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Embark on a journey through the diverse ecosystems of Solaris RPG, where a myriad of creatures awaits your discovery. This comprehensive list, meticulously curated in order of their revelation and formidable power, encompasses both the commonplace denizens of the realm and the legendary boss-level entities that command respect and awe.

Osperian Forest

Faewen are tiny, winged creatures with mischievous nature. They are excellent at making deals, but they will never deliver on their promises. Faewen are very creative and love to collect random objects. They are also very good at mimicry and can often be found imitating plants, animals, or other creatures. Faewen are burned by steel, so they avoid contact with humans and other creatures that use metal. They are also very sensitive to sunlight and will often stay in the shadows. Faewen are nocturnal creatures and are most active at night.

Elwen are a race of slender, humanoid creatures that are masters of the wilderness. They are found deep within the forests, scouting across the Endless Plains, and in the Osperian Forest. They are intelligent, resourceful, and skilled hunters, gatherers, and trackers. They are also proficient with a variety of weapons, including the bow and arrow. Elwen are a proud and independent people who value their freedom above all else.

Osperians are large, bipedal flightless birds that live in the Osperian Forest on planet Solaris. They are omnivorous and eat fruits, vegetables, and small animals. They are normally docile creatures, but can be aggressive if threatened. They are known for their large beaks, talons, and feathers in a variety of colors, typically brown. Osperians are often used as mounts for travel. They are strong and agile creatures that can easily carry a rider through the forest. They are also intelligent creatures and can be trained to follow commands. They are loyal companions and make great pets.

Dortuk are enormous, powerful mammals that resemble bears from planet Earth. They are found in many regions, including the Osperian Forest, the Endless Plains, and the mountains. They are carnivorous, solitary, and dangerous. They are an important part of the ecosystem on Solaris and help control the population of other animals.

Razorbeak, a large, aggressive Osperian with a massive wingspan and modified beak, is posing a threat to travelers and farmers in the nearby villages. This once peaceful creature, believed to have been abused by its former owner, Norven Nelbright, has escaped and is now wreaking havoc in the Osperian Forest. Razorbeak's aggression and strength make him a formidable opponent, but with careful planning and teamwork, he can be defeated.

Endless Plains

Kepp are small, furry mammals that are native to the Endless Plains. They are highly social and affectionate, and they make great pets. They are playful and easy to care for. However, they are also curious creatures that love shiny objects. Be sure to keep your valuables out of reach, as they may be tempted to “borrow” them.

Decoceras are large, slug-like creatures found in Solaris' forest and plains regions. They are fast (up to 20 mph) and range from 3 to 6 feet long, weighing up to 100 pounds. They are not aggressive and are often used as mounts by Beastkin. They are gentle, docile, and make great companions.

The Juroc is a large, territorial, and fast four-legged carnivore with seven tails that it spins to create a vortex. This dangerous creature should be avoided, but if encountered, it is best to fight back with everything you have.

Lycanthians are massive wolf-like creatures that pose a significant threat to both humans and other animals on Solaris. They are native to the planet and hunt in packs, using ambush tactics and brutal force to bring down their prey. While their ferocity and brutality make them formidable opponents, humans can protect themselves by staying aware of their surroundings, remaining calm when encountering one, and fighting back if attacked.

Amarok, the fabled lycanthian alpha male of the Endless Plains, is a creature of immense power and ferocity. Amarok is a solitary hunter who thrives on preying upon those who seek to hunt him. His monstrous size, sharp claws, and incredible strength make him a formidable opponent, capable of felling even the most experienced hunters with ease. Tales abound of his ability to detect fear from vast distances, making it nearly impossible to escape his clutches.

Skyhold Mountains

Darklings are shadow-infused abominations left behind after the evil Lord Bahumura decimated Skyhold Mountain and stole "The Source" artifact. These creatures randomly appear from shadow rifts and attack those who travel the region now. They seem almost mindless and only seek to destroy and consume those who are unfortunate enough to encounter them.

Goblins are short, green-skinned creatures that are known for their cunning and resourcefulness. They are typically about the size of a human child, with short, stocky bodies and large, bulbous heads. Their skin is a sickly green color, and their eyes are a deep, dark black. Goblins have sharp teeth and claws, and they are often seen wielding crude weapons and armor.

Tulvarian are large, flying creatures that are native to the planet of Solaris. They are about the size of a small dragon, with a wingspan of about 20 feet. Their bodies are covered in thick, armored hides, and they have long, bony tails with spikes. Their claws and teeth are razor sharp, and they can chew through lightweight metal armors.

Dreadbeasts are sightless monsters that stand twenty feet high at the shoulders. They are covered in a mass of thick fur, and their bodies are massive and muscular. Their long necks end in a massive set of jaws, holding a maw filled with deadly teeth. Their long tails are powerful enough to break trees in two with a single swing. They run upon their four thick legs over harsh mountains and snowy peaks, using their deadly claws to climb or carve though solid rock.

Xhan Tarn

The Tidemantis is a strange and fascinating creature. It is a mix between an insect and a crab, with a hard carapace that covers its longer body, four legs that it uses to move along the sea floor, and two pincer-like arms higher up on its bodies that it uses to grab fish and other prey. Its head looks much like a praying mantis would.

Gratha Bird
Gratha Bird are large bird-like creatures who mimic the sounds they hear perfectly. They often confuse travelers by flying over them and calling out, sounding like someone yelling from above. These creatures are not aggressive unless provoked. These birds have been a part of Solaris history for ages. They are one of the earliest documented creatures and are primarily found surviving in the Xhan Tarn and Skyhold regions to the distant south of the Osperian Forest.

Prana Devil
The Prana Devil is a fearsome creature that inhabits the Inner Ocean of Solaris. It is a large, aquatic raptor-like creature with a slender body, fins on its tail, and spines on its back. It has webbed hands and feet that allow it to swim at incredible speeds, and a massive mouth filled with sharp teeth. Its eyes are small but very keen, and it is able to hone in on its prey from a great distance.

The Brunta are enormous whale-like mammals that live in the oceans of Solaris. They are typically between 50 and 100 meters long, and weigh up to 100,000 tons. Their bodies are gray or blue-gray, and they have a large dorsal fin that can be up to 10 meters tall. Brunta have a long, slender snout that is used to filter-feed on small fish and plankton.

Gorbahl is a fearsome creature, and it is considered to be one of the most dangerous demons on Solaris. It is a solitary creature, and it is rarely seen. It is most active at night, and it will often travel from the ruins to the beach to hunt for food. Gorbahl is a powerful demon, and it is able to regenerate its body from any wound. It is also able to control the minds of weaker creatures, and it will often use this ability to lure its prey into its lair.

Darkmire Swamp

Lampers are small, fish-like humanoid creatures with dark green or brown scales. They are about the size of a large dog, with long, slender bodies and webbed hands and feet. Their heads are large and bulbous, with large, round eyes and sharp teeth. Lampers are native to the swamps of Solaris, and they are a major threat to both humans and other animals.

Husks are shambling corpses who have been raised from the dead by means of tainted spiritual energy leaking out from the Shadowgate. They are slow-moving creatures that linger around, waiting for their unaware victims to step within range. Once they have a target, they will grapple their victim and hold them in place, allowing time for other Husks in the area to join in on the attack.

The Shadowcree is a large, black bird that lives in the dark depths of swamps and bogs on the planet Solaris. It is a solitary bird and they are only seen together during mating season. Shadowcree are very territorial and will attack anything that comes near their nests. They are also very aggressive and their sharp beaks and powerful legs can inflict serious injuries.

The Ophiditan is a massive serpent that can grow up to ninety feet in length and can easily grow five to ten feet wide. Its body is covered in thick, hard scales that are resistant to most forms of damage. The Ophiditan has a pair of large, venomous fangs that can inject a deadly poison into its prey. Its tail is long and powerful, and can be used to crush its enemies. They can move quickly on land and through water, making it a formidable opponent.

Deathbloom was born from the remains of the previous world boss, Deathroot. Deathroot was an enormous treefolk who was recently destroyed by Harril Anvil-Striker. One of Deathroot's seeds survived the battle and quickly formed a new treefolk just as big and menacing as Deathroot. Deathbloom quickly grew in power, and he soon became the new ruler of the Darkmire Swamp.

Hinterfall Jungle

Very little is known about the Eewanchu, and their intentions are unknown. However, they are said to be very dangerous. Travelers who have encountered the Eewanchu have reported feeling compelled to leave the trail and follow them. Those who have resisted the urge have said that they felt a sense of dread and foreboding, as if something terrible was about to happen.

The Ashrisen is a creature that is said to be able to die and rise from the ashes, reborn once again. It is said that the Ashrisen can turn the tables in any losing battle, only if the bird finds the dying soul worthy of its life force. Only one time can a soul be brought back by the Ashrisen, as it gives away its life to save another from crossing over.

Chimeras can be found in all shapes and sizes. Some have the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a snake. Others have the head of a bear, the body of a lion, and the wings of an eagle. There is no limit to the combinations that can be created, and each Chimera is unique.

Pantherians are massive, cat-like creatures that are native to the planet Solaris. They are typically the size of a horse, with a long, muscular body and a large head. Their fur is a deep, dark color, and their eyes are a piercing yellow. Pantherians are swift and agile, and they are excellent hunters. Pantherians are solitary creatures, and they are rarely seen in groups. They are also very territorial, and they will defend their territory from intruders. Pantherians are very dangerous creatures, and they should be avoided if possible.

Honeygore is a sentient plant that can uproot itself and move around as it deems necessary. Its roots tangle into strong appendages that can be used to move around or to lash out at enemies. The large open flowers of this plant are large enough to even fit an adult Gorgon inside.

Kazarial Desert

The Sandlurker is a strange reptilian beast that inhabits the Kazarial Desert. It is a solitary creature, and adults typically range in length from six to twelve feet and weigh between 300 and 800 pounds. Sandlurkers have six legs, a long snout, and rows of razor-sharp teeth. Their hides are so thick and tough that small blades cannot pierce their flesh.

Stoneborn are massive, humanoid creatures made of living stone. They are incredibly strong and intelligent, and they excel at close-quarters combat. They are often seen keeping guard of their homes, either by sitting vigil or sweeping through the air on their large wings. Stoneborn are typically between 12 and 15 feet tall, and they weigh between 1,000 and 1,500 pounds. Their skin is a deep gray or brown, and it is as hard as granite. Their bodies are covered in intricate carvings, which often depict scenes of battle or nature.

Krossa are large, insectoid creatures from another world. They are incredibly strong and agile, and they have a powerful exoskeleton that protects them from harm. Krossa are also incredibly fast, and they can move through the darkness with ease. This makes them incredibly deadly predators, as they can easily sneak up on unsuspecting prey. Krossa are also very intelligent creatures, and they are able to use their environment to their advantage. They are often found in dark and damp locations, such as caves and forests.

Sandworms are enormous predators that are native to the Kazarial Desert. They can grow to be several hundred meters in length, and they are equipped with row after row of nearly impenetrable scales. sandworms are able to swim through the sand of the desert with ease, and they are often seen basking in the sun on the surface of the desert.

Titanus is a massive sandworm that is said to be the oldest and largest in the world. He is the source of many legends throughout the Kazarial region, and he is feared by all who know of him. Titanus is a seemingly intelligent creature, and he is always searching for food. His appetite is legendary, and it is said that there is never enough food to satisfy him. Titanus is so large that he could consume an entire city the size of Elyndaar.

Dormuzahn Isles

Depthlings are strange, aquatic creatures that come from the depths of the outer oceans. They are typically between 10 and 20 feet long, and they have a body that is a combination of fish and cephalopod. Their skin is a dark blue or green, and it is covered in suckers and poisonous barbs. Depthlings are ambush predators, and they often attack ships as they travel from island to island.

The Lophii are a race of highly adaptive and aggressive fish creatures. They are bipedal in nature, with monstrous anglerfish-like heads and bodies. They have large mouths and teeth, along with a glowing bioluminescent headlamp that they can use on prey to disorient them. If there is enough of them within a location, they are capable of even warping one's concept of time, by clouding their minds with its haunting glow.

The Kiniff are strange, lizard-like creatures with razor-sharp teeth and claws. They are typically rather docile, but they can be aggressive and territorial at times. They live around the islands of the region inside of beaver-like dams made of driftwood.

Mechanoids are robotic creatures that come in all shapes and sizes. They are typically designed to function as a companion for citizens of Solaris. Each one has a different personality, and while some may appear less intelligent than others, they are all fairly capable machines. These particular units roam the isles around Andorum, protecting it from outsiders.

The Kontu is a legendary creature that is said to be so vast in size that it could dwarf a city. It has massive crab-like claws that it uses for crushing, and a fish-like body that is covered in scales. Its head is large and bulbous, with a massive set of eyes and long tentacles. The Kontu's mouth is beak-like, and it is hidden within a vale of what looks like seaweed. The Kontu was first discovered when several ships began disappearing in the Outer Ocean. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that this great beast was preying on the ships and other vessels that sailed through its territory.

The World's Edge

The Snowstalker is a white, furry creature that lives in the frozen caves of the World's Edge. It is about the size of a cat, with long, sharp claws and teeth. Its fur is white, making it difficult to see against the snow. The Snowstalker has a long, slender body and a short tail. Its ears are large and pointed, and its eyes are a deep blue.

The Winterwraith is a large, predatory creature that stalks the frozen wastes of the World's Edge. It is about the size of a bear, with thick, white fur and sharp claws and teeth. Its eyes are a deep red, and its breath is a cloud of frost. It will attack anything that enters its territory, including Ardanians, Snowstalkers, and even other Winterwraiths. The Winterwraith is a very powerful creature, and it is very difficult to kill. Its thick fur protects it from the cold, and its sharp claws and teeth can easily tear through flesh and bone.

The Ice Prowler is a blue creature that is covered in hard plates that make up most of its body. The icy blades slide over one another to allow it to bend and flex its limbs and body. Its face is diamond-shaped with piercing blue eyes that glow with a kind of ghostly luminescence. The top of its head forms a kind of ice crown out of long spikes that also trail down its back, all of which are made out of the same hard shell as its body.

frostworms are long, powerful snake-like creatures that inhabit the frozen regions of the planet Solaris. They are covered in thick scales that are a deep blue color, and their eyes are a piercing red. frostworms are incredibly strong and agile, and they can move through the snow and ice with ease. They are also able to breathe a powerful stream of ice that can freeze their prey solid.

Jorgrun is a large and very powerful frostworm located in the Frozen Region. Judging by his size it is believed the creature has lived there for over 1,000 years and has been picking off travelers for most of that time. Jorgrun was discovered recently when a group of raiders traveled into the Frozen Region to locate Vishera's Vale. The creature shows some signs of intelligence but mostly seems driven by the need to feed.


Evil creatures that burst from the ground below unsuspecting travelers. They often wrap their tentacles around the legs of their victims and pulled them down into their underground lair. The creatures are very aggressive and feed off the energies of the living. It is believed that these creatures escaped the belly of the planet eating parasite known as Nezal who was slain by the Beast God Sunder and a group of Elyndrians. These creatures are not to be taken lightly. They are usually found lurking around the area surrounding Nezal's corpse.

Vicious ape-like creatures with blood-red fur. These creatures often attack from the tree canopy. Travelers often hear them howling seconds before an attack. They hunt in packs, often led by an Alpha who leads the charge. While they may be primitive and savage, they are very intelligent creatures. Many of their victims often think they have made it to freedom only to discover they have instead fallen right into the trap of an Alpha.

The Minok are a primitive ape-like species that live pretty much everywhere all across the planet of Lunaris. The Minok range in size from three to ten feet tall and live in a pack structure. The smaller Minok are used as scouts for the group the biggest Minok is normally the pack leader and is normally the most dangerous of the lot. It has been noted that the Minok use plants to dye their fur so that they can better hide from predators.

The Scrufaceros is a large, rhino-like creature that is native to the Crimson Wilds. It is a powerful and violent beast, but it is also an animal of pure instinct. Scrufaceros will not bother anyone who stays out of their territory, but if they are disturbed, they will fight back with all their might. Scrufaceros are incredibly strong and durable creatures. Their thick, red skin is nearly impervious to blades and magical attacks. They also have a powerful charge attack that can easily knock down or even kill an opponent.

The Afterplane

Soul Eater
Soul Eaters are lesser demons that escaped the confines of the Infernal Chasm and now roam the Afterplane, a dark and dangerous dimension. They are relentless predators that will stop at nothing to consume the souls of the living. Soul Eaters are not very intelligent creatures, but they are incredibly strong and fast. They are also able to regenerate their wounds, making them very difficult to kill. Soul Eaters are drawn to the light of life, and they will often chase after any living beings that enter the Afterplane.

Shriveled humanoid-like creatures that wear a long tattered cloak to hide their horrifying features. Sightless monsters whose faces look more like that of a lamprey. They have a large mouth which takes up the majority of the monsters face. They use this enormous mouth to suck the lifeforce out of their victims. They have shriveled bodies and their arms are long and bony. They do not have legs and stay in a constant state of levitation or flight which allows them to move swiftly and silently.

Vile One
Disturbing humanoid abominations who roam the Infernal Chasm. They were once far and few between, but after the Dark Avatar stormed the Infernal Chasm and corrupted many of the other Demons, The Vile began to roam freely. These creatures fling all sorts of dreadful muck at their victims. They seem to be mindless lost souls who were tortured severely after death. When you hear moaning and groaning, you best go the other way.

Sin Eater
These dreadful creatures are known as the Sin Eaters because they seem to feed off the negative energy within all souls, dead or alive. While feeding, their victims suffer visions of torment and dread while their energy is gradually drained away. Do not let them touch you, as they will begin absorbing your energy immediately. Victims who are touched by the Sin Eaters find themselves unable to move, completely consumed by fear.

Planet Gorgonia

Pyrelings are elementals who are sentient beings that roam the various elementally-based regions of planet Gorgonia. They are manifestations of living elemental magic. Normal elementals are usually fire, water, earth, or air based, but there are hybrids who are based on the other natural elements of nature. The pyrelings are always based on fire. Out of all of them, the pyrelings are the most aggressive and volatile.

Elementals are a race of elemental creatures that are native to the world of Gorgonia. They are made of pure elemental energy, and they can take on the form of any element, such as fire, water, earth, or air. Elementals are very mischievous and playful creatures, and they enjoy playing tricks on travelers. They are not violent creatures, and they will only fight if they are provoked.

Brimfur are a race of creatures that are made of liquid tar and brimstone bits. They are believed to have been created by a dark entity over a century ago, and they now roam the Titan Expanse, living in pools of tar or near sulfur vents. They are highly aggressive and territorial, and they will attack anything that they perceive as a threat. They are also incredibly strong and resilient, and they are difficult to kill.

Behemoths are very large, four-legged wooly creatures that are native to the planet Gorgonia. They are mostly docile creatures, but they can be very dangerous if they are disturbed. They are herbivores and they graze on the plains near Pathfinder Point. They are typically about the size of a small house and they weigh several tons. They have thick, shaggy fur that is a light brown color. They have large, brown eyes and long, curved horns.

The Void Realm

The Voidlings are a race of strange, amorphous creatures that inhabit the Void Realm. They have no natural shape, and they are capable of mimicking pretty much anything they see. They are mostly harmless unless attacked, and they are often seen lurching around Eidos Village, mimicking physical objects or slithering around. They seem to have an affinity for Shadow energy.

The Vorkan are a race of floating creatures that inhabit the Void Realm. They are about the size of a human head, and they have a large, bulbous body with a cluster of tentacles. Their bodies are covered in a thick, slimy semi-translucent skin. The Vorkan are mostly harmless creatures, and they will only attack if they feel threatened. If they are disturbed, they may float over and slap their victim with a tendril, or attempt to choke them with their tentacles.

The Shadowborne are a race of unnatural abominations created by the power of Bahumura. They are corrupted souls from the Afterplane, and they are filled with hatred and malice. These creatures come in all shapes and sizes, but they are all characterized by their shadowy tendrils. These tendrils are extensions of their corrupted souls, and they are used to drain the life force of their victims.

The Darkspawn are incredibly strong and resilient, and they are able to regenerate from even the most grievous injuries. They are also very intelligent and cunning, and they are able to adapt to their surroundings quickly. The Darkspawn are a constant threat to the denizens of the Void Realm. They are constantly on the move, and they will attack anything that gets in their way. They are a major obstacle for any traveler who is trying to reach Primordia.

The Wildlands

The Podlings are a newly mutated species of Grovekin, born from the mutated remains of other species infected and killed by the Sporelings and the Plaguebloom. Unlike the mindless Sporelings, these creatures have some of the personality, intelligence, and memories of the person they were mutated from. The Podlings are innocent creatures and will not attack. After a period of time, the Podlings slowly lose memories of their past life and become one with the collective hivemind of the Awakened and Queen Yasmine. The purpose of these creatures is currently unknown.

The Sporelings are a newly mutated species of Grovekin, born of the spores spread about by the Plaguebloom flowers unleashed upon planet Solaris by Queen Yasmine of the Awakened. Unlike the Podlings, these creatures have no personality, no real intelligence, but behave more like mindless drones. They attack anything non-Grovekin and spread their infectious Plaguebloom disease throughout the land to further Queen Yasmine's goals, whatever they may be.

The energy-feeding insects are a strange and fascinating creature. They were once native to the Blasted Region, a harsh and unforgiving land that is ravaged by Ciedium energy. The insects have adapted to this harsh environment by changing their diet. Instead of feeding on plants or animals, they feed on Ciedium energy. After the Blasted Region was reclaimed by the Awakened, the energy-feeding insects began to thrive in the Wildlands. The Awakened were initially concerned about the insects, but they soon realized that they were not a threat. In fact, the insects were actually beneficial to the Awakened. They helped to clean up Ciedium pollution, and they also provided a source of food.

The Plaguebloom are towering, malevolent plants that stand over 50 meters tall. They are a twisted and corrupted form of nature, created by the dark magic of Queen Yasmine of the Awakened faction. Plaguebloom are weak against fire and salt water, but are incredibly resilient and difficult to destroy. Once a Plaguebloom takes root, it begins to rapidly grow and bloom. Its flowers release a cloud of spores that are highly infectious and deadly.

The World Below

Fungoids can be found in the World Below, a hidden world beneath the surface of planet Solaris. They are often found guarding the entrances to Queen Yasmine's strongholds. The Fungoids are semi-humanoid creatures that are covered in a thick layer of fungus. They have large, bulbous heads and sharp teeth. They are under the control of Queen Yasmine and attack anyone who enters the World Below.

Golems are massive creatures that are a hybrid of plant and rock. They are created by Queen Yasmine to guard the entrance to the World Below. Golems are incredibly strong and durable. They are also resistant to fire, cold, and poison. They can attack with their fists, feet, and tail. They can also breathe fire and create earthquakes. Golems are vulnerable to magic and silver weapons.

The Protokin are a race of ancient Grovekin who live in The World Below. They are tall and slender, with green flesh and long, flowing vine-like hair. They have large, almond-shaped eyes and pointed ears. The Protokin are incredibly strong and agile, and they are skilled in the use of nature magic. Protokin are able to run faster than surface dwellers, jump higher, and lift heavier objects. They are also skilled in the use of nature magic, and can use their magic to summon vines from the ground.

The Ancients are enormous plant-like creatures that are said to be eons old. They are covered in thick, gnarled bark with large, sharp thorns. Their eyes are a deep, glowing green. The Ancients are incredibly powerful and wield nature magic capable of turning enemies into fungus or mold. The Ancients live in The World Below.