gathered his sword and made for the stables. Within minutes he was riding through the gates of his knight's keep towards the edge of his lands.

After a three days ride, Lutuck stepped down from his mount. He was standing at the edge of the widowed peasant's farmstead at a waist high stripped wood fence. It was hazy, hazy with an unnatural greenish light that sickly danced from the sky.

The only noise he could hear was the creaking shutters of the hut as the stale dense air hung over the farm. He stepped forward as his boot displaced muck causing unease in his movement. His sword raised across the front of the knight's shield brought little comfort, only his recital of the hymn of light brought him assurance.

He made his way through the filth until he was at the doorstep. With a deep breath and a shove, he was now in the menacing hut of the peasants. A cackle erupted from the rafters of the room as the widow sat at one end of the hut.

She quickly set up and twisted around with a grotesque smile on her face and milky white eyes.

"You came for this? Where is your Knight young boy?"

"He has lost his way, I have not, I will not turn my back on the teachings of the light."

"She said the same thing boy." The widow, seemingly breaking free of her puppeteer, looked at young Lutuck as the color of her eyes came back. "Save me, my lord! He is trying to turn me from the light" Her neck began to shudder violently as the haziness came back over her eyes and the grotesque smile lifted across her face. "She is still here boy, but I shall be her master now."

Lutuck began to hum his hymn of light as he lowered his sword, then dropping it at his feet. He glanced down at the shield as he unstrapped it from his arm, sliding it off and raising his hands at his side. "You want a more powerful vessel; try to corrupt this one Demon."

The old widow's head titled as her smile became more grimacing. "It will be mine, all mine." The widow dropped to her knees as she began to spit and cough violently. She placed both hands on the floor as her back arched, Vomit spewed forth. A dark hand emerged from her mouth and then another, the widow collapsed to the ground.

The Demon reached out and pounded its claws into the earthen floor of the hut as it pulled itself free of the widow. Lutuck watched as he stood, still continuing his hymn. The Demon raised itself and towered over him. "You belong to me now" as the Demon put his clawed hands on the face of the young squire.

"I belong to the light!" Lutuck shouted as a blinding flash consumed everything, and the world went dark.

The gates stood open with the Knight standing there as the young squire returned. "I will have you on the Rack boy! You thieving son of a whore! That is my horse and my shield."

The squire dismounted the horse as the knight approached him. "GIVE ME TH.." a gurgling sound erupted from him as blood spewed forth from the Knights mouth. Terror crawled across his face as the squire's fiery white glowing eyes met his. "You have forsaken the light and forgotten the TRUTH!"

Lutuck the Mender walked forward and lifted the knight off of the ground with incredible ease as he pinned him to the gate like an insect. With the sword ran through him and in his dying breath he tried to curse the squire. Only blood escaped his lips. Lutuck walked back to the horse and grabbed the Knights shield.

With three large strides, the squire pulled the shield back and bashed it through the mouth of the Knight. The squire returned to his horse and rode off into the wilds as the head of the Knight slid off the shield and fell to the ground, eyes milky white, staring into oblivion.

Upon leaving the tiny kingdom from which he called home, with his new Demonic compatriot, Lutuck the Mender set off across the great plains of Solaris on his trusty steed. After many Lunaris cycles on the road he found himself in Valen’venar, seeking shelter from the relentless weather.

The Valen’venar inn set the stage for a dark secret that spanned across great stretches of the plains and into the heart of the northern swamps, like a dagger made of shadows ready to plunge into the heart of all of Solaris. Lutuck crossed paths with a pious man who warned him of treachery afoot.

He uncovered the mask of a lesser Demon swaying minds and hearts far away from the Shadowgate. Lutuck banished the Demon and set off in search of answers, riding north towards a mysterious monastery in a far flung corner of the plains.

On his journey to the Monastery, Lutuck saw giants stirring to the far north, foreshadowing events to come. He stumbled upon a raging battle, vile Vegonians were brutally slaughtering and taking slaves of innocent Nu’lath tribes.

Lutuck rode forth into battle, bringing justice forth to those who would not stand before the Light. He freed the slaves and slayed the Vegonians. He then continued on his journey north.

Once Lutuck had found the main artery of the canyon lands he was ambushed by a canyon Cuguara. He valiantly fended off the giant cat beast and struck a mortal blow to it. In its death throes it dragged him down into the raging waters of the canyon. The pious man from Valen’venar saved Lutuck from the frigid embrace of death.

He revealed himself as Brother Nathaniel, a Cipher Friar of the Justitia order, sent by the Righteous Eminence to investigate the monastery. They both continued on into the heart of the unknown.


I was adopted. You seen ages ago when I was young it was said that I was found in a field outside of there small village in Japan. They said that I came from the heavens on a cloudless clear night.

On that night the villagers seen a bright light and when they went to see what had happened I was laying upon the ground no older then a few months old a strange birthmark upon my forearm and burns on my face.

They thought I'm an Demon and cast me out but an old man and woman took me in and even moved from there village to keep me alive. Over time they thought me there clans ways, teaching me the way of the Ninja. They always said that my flaws where not really flaws at all. They thought me all that I needed to know to overcome them.

In time all was well, until the day when another village attacked us, on this night of fighting and death one of the caption ninjas set of a bomb, my parents where caught in the blast but lived long enough to get me away.

When I woke they where dyeing, they told me that I would be safe from the battle and that I should keep going and find a palace ware I belonged. With there last act of kindness to me they told me what had happened years ago.

How I was found, The burns on my face. They told me why they had never lived within the village that was ever so close by.

When they dyed I wept. I buried them and moved on though the forests. I walked for what seamed like forever. I heard a sound and turned lessoning. I walked towards the sound and came out within a small village, the fountain within the middle was a god send for the parched its soothing water sustained me.

I lived within the seemly abandoned village, Within the weeks I heard many things that did not seam to be earthly. And now I seek for where I belong.

After a short time in the world known as Solaris he changed his ways greatly. He went from his Ninja, which did not suit his new life. And instead become a Bard.

This change come natural to him, most of all he did was sit around and talk with the many inhabitance, Normally serving them tea while they spoke.

His abilities over sound makes him a natural bard it seams, and he uses it to his advantage. He still has an edge of his past life on him, not really giving up many things about himself and mostly sitting the lessoning to the many stories from the random travelers that pass though the villages.

He tries to be excepted by everyone, even if they are unlikable by most he will still try to speak with them and cause them no ill will.

It I unknown what Malaki would do in a fight, as he has never truly been in a battle on this world. And has hopes that he will never have to. He hopes to live a peaceful life without violence though even he is unsure weather this is possible.

But until the day comes that he must do battle he will be seen around small groups of people serving his tea and lessoning to the stories of the villagers and warriors the come by.


Marius has been in the murder business since he was small. At the age of two he witnessed his mother's murder. The assassin was Mar'Hin, a well known killer. He noticed Marius wailing and wasn't cold enough to murder a child.

Mar'hin instead decided to take Marius in as a disciple. He left with a crying Marius in his arms. He took Marius back to the small assasins' gathering where he had gotten the job.

He raised Marius in the small guild as a mercenary for years until Marius struck out on his own, searching for new business and opportunity.

Niccon Garoly

Niccon is a wanderer. He has been training on Zikkar, Having heard how merciless the peoclickse on Solaris can be. He seems to have an interest in young Chibi Kia, but he will not speak of his true intentions of her. His face is a bit sullen usually, and he doesn't smile unless he is fighting or he has something to smile about.

His robes cover his body, his legs cannot be seen, and his red eyes stay hidden by the brown and silver bangs on his head. He is of medium stature, not strong like some of the others on Solaris, yet he relies on speed more than anything to blind and confuse his opponents. On Zikkar, his status was unknown and he was hunted for it.

The law on Zikkar wanted him for many things he himself did not commit including murders, robberies and many unknown disappearances of some of the high priests of the King's Court. To hide his name and face he took the name Auron and his last name was only the number "341287".

That was his security number. He doesn't like to talk about his past, but if it is hinted that travelers wish to know, then he will regal them with his stories and maybe his advice.

Niccon doesn't like arrogant peoclickse, yet strange as it is, he himself sometimes is rather childish and arrogant. He thinks he is a bit better than everyone else because of all his experiences on Zikkar.

Although he knows of herbs and medicine, he never speaks of how he learned. He remembers and often hints of the days when he was married, but to whom and how long they may never know.

Norven Nelbright

Norven Nelbright is the guy people avoid, yet he's always around. He always needs something, and he's crafty enough to talk you into doing it for him.

Norven is typically seen around Elyndaar City in the various districts. He can frequently be found talking the drunkards of the tavern into doing work for him, or you may find him lingering in the city streets of the Market District.

No one is certain what this guy actually does, he's just always around. He seems to have a limitless supply of gold to coax able-bodied men and women into getting things done for him.

Recently Norven has moved beyond simply being a pain in the neck for the locals. He's become a bit of a crime boss, somehow. As it turns out Norven is the lead operator of an entire crime ring running through the underground of Elyndaar City.

While Norven can't hold his own in a fight, he now has henchmen who always seem to be lurking around in some dark corner. If you confront Norven, expect to encounter a gang of his lackeys along with him.

Norven has been forcefully removed from Elyndaar City. After discovering his gang was peddling a new type of drug on the underground market, Drake Raven took a hard stance on Norven's activities once and for all. He and his gang have been banished from the city, but have now setup shop in the criminal underground of Valen City in the Endless Plains region. Somehow Norven has made enough of a name for himself that many of the local criminals have begun doing his bidding as well. He now runs his own band of misfits known as the Flatlanders.

Due to recent events, Norven became infected with the Plaguebloom spores and mutated into a plague ridden Juggernaut! Growing fungal masses over his entire body, his body mutated wildly making him much larger, stronger, and super aggressive. This mutated version of Norven was discovered during Drake and Krauser's investigation of Valen City.

In this newly mutated form Norven is much more powerful and quite a force to be reckoned with. He was discovered by Drake and Krauser while they made their way deeper into the city. This form of Norven is capable of spreading the plague at an rapid pace and he must be stopped!

Nyymara Hurä

Nyymara 'Nyym' Hurä is the youngest out of three; the elder two being the typical rough and tumble boys you'd find in most households. In her youth she picked up on their more crass personalities and found herself caught up in numerous shenanigans due to her loose-lipped nature.

It was speculated as she grew that she would easily find her calling as a warrior. Fiercely independent and full to the brim with a sense of right and wrong, it was a total shock to her family that the typical abrasive natured girl would end up being a healer. Though it wasn't a shock to her at all.

Watching her brothers fight and tumble she had picked up aiding their minor cuts and wounds at a tender age. She liked the nature of being able to mend those who were wounded, prolonging their ability to fight. And from there she had begun her journey as a healer.

She studied diligently, practicing the basics on anyone she could get her hands on. But as she grew in her profession the desire to travel and expand her knowledge deepened. Her brothers would often spar her in payment for her services. Teaching her to use her small frame to her advantage. She may never have the power of a warrior, but she was damn light on her feet. So when the time came she left her home with little hesitation.

"A wounded warrior is a fierce opponent, but those with a healer in their pocket have a dangerous edge." -Nyym


No one is certain where the one who calls himself Pahn is from. He's a very mysterious man, and is randomly seen wandering about various regions of Solaris. He's very quiet, and usually doesn't say a single word when around others. He's shy around women, but it is quite clear he is crazy about them. He often winds up tripping over his own feet when around a pretty lady.

Pahn's weapons of choice are two silver blades that extend from the sleaves of his leather jacket. He's incredibly fast in battle and typically prides himself on making short work of his enemies. If Pahn were to see someone in an unfair situation, such as a fight, he would probably step in and help them. He's not a troublemaker, but prides himself on honor in battle. Not much else is known about Pahn... some say he is one of the few remaining members of the true Western Solarian race.


Raised in a small fishing village on the outskirts of Aufeis, Ragnud spent his days either raiding the northern coastlines, or fishing for great creatures of the vast sea. His many years spent raiding had built Ragnud's reputation as one of ruthless and brutal warriors within Aufeis, and that had finally earned him the recognition of the Ruathar.

A few more years spent raiding, now under the banner of the Ruathar, Ragnud honed his skills and lust for killing. Having completely earned their respect, Ragnud was sent further out into the world to find better villages to raid and to lay the groundwork for Vishera's expansion.


Reven was a Dark Knight from a place called the Underworld in a region called the Dark Territory. The origins of his was replicated hundreds of years ago in his time from a real human from the real world once upon a time. The Underworld is in fact a digital matrix that is so real, it is indistinguishable from reality. Even his own body is flesh and blood as real as any.

A great war occured called "The Final Load Test" but something strange happened. A glitch in the system took him from his castle and zapped in out of time and space into this one, Solaris. In the chaos his memories of where he came from, what he was doing and where he is from was seemingly wiped or blocked in his memory. There but inaccessible for him to recall. He knows what he is, who is, but that's about it.

Reven is a tall man of 6 feet, slicked back slightly long jet black hair that is braided down in a ponytail from his head down his back. His face appears aged and battle worn with a scar over his left eye from his battles against rival clans. Steely blue eyes with cat-like slits. Large heavy armor that has no real abilities other than extremely tough durability and fitted to him perfectly for mobility. His armor is metal black with purple decals laden with ruby gems that give the impression of his name and house, and clan.

A royal purple cloak. Steel greaves and armlets. He is doned in full metal armor. Surprisingly light but tough in durability. Somewhat noisy when he moves around in. He speaks in a deep and commanding tone with no nonsense. The most unusual thing about him is his weapon though, he uses a rapier. A long and elegant blade that looks like it came off of another hero he had defeated. Truth is, he made this weapon himself.

For a Dark Knight, he has a strong conviction about his duty as a Knight, and deeply desired peace with the Human Realm, rather than fighting them. His sword is beautiful and shines like crystal. But runs deep red when called to do dark spells and perform feets of perfect weapon control.

After being forced into the new world of Solaris, Reven’s armor and equipment has greatly degraded forcing him to cope with minimum protection. Using his own power, he converted his remaining armor in a long black coat with a strange silver brooch attached to it.

Reven was brought to this world by unknown forces but was followed by a Angel being called Stacia… the very Goddess that his people are sworn enemies of. Instead of smiting him dead, she declares that she is actually keeping him and his living weapon alive in this foreign world. With one directive: stay alive and train. Get stronger before she reveals her true motives or intentions further.

Rusty the Mechanoid

Recently upgraded by Krauser Killener to have a more humanoid form, Rusty is the primary caretaker of Explorer’s Landing on Planet Lunaris. Rusty is a friendly mechanoid who was built with an experimental artificial intelligence chip. Rusty is powered entirely from an oversized chunk of Ciedium Ore located in his chest compartment.

Rusty offers support to any Elyndrians who travel to Lunaris in the form of equipment, protection, food, and other supplies. Rusty has a knack for last second saves, usually swooping in via zeppelin and dropping in some supplies, or hopping into his trusty Juggernaut suit to defend his friends. He will stop at nothing to help, even if it cost him everything.

Sirak Cloudstrider

Sirak is a very inquisitive avian from Skyhold City, which is a very advanced but secluded city located on the tallest mountain of planet Solaris. He is very curious and always trying to feed his thirst for knowledge. He finds himself in constant struggle with his culture's ways, and this often gets him into trouble with his people.

In his most recent law breaking adventure, he decided to leave his party and venture down to Elyndaar City by himself. He does not seek to harm, only to increase his own knowledge. This is all he cares about, mostly. Sirak is constantly struggling to maintain a balance between feeding his own curiousity and staying out of trouble.

As a young hatchling Sirak was always inquisitive, take his first adventure out of the rookery for example. A golden flicker on the wall caught his attention and he hopped right out of the safety of the nest.

A mere two weeks old and just a couple feet from his nest, Sirak found himself dangling precariously on the edge of the Watchtower. With a couple thousand feet between him and certain death he was bound and determined to get that golden sparkle.

Sirak hopped after the golden sparkle, following it down a ledge and around the outer corner of the wall. Just as he was about to pounce on the sparkle, he slipped and fell straight off the side of the tower.

About halfway down, the natural instinct of being able to fly struck him. He spread his wings and began to glide away from the tower. A couple of quick wing flaps later and he was ascending. A few more and he found himself heading back to the top of the tower.

It wasn’t long and the two-week old hatchling landed exactly where he had lost his footing. The golden sparkle was nowhere to be found though. What he did find was his grandfather, Girak.

Girak had been sitting above on another ledge and had used a golden amulet to catch Sirak’s attention. He had tried it with some of his brothers and sisters, but only Sirak had paid it any attention.

This was the beginning of a wonderful, loving friendship between a grandfather and his grandson. Girak knew any grandchild of his was more than capable of flight at a mere two weeks, much to the disapproval of his son, Giran.

Time passed and Sirak and Girak spent nearly every waking hour of their time together. Girak saw himself in Sirak in many ways, whether it was his obvious interest in “shinies” or his natural gift with flight and maneuvering through the harshest winds.

Twelve short years passed and Girak took ill. No amount of technology or magic could save him, nor did he want to be saved. His age was finally catching up to him. Sirak took it harder than any of his seventy-two other siblings. When the day Girak finally passed came, Sirak flew away and hid for several days.

Sirak had lost his best friend and mentor. To the others the loss was great, Girak was the father of their society, but to Sirak the loss was simply insurmountable. He struggled with the loss of Girak for years after his death.

One day Sirak was hanging out at the top of the Watchtower with two of his best friends, Daz and Onek, when they overheard a conversation between two Sky Guardians.

The conversation was something about an outsider from the lowlands and much to the disapproval of his friends, Sirak was immediately interested in this news and promptly headed to the dungeon.

Daz and Onek lingered behind as Sirak traveled into the dungeon utilizing a set of keys he had swiped some time ago from one of his father’s guards. He immediately found his way to the cell which housed a bald and very pale-skinned low lander.

The man was silent in meditation when Sirak arrived. Sirak didn’t disturb the prisoner, only observed from a distance. It was the first time he had seen anyone from the lowlands. This man was strange, no feathers, no wings, and he dressed very strangely.

He noticed the man was capable of controlling rats using some strange gadget, and for a time Sirak observed as he steered the rats to the guard station and each one was promptly dealt with. This amused Sirak to no end.

Sirak wanted to know more about this low lander, like where he came from and who he is. So, gathering what the bald man was attempting to do, Sirak went to the guard station himself and started talking to the guard, of whom he knew well. This particular guard was a stubborn ass, and he had gotten Sirak into trouble a few times by reporting his adventures to his father.

So, without a second thought, Sirak distracted the guard long enough that bald man’s rat could release a heavy weapon rack onto his head and it knocked him it cold. Sirak winced, it probably could have killed him.

Sirak quickly cleared the chamber as the bald lowlander succeeded in freeing himself. He escaped, and Sirak followed at a safe distance. All the while occasionally distracting the guards as they would near the bald man’s escape route.

To his surprise, this bald lowlander didn’t immediately leave, but instead headed to an examination room at the far side of the city. Sirak, Daz, and Onek watched from a distance as the lowlander stole a machine from the chamber and about a dozen other things, and then finally decided to leave.

Once the bald man escaped the borders of the city, Sirak and his two friends followed. They kept their distance. Eventually the man led them all the way back to an enormous city with great walls, Elyndaar City. A place like Sirak and his friends had never seen.

Daz and Onek would not continue onward, they promised Sirak they wouldn’t tell his father of what had taken place, and they returned home. Sirak on the other hand decided to explore, he went down into the city and eventually made his way to the roof of a place called the Sunfire Tavern.

...and that is where Sirak’s real story begins.


Born in the swamps of Solaris and treading carefully along the border of the Hinterlands, Sylvix the Sikkim has lived a short but brutal life. His brothers and sisters were hunted shortly after birth by migrating Tulvarians. They heard the cries of his mother as she was having the last of his siblings.

The ones that were lucky enough to make it out of their bog home soon found themselves stalked by a hungry Pantherian. It's hunger was not satiated after taking Sylvix's remaining family.

The Pantherian chased Sylvix through and up the canopies of the large swamp trees. Hanging on a thin branch over an unforgiving mix of mud water and beast that stirred below with a frenzied Pantherian stalking him to the end of the line, Sylvix learned of his gifts.

As the branch bowed from the weight of the beast, vines began to wrap themselves like constrictors around its powerful frame. It struggled and growled as more and more vines squeezed and clenched. In that moment!

Sylvix was ordained by mother Solaris. She took everything from him as he awoke to this world, but she would provide power to survive in it as well. He saw both faces of the great mother and he was impressed. He slowly walked back from the edge and approached the contained Pantherian with a sense of awe.

As he passed he bit into the creatures ear marking it as it hissed and then clawing its face as he quickly hurtled over its body and disappeared into the swamp below. Sylvix the Sikkim was born into struggle and suffering, he now seeks balance of the scales.


Tanith is a descendant of the animals called Tulvarian. The small group of tribes live along the ridges of the mountains in the Second Flux, and as such have rarely been seen. The Tulvarian beastkin do not speak, since they lack vocal cords like most Tulvarian do.

Instead, they use telepathy. This is why they traditionally do not have names. If one wanted to talk to another, all they would have to do is broadcast into their mind, and limit their broadcast to only that individual.

Tanith is known to speak very little, since most people find it unnerving to only hear the voice in their heads. When she does, she tends to keep it short and to the point, but has been known to talk more openly to the people who have gotten used to it. To those few people, she is still quiet, but her comments are either meant to be funny or inform. She rarely believes in conversation for conversation's sake.

When Tanith was 180 moons old (15 years), she, now an adult and able to choose as she will, left her village of Cybele to explore the world as she pleased.

She soon found out that life outside of the village was cruel, or at least cruel to someone who could not speak in the traditional sense, the vulgar noises she soon realized being the only way most of the intelligent creatures socialized. Being unable to speak easily to most people, she found herself pushed and ignored more often than not. The only reason she was not openly attacked was because of her height, at that time a still imposing 5'7".

Almost a full 6 moons later (6 months), she was invited to join a small mercenary gang. The leader only invited her because of her rather frightening visage.

Not long after was when she was dubbed 'Tanith', once the group realized she did not have a name. She also spent the time learning the common tongue, and soon could 'speak' it fluently.

48 moons later (4 years), her group was attacked, and she lost most of her crew. Those that remained fell apart, and she became a mercenary for hire, more often used for protection than thievery or any other petty or otherwise nasty crimes.

Now, at the age of 243 moons (20 years and 3 months), Tanith is between jobs, still enjoying the exploration of the civilized world.

Tarin Goleri

For all his life, Tarin had hungered for knowledge. He went from city to city, kingdom to kingdom, learning everything he could. While he was content with learning a little bit about everything, his passion was magic. Making the primal forces of the universe bend to his will seemed to be the apex of human knowledge.

So he learned and he practiced, he studied and he absorbed. Due to his overwhelming passion and almost inexhaustible mental capacity, he soon became one of the foremost authority on magic in the world.

But Tarin was unsatisfied. He knew there were other worlds, other realms to explore. His curiosity and wanderlust drove him to seek out a means to travel to these unknown places. Legend had told of a magical gem hidden deep in a series of caverns. This gem was reported to transport whomever touched it to some other dimension.

While Tarin understandably had his doubts, it was the only lead he had. So he ventured down into these so-called forbidden caverns (it was only a series of seven caves, and there was nothing scary or horrible about them.) and found the gem. Sure enough, as soon as he touched it, he was wrenched from his realm and deposited upon Solaris.

Tek Milama

Tek, or Chief Milama, is the eldest of the Baskarians of Baskar Island. He's a seventh generation of Milama family and still going strong at 107. He is beloved by his tribe and highly respected by the other islanders of the Void Realm.

Chief Milama is the person everyone seems to go to for answers on Baskar Island. He seems to have the answer for any question. Despite his elderly age and appearance, he's impressively capable for such an old man. Chief Milama's goal is to keep the peace and work with the other inhabitants of the Void Realm to maintain balance.

As the Dark Avatar traveled down The Flow via a stolen Flow Rider ship from Lodoros Isle, he and his armies arrived at Baskar Isle. As the Dark Avatar approached the village a lone old man stood in his path, Chief Milama. Holding a single hand in the air and clutching his artifact in the other, Chief Milama unleashed a level of Shadow Magic never seen before.

The purple energy errupted from his palm and decimated half of the Dark Avatar's army and inflicted surprising damage to the Dark Avatar himself. Why the Dark Avatar came here is unknown, but instead of risking further losses the entire army did an about face and fled back to their stolen ship. Shortly after, the ship was seen heading beyond the point of no return and disappeared deeper into the Void Realm.

Terra Black

Hailing from the far reaches of the Chaotic Realm, Terra Black is a fiendish Halfling. Her blood is half Demon/half human, strong, but still vulnerable to death itself. She is skillfully trained in the arts of grappling, being her hands are her most dangerous weapons. However, she enjoys any weapon that she can lay her hands on. Demon may run through her veins, but compassion and love still inhabits her mind, bending and twisting her very thoughts. These thoughts were given to her by her human father.

Trevor Winchester

Trevor, back in his home dimension, was, in all things considered, a hero. Of course, not many people saw him that way. In fact, he was pretty hated by most people. When he saw a golden colored portal sucking up everything in his path, he thought, "Eh, screw it," and jumped through the portal at full speed.

He wasn't new to this, he's stopped odd looking black holes before. Of course, he wasn't expecting to end up in a completely different dimension! And even more, his powers adapted to the dimension's laws of nature and now act less like his own powers and more like magic!

His backstory was tragic, like most super heroes. His family was killed when he was young, around 11 to be exact, he was pushed into a weird glowy portal, and he came out with powers, photokinesis and super speed. He became a hero around 7 years after this, but most people were absolutely terrified of him, he was different.

Even so, he went out as the hero known as Lightspeed! He's mostly fought common crooks, and the occasional super villain, so he knows a little bit about fighting but not exactly much to really help him combat against mythical creatures. The way he's trained his abilities makes it very hard for him to use his photokinetic abilities, so he focuses it through his weaponry. He also has two major weaknesses: If it's too dark, his abilities refuse to function.

He still can use his parkour and fighting skills, but no speed or light. His second weakness is that he is very weak to the cold. He combats this with his jacket, which with a few buttons provide enough heat for him to at least survive, but this jacket is very fragile. If it gets damaged, he's a goner.

His cold symptoms are in 3 stages. Stage one consists of being in a slightly dazed state, staring blankly into space, his eyes glowing dimmer for no reason, and his breath being able to be seen very clearly in the air. Stage two is where he starts shivering intensely, and he has similar symptoms to that of hypothermia, minus his fingers turning purple.

His heart rate also slows down considerably more that normal. Stage three is where, due to constant exposure to cold temperatures, his normally hyper and speed-enhanced molecules start slowing down, slowly shutting down his bodily systems. This first puts him into a vegetative state, and slowly kills him.

A less major weakness is friction. His costume mainly protects him from this, but if that's damaged, his clothes (even with their small amount of friction-proofing) can get worn down very fast, so he would have to either repair, upgrade, or buy new clothes and equipment.

Trevor's personality is definitely an odd one. He's happy. Overly happy. He's far too positive for his upbringing and situation, and tends to attempt to make friends with his enemies and "redeem" them. This, of course, leads to conflicts with others who see certain entities as enemies.

This doesn't stop him though, which leads to him getting hurt in battle quite a bit. However, if or when he realizes that redemption is pointless, he will get serious and make small comments to attempt to throw his combatants off, giving him a slight advantage.

Tuk Milama

Tuk is the grandson of Chief Milama. He's a master in ranged combat and surprisingly skilled for his young age. Tuktuk lives a quiet live, not far from Chief Milama's hut. He's quite the prankster and often gets himself into trouble for playing tricks on his family and friends. He is well known around Baskar Island for being quite the trickster. When it comes down to it, Tuktuk would lay his own life on the line for anyone, even a stranger. Tuktuk is completely selfless.


Tyvel is one of Queen Yasmine's most trusted soldiers. He typically stands guard in the Queen's throne room and acts as her right hand for almost everything. With recent events, Tyvel is beginning to question the Queen and her actions taken against the rest of the world. While the Queen has attacked the entire world, Tyvel doesn't understand what's going through her mind, but still reluctantly follows his orders.

Valene Langdon

Valene awoke to find herself lying face down in the sand. She could hardly breath as she pushed herself upwards. The cool ocean water had splash her to the point of waking her.

She groaned, "Where am I?" as she turned and stared out over the open ocean. It was vast and seemingly endless. From her left to her right was nothing but endless beach and water.

She climbed to her feet and turned around to be met with a lush forest. The sky was blue and cloudless, with two binary stars hanging in orbit. Another tiny planet resided high above the mountains beyond the densely packed forest in front of her.

"Where in the hell am I?" she complained, unable to remember much of anything. She looked down and tried to find her belongings, but there wasn't much.

It seemed many of her things had been lost, although as she scanned the beach she noticed her javelin was poking through the sand about twenty feet from where she had woke up.

She quickly headed over and dug it up from the sand. She brushed the debris from the handle and used it to push her weakened form upwards. "At least I still have you..." she cheerfully eyed her weapon.

With nothing but the scraps of clothing on her back and her weapon of choice, Valene Langdon headed into the forest. Perhaps she would find some answers.


What is existence?

Is it the essence of life, or is it something more? Less? So.

What was life?

Life could be summed up as a working system of senses, emotion, and memory. Technically speaking, one could have only one of these and be considered alive, to experience life.

So, is one's existence just a compilation of experiences? Is 'life' and 'existence' mutually exclusive, or absolutely synonymous?

It could be argued that the two are different with how they END. One's life ended when the physical body can no longer continue, while one's existence ended when all traces of their being could no longer continue or wiped away.

So when I was murdered in that room by a band of fancy-ass-dressed soldiers' sorry, thugs' is that the end of my life AND existence? I remember a feeling of dread and anguish because I knew I was going to lose far more than my life. Everything around me, as I lay on the floor cold, went up in flame and smoke. I can barely remember the stinging in my eyes as the bed next to me caught flame. I barely remember the cover falling off and draping over most of my body. I barely remember the cold seeping into my limbs.

I remember clearly the fire scorching my flesh, and no amount of cold was able to hinder that feeling. I remember a blackness so deep that a god wouldn't dare reach to save me. Granted, a god wouldn't do that anyway, would they? It would mean they were fallible.

In this blackness, I realized there were no gods to save me, no hero to help me, no light in the endless abyss. Suddenly, in some interminable amount of time later, I awoke. I was in a forest, I think, and my head hurt. Was it all a dream?

Looking at the reflection in the water, I saw a human's face covered in blood, and yet no wound. Her eyes a golden yellow and jaw-length, red hair. She wore plain, black clothing that hid her modest breasts but wasn't too loose.

No... MY eyes. MY hair. MY clothes.


At the time, I had no idea what was going on and in truth, I still don't. It had been a year since I possessed a human. It had been two months after that that I was captured by men in robes. I remember that, over the course of nine months, my body was pushed to its limits in every way possible because of who' no, WHAT' I was, because I had no clue of anything; in which I still mostly don't.

And here I am, another year later, swindling some poor sod for everything he owned because he let me corner him in a game. So at least, now, I have some money. Money , memories of my murder and rebirth, and a disguise woven by magic. If there's anything I learned in running away from a cult, it's to hide my aura and to grind down the horn on the back of my head.

Oddly enough, I don't exactly feel this massive urge to go out and find who had killed me previously, nor even go out and slaughter those cultists for abusing me.

I want to remove them, yes, but that will come in time. For now, I'll just play my games.

Velora Dawn

Velora Dawn was once a young sorceress who traveled the land in search of knowledge and power. Upon leaving her village as a teenager she traveled the land. After leaving Osperia she traveled to Xhan Tarn and took a boat to the islands of the Dormuzahn Region. While there she encountered a powerful wizard who took her under his wing for a time. She became a formidable fire mage, but she felt something was missing. Eventually she left the Dormuzahn Region, bidding goodbye to her old master.

After some time on a ship out at sea Velora wound up in a distant land simply called the Frozen Region. She stayed in a small village full of Ardanians and while shunned as an outcast at first, she eventually saved an entire family by utilizing her potent fire magic. She had earned the respect of the Ardanians and was finally accepted into their small civilization. During her stay she trained with an ice mage who took her elemental magic skills to the next level. After a time, she took a boat back to the north.

The boat wound up lost at sea for a month and one night a harsh storm capsized the vessel. The next thing Velora knew she was waking up on the beach of a tiny island somewhere in the middle of the Dormuzahn Isles. She did what she could to survive and eventually wandered the island until she stumbled into a small village full of Solarian natives. Sharing her knowledge of fire and ice magic with the people of the island, she developed new friendships and once again found herself accepted by another unique group.

Velora stayed on the island with the Solarians for five years and one day a monstrous band of Vegonian marauders showed up and butchered the people of the island. Velora fought with everything in her until finally she became overwhelmed and collapsed. There were just too many to stand against. Just as a marauder was about to finish her off the leader of the group came forward and stopped him. Instead of killing her, they captured her. The next thing she knew, she was waking up in a dungeon down in the belly of Vegonaar City.

Velora spent eight months withering away in the dungeon. There were times she went days without food or water, but just as death would approach the Vegonians would come along and keep her alive just enough to keep her captured in living hell. It was her worst nightmare and the darkness time of her life. She found herself unable to utilize her magic, and her feeble form slowly withered over time. Thinking she was surely to die, finally, a large horned figure finally showed up to free her.... Grey Fenrir.

For whatever reason Grey had his guards free Velora. He filled her head with lies and over the course of several weeks manipulated her mind to the point she felt drawn to him. Grey groomed the young girl in his image, dressed her in his image, and bent her mind to his will. The next thing she knew, she learned how to manipulate and control Shadow Magic with the best of them. She nearly forgot about her past life, her elemental magic slipped away as an afterthought, and her heart became as hard as stone.

The Vegonians now refer to Velora as the Dawnbreaker. She's a powerful Shadow Magic user and one of Grey's favored assassins. She's edgy, vicious, and quite a formidable opponent in battle. She tends to work best on her own and she's always ready for her next mission from the dark master himself. Her goal is to rid the world of the Elyndrians and their allies. She will stop at nothing to reach her goals.

Vincent (Quad Zero)

Solaris City security drone #0000, or Quad Zero, has finally returned to planet Solaris after being stuck in orbit for 10,293 years. In the final hours before the Second Flux was initiated, Vincent was attacked by warriors Oobu and Grey outside Solaris City.

The two warriors defeated Vincent and launched his crippled body into orbit where he touched down on a small planetoid (#9283B). He remained stuck in the surface of this small rock, fully aware, staring at planet Solaris for thousands of years barely functional after his severe beating by the two warriors.

After the Second Flux was over and many years passed and the warriors returned to Solaris, Vincent was reclaimed by Krauser Killener. Krauser took Vincent’s crippled mass back to Cloud Nine and rebuilt him with a few upgrades.

Krauser reprogrammed Vincent to protect the remaining inhabitants of planet Solaris from Grey Fenrir and any other dangers that may arise in the world of Solaris. After the Elyndrians traveled into the past, it seemed as though Vincent was lost to time. This was not the case however. Vincent built a device to help him traverse time itself.

After nearly becoming lost in the pathways of time itself, Vincent recently located his friends and returned to his duties as a protector of the Elyndrian people. He now randomly appears across planet Solaris and saves those he can from any danger that may arrise.


Queen Vishera was the consort of Lord Kelthuron of the Thunderwings. For a Dragonkin she is young although still over three thousand years old. As with Lord Kelthuron, Vishera was born thousands of years in a future timeline and came back in time during an event known as The Undoing.

After arriving in the ancient timeline her duties were simple, go out and rebuild the race of her people. The plan was sound and started off well. Lord Kelthuron traveled in one direction, her brother Lothuron went another, and she traveled to the far south. She ended up in a location that suited her well, The Frozen Region.

Each yearly cycle the trio met to discuss their progress and plans and all was well, for a time. On the third year, just before their yearly gathering, a strange man came to visit Queen Vishera in her den. The man arrived shrouded in black and had apparently traveled deep into The Frozen Region all on his own. He came to Vishera with a strange purple crystal, a gift for the Queen he insisted.

Vishera was cautious, but not cautious enough. The stranger tricked her into touching the glowing purple crystal just long enough to taint her mind, body, and soul and then he left, leaving the crystal with her.

Some time passed and with every passing day the crystals hold on the Queen's mind became stronger and stronger. She began having delusions and hallucinations and developed a thirst for more power. The thirst for power overtook her quickly. It wasn't long until she discovered the crystal enabled her to wield her magic far beyond her normal capabilities.

At first the Queen would only briefly use the crystals power. Not only did it enable her to use her magic longer, but it made her magic far more potent. The more she used the stone for this purpose, the more she craved using it for other things.

Soon enough her mind was so twisted by the stone that she began freezing the creatures of The Frozen Region all around her one day. She froze them solid, turning them into statues of ice. Soon enough, she began turning travelers and visitors into statues as well. This continued for some time... until eventually just about every living thing in the entire area was frozen solid.

Her power became greater and greater each time she wielded the crystal and eventually it made her so powerful she summoned a storm of icy weather. The storm grew larger and larger and eventually overtook her entire underground cavern... and soon enough, the entire continent of The Frozen Region itself.

The storm spread upwards until it consumed the southern oceans of planet Solaris, the Dormuzahn Isles, and then the beaches Xhan Tarn... It finally passed over the mountain ranges beyond Xhan and headed to Osperia beyond. Every creature it the way of the first wave was left behind as a living statue of ice.

Now Queen Vishera waits for those who will come to stop her. She is more powerful than ever, and ready for a fight with even the most powerful planet Solaris has to offer... Will she be stopped, or will the world be forever frozen by her powerful magic?

Wren Black

Wren was born on Solaris. She grew up in a temple ran by a potion maker, healer, and priest. Wren was most inclined to be a healer, being her father was one, and his father had been one before him. Stumbling through her classes, she managed to become attune with the awareness of her abilities, only her friends referred to her as the klutzy healer.


A mysterious half-Vegonian warrior who fought off a band of Vegonian marauders outside Elyndaar City as they tried to attack some villagers. The city guards showed up just as Xenovius finished the last marauder off. This is how he earned his place as an Elyndrian.

Xenovius, sometimes Xeno, an incredible warrior but very mysterious in his ways. Initial scans done by the lab detected his Vegonian genetics, but after proving his allegiance by decimating the Vegonians at the gates, Elyndaar City council decided to overlook his origins.

Xeno is occasionally seen hanging around the Sunfire Tavern or lingering around the Entertainment District. He leads a quiet life, and sticks to himself for the most part. No one knows why a half-Vegonian would defend the city, but then again, he probably has his reasons.

Vegonians usually kill half-breeds who often come about when their raiders get sloppy and don't finish off their victims. While very rare, half-breeds do happen. Since they are shunned by their own society they often leave or die.

Xenovius is very quiet, and tries to keep his new life as peaceful as possible. He sometimes offers jobs to citizens, usually missions to go take out Vegonian marauders along the border of Osperian Forest.

One thing is certain, Xenovius has a history, a long one... and he is an incredibly powerful warrior and ally to the Elyndrians.


This One was 'born' nameless beneath the shade of the Grand Osper Tree, one of a couple hundred rootlings for that particular evening. His extreme adolescent years - spanning perhaps the first forty or so - were spent there beneath the Tree before he aligned himself with a group of around 25 other Grovekin which eventually broke away and formed something resembling a clan (for lack of a better term) in which he was able to peacefully exist. Five such Grovekin were those which had sprouted long ago, their knowledge of the world deeming them 'fit' to lead.

Given the task of security for the clan along with a couple others, This One picked up and soon became comfortably proficient with the use of bow and arrow, or at least proficient enough to be able to provide cover fire while the more aggressive of the pack took down the more feral creatures that happened to wander too close to the safety of the clan's nesting grounds. Life for This One remained as such for many years. The same routine, day in and day out.

On the 145th anniversary of This One's sprouting, he was called upon by the clan's leaders and finally given a proper name; Xilonodal. In the Lathian tongue it translated to Moonpetal, a name which the leaders felt fit him to a 'T', due to his preference towards the night hours. With his name, he was also assigned a task that only he could accomplish for himself. He was to leave the clan and travel the planet, absorbing as much knowledge as he could and attuning himself to the spirits and energy of the world. His ultimate goal was to bond with three of the planet's native creatures before seeking refuge in Ylelthaes where he could finally begin to carve his own path within the annals of history.


Just over 12,000 years ago a tiny sprout arose in the wilds of Hinterfall. Against all odds the tiny sprout grew into a strangely beautiful plant pod and blossomed one day to reveal a lovely plant-like, yet humanoid, baby girl. Perhaps it was fate, but it just so happened that a nomadic tribe of Beastkin were traveling through the area when the child was born. As the baby cried out a young female Pantherian by the name of Etheria discovered her still lying in the opened pod. Etheria took the baby to her grandfather Krogos, who at the time was the Elder of the tribe. Krogos examined the baby and immediately took to her. There was something special about her. That very night Krogos had a vision in which a mysterious voice told him the baby should be named Yasmine, and so that was her name from then on.

As the years passed Yasmine grew up as a humble young Grovekin in the company of many different Beastkin. The Beastkin were more like her family than other Grovekin she encountered during her travels across the world. When she was ten years old Yasmine began having powerful visions of an enormous tree located somewhere in Hinterfall. She informed Elder Krogos of her visions and the old pantherian enabled her to guide his people to the enormous tree. Krogos believed that part of Yasmine's destiny was to guide their people to a permanent home... and eventually, she did.

After nearly ten years of searching through the wilderness Yasmine and her Beastkin tribe discovered a strange place hidden away by magic located deep within the confines of Hinterfall. The moment Yasmine neared a magical barrier around the mysterious area her, as well as the entire tribe, were suddenly granted the ability to see an enormous magical tree that had been standing in the middle of the region for nearly a millennia.

The tree was thousands offeet in diameter and tens of thousands of feet tall. It spoke telepathically to Yasmine and her tribe, telling them it had called them to it and that it had been waiting for them for many years, and finally that its name was Ylelthaes. As it turned out, the massive tree was actually an ancient Grovekin Titan and over time it was discovered that Yasmine was its one and only child. Yasmine's tiny seed had been blown away by a mysteriously strong wind one day. Ylelthaes had been distraught over the loss of Yasmine for nearly twenty years, and finally... her child had come home.

With the guidance of Ylelthaes the young Yasmine learned incredibly powerful healing techniques using the forces of nature around her. She felt drawn to heal those in need and whenever she encountered anyone in need, she helped. Yasmine grew into a powerful sorceress over time and her Beastkin people, along with Ylelthaes, made her into their Queen when she turned 30 years old. Ylelthaes revealed an inner chamber for Queen Yasmine and her people, which had apparently been her plan all along. The massive internal super structure of the tree became a place for both Grovekin and Beastkin to live and thrive. The inhabitants of Ylelthaes built a massive city within her walls and everyone lived in harmony... until the Vegonians came.

Queen Yasmine and her people now guard the City of Ylelthaes and Hinterfall from Vegonian raiders that have been attempting to claim land and steal resources. It wasn't until Queen Yasmine encountered the Vegonians that she ended the life of another living thing. The first wave of Vegonian raiders attacked with such ferocity they nearly made it all the way to the city itself. The raiders killed dozens of innocent Beastkin and Grovekin along the way. They burned the land, killed the wildlife, and finally Queen Yasmine snapped. When the Vegonians arrived at the gates of the city they were met only with death. Queen Yasmine lifted her hands into the air and summoned up forces of nature like nothing her people had ever witnessed before. The majority of the Vegonians were consumed by the planet itself, some were turned into fungus, and many others were simply torn apart by the massive living vines of Ylelthaes herself.

Queen Yasmine cleared the Vegonian raiders away as if they were an army of ants. She crushed their forces with such righteous fury that those who did survive went back to their leaders in complete awestruck terror. The Vegonians now remain along the outside borders of Hinterfall and any time they try to enter into the region they are instantly met with the crushing forces of nature at the hands of Queen Yasmine. The people of Ylelthaes welcome any and all travelers who are not Vegonian, but they have been hardened by what the raiders did to their people. They seem to keep a wall up and never let their guard down at all times.


Long ago I lived free of the bonds of flesh and free of the torment of being locked away. I once roamed free to create havoc and mayhem throughout the world of Gorgonia. But then I was locked away within the Gorgon, though he will have remembered it differently, I remember it all to clearly.

Destroying the village and being hunted for my lack of restraint, the only way I could escape was to abandon my freedom and enter the dying Gorgon child that had become more than just a thorn in my side.

I have managed to break free of his control countless times but the last time I managed to brake free that bastard Krauser Killener put a stop to me.

I demolished and burned Elyndrel almost to the ground that night while within the Gorgons body and as I was about to make my leave he showed his face. It was a mighty battle but because that blasted Gorgon was also fighting me within his head I lost my concentration and fell with a swift hit to the head.

I'm not sure what happened after that but when I awoke I was deep within the vast workings of the Central Laboratories. Within a new body no less. It was strange being the only voice within your own head, but oddly enough it was quite maddening.

I enjoyed it. I got out of the lab easily enough and made my way out into the forests of Solaris where I now stay.

At first it was difficult trying to figure out this new body, it was tall and slender as if it had not eaten, and my fingers where long and boney with long nails but I did not feel weak. But physical power did not seem to be this bodies greatest asset. After a while I managed to figure out that this body was for casting, and that was about all it did.

It had amazing prowess for it and the amount of destruction it caused was amazing. It seemed to have an endless amount of destructive power. I'll have to test it out soon to see just how well it fares in battle.

Zola Draconus

He was a small boy from Elyndrel Village. Born and raised in the town his parents worked hard and struggled to keep food, and shelter. Neither one excelling in a martial or magical art. Much like his parents he has not shown any natural talent with martial or magical arts. As he grew up he made a few friends in town and like all children some rivals as well.

One day when he was eight years old he went out of the village to explore and be alone for a while. He has previously found some small caves in the woods and would explore a little deeper each time. However on this occasion something unusual happened. He went missing for nearly a week. Parents frightened and villagers searching for him. Not enough money between the parents to try and request the Aid of the Influential adventurers they stayed silent on their troubles.

During that week..

He had managed to slip into a deeper part of the cave, but did not realize he would not be able to get back out the way he came in. His meager light source quickly faded as the hours went by. A breeze was felt in the cave his only clue as to which direction he should go. Though as he stumbled upon the source of the breeze it was not at all what he expected.

No small crack in the wall, no open faced cave on the side of a cliff. Instead what he saw was the slumbering reptilian form of a Dragon. Its body crammed into the cave, as the cave seemed to have closed in around it trapping it there or so he Thought.

That is when the eyes of the Dragon popped open. Glaring down a the tiny form before it. Still weak from a mighty struggle, it had tried to hide to sleep and allow its wounds to heal. Taking in the child and using its senses to gauge the passing of time and how healed he was after that long of sleep.

It knew then that it would never heal. The wounds inflicted upon it by the malicious force had not healed at all and several years had passed. It knew then that its only way to continue to live was to stop being a dragon.

Normally the ritual to turn ones self into a Dragonkin was to use a dead host, but it didn't have the time to find another host. To much time had already been wasted trying to heal and his energy reserves where diminishing keeping himself alive.

So it hoped that his body already dying and being burnt in the pyre would be enough and that the child and his mind would be able to merge over time as the child grew. He prepared the child for the ritual!

The boy to scared to fight and lost beyond hope of getting away from the massive dragon before him. The boy was safe guarded from all of the dragons knowledge and memories as before the ritual the Dragon created a second place in the child's mind. Placing the child inside of it.

Knowing his own memories would be to much to handle for the small mind. Though through time this barrier would slowly break away, more and more of the Dragons mind would influence and merge with the boy.

Though he could do nothing at all about the physical changed to the boy the ritual would have. He would have the slitted eyes of a Dragonkin, and intense emotions would like break the mental barrier between their minds and souls prematurely.

Though he hoped that by the time the child was physically mature that barrier would be no more. He would not the child, nor the dragon but be both of them.

The ritual took some time to set up, and complete. Plus the mental shock of the experience rocked the boy for a good while. Though after he felt guided as if he knew which was he needed to travel from this cave to get home. He stumbled back into the village after a week. Starved and confused. Though no other harm.

His parents and all the villagers did not immediately notice the change in the boys eyes. Getting him home, getting him feed, and the next day when he woke his parents seen his slitted eyes. It was a shock his parents could see he looked like their son, spoke like their son, but was he.

Five years have passed (Too be expanded upon later)

He is now 13 at the cusp of adulthood. His body and mind are both maturing and the barrier between the minds in his head are weakening. He has stronger mood swings than a regular teenager and a talent for magic has been noticed as he starts to manipulate the forces of Solaris. This requires him to find a teacher and to learn so that he does not become a liability to his parents or the village.

Five years have passed (Too be expanded upon in play)

He is now 18 years old. Many have come to accept him for who is he. A few of the villagers still remember the incident with him as a child but most don't bring it up around him or his parents.

There have been a few more unusual incidents with him along the way but nothing violent. As he seems to remember things from before his time, and knowledge he has yet to be taught but already knows.

A loss of identity. He has decided to change his name from his boyhood name to something else. This may be a side effect of all the new knowledge and personality blending together to make who he is now.

His sudden interest in hording money, his desire to become stronger and more powerful. All signs that yes he is truly a Dragonkin. His parents are still hazy about the how or why but they have come to terms with the fact that they will likely never know.