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Pathfinder Encampment

Armory Tent
The armory is the second-largest tent in the camp. It is well-equipped with weapons and armor to protect Elyndrians from the Awakened. It is guarded by Goliath, a heavily armored elite mechanoid that is nearly the size of Rusty in his mech suit.

Barracks Tent
The barracks is one of the largest tents in the camp. It is equipped with beds, gear, showers, and a place to wash clothing. It is open to anyone fighting the empire.

Defense Towers
Four cloaked towers stand outside the walls of the Hidden Encampment. A message board on the roof is covered in tally marks, presumably of confirmed kills. The roof is off-limits to most people, as it is not cloaked and would reveal the camp's location.

Starfire Tavern
Krauser built the tavern for everyone, but Kora Nightblade claimed it as her base of operations. The tavern is basic but well-equipped, with a silent mechanoid bartender and plenty of places to sit. Kora uses the back table as her staging area, and there are monitors on either side of the tavern that are connected to Elyndaar City.