Solaris RPG v10.17

More updates applied...

  • It's that time again! Our annual Halloween event has just begun and it's time to push Azmodeus back to the Afterplane once again. Visit the forum topic to get started!

  • There are no longer any level limitations for unlocking races, classes, or magic types. All of this is no available from the moment of character creation.

  • I've added a support link to the left menu, just in case anyone would like to help Solaris RPG out by donating a little money to the site through PayPal.

  • Passive gold gains has been bumped all the way from 20% per session to 50%! This is pretty big jump and I think it's an improvement. We'll see how it goes.

  • The Progression Guide has been updated quite a bit. No major changes, but I've changed some wording to make things easier to read and understand.

Posted by Steve on 10/31/18, 2:01 PM

Solaris RPG v10.16

Some updates applied...

  • We've decided to make all classes, races, and magic available from the start for all new players. I feel like this limitation was only hindering our players.

  • The Race Guide, Class Guide, and Magic Guide have all been updated!

  • The Guidebook has been updated and the Magic Guide and Stat Guide have traded sections.

  • I fixed a problem with "pinned" topics not staying at the top of the forum. The Market is now pinned and stuck to the top of the list.

  • The Character Submission page has been revamped and now new players can choose any race, class, or magic type.

Posted by Steve on 10/21/18, 6:32 PM

Solaris RPG v10.15

Some updates applied...

  • The Character submission form has been updated! If you refer someone to Solaris RPG, you will be rewarded 5,000 EXP!

  • I've added a plugin to the forums that shows how much your post is worth in EXP points. This will be super handy!

  • I have pushed an update to the forum community software and added some performance improvements.

  • Fluid mode has been enabled on the forums, which is very similar to the way the forum behaved in the late 90's.

  • I've cleaned up some coding on the stat engine and I'm considering changing the way leveling is calculated.

  • Considering dropping Perception and Charisma from the vital stats, we don't really do much with them anyway.

  • I made some changes to the Character Page and how characters are displayed.

  • I have dropped levels from being displayed on all characters except for player characters.

  • I'm tossing around the idea of doing away with the idea of "raiding" as it currently stands.

  • Currently, we have one RP session going on the beach... feel free to join us!

Posted by Steve on 10/15/18, 8:26 PM

Solaris RPG v10.14

Story updates applied...

  • Due to new storyline events, Ylelthaeus City no longer exists. Instead, it has been replaced by the Grove of Yazmir. Princess Yasmine is now a Mother Tree called Yazmir.

  • Commander Dorn's profile has been updated to reflect these new storyline events. Check part 2 of his biography for more information.

  • The Progression Guide has been updated. Players with Overflow EXP may not longer use the EXP to boost themselves to the next level cap. The level cap has also been increased.

  • The race profile for the Grovekin has been modified to reflect some of the storyline changes. I've also turned this section into bulleted lists for easier reading.

  • The Faction Guide has been updated to reflect the storyline changes. The Hinterfolk are gone and the Yazmirians and the Protectors have been added.

  • If you would like to read more about what happened with Ylelthaeus City, click here.

  • The mobile site has been updated with a darkened theme.

  • I have reversed the order of the storylines on the Storyline Guide.

  • Purely for trial purposes, I have removed the main logo of the site.

Posted by Steve on 8/16/18, 8:15 PM

Solaris RPG v10.13

Minor updates below...

  • Added a new section to all races listing the homeland, leader, faction, lifespan, and city of all races.

  • Changed the site wallpaper back to a color gradient.

Posted by Steve on 8/14/18, 9:23 PM

Solaris RPG v10.12

A few more updates...

  • Added new cosmetic template to all player character's custom abilities on character profiles.

  • Added new cosmetic template to all player character's equipment and items on character profiles.

  • Soon all World Bosses and Leaders will have the new cosmetic ability templates applied to them as well.

  • After adding mechanical functions listed out on every ability, I need you, the players, to look over your own abilities and make sure they have any mechanical functions listed out.

  • I have updated the Custom Ability Guide to reflect these changes.

  • The mobile site template has been updated to reflect the cosmetic changes. The background of the templates will not change on mobile like it does on desktop for easier readability.

  • I think I might update the Storyline Guide soon. I feel like it's too complicated and needs trimmed a bit. I don't think new players and visitors will want to read through all of it.

  • I made some extremely minor changes to the way a couple things on character profiles are displayed. Instead of saying "Gold Stash" it now simply says "Gold" and instead of "Magic Type" it now says "Magic". I think it gives the profiles a cleaner look.

  • Page size and internal scrolling changes have been made. As you can see, the main content block of the site now scrolls within itself instead of making the entire site scroll down. I don't know if I'll keep it this way or not, but part of me kind of likes it this way. This change does not affect mobile users, only devices that display the entire site.

Posted by Steve on 7/28/18, 1:31 PM

Solaris RPG v10.1

Levels 225-250 are now available! The Oceanic Region is now available from Captain Tillen's harbor in Xhan Tarn. Sail the oceans, slay some pirates, and explore the mysteries of the region!

  • A couple of encounters have been added, the Depthling and the dreaded Dormuzahn Pirates!

  • The exciting Adventure Island, the pirate haven Dormuzahn City, and the mysterious Ulemner Trench have all been added as explorable locations!

  • I will soon be posting up Captain Tillen's Harbor in Xhan Tarn. Using one of the ships there, travelers can head into the oceans and enjoy ocean-based role-play sessions!

Posted by Steve on 6/23/18, 4:14 PM

Solaris RPG v10.09

Here are the most recent updates...

  • Increased all player character's HP by 25%. We need to do some PvP testing guys!

  • Altered the levels and star ranks on the character page a bit.

  • Added a new section to the bottom of all player character profile for account wide stats.

Posted by Steve on 6/21/18, 9:34 PM

Solaris RPG v10.08

Here are the most recent updates...

  • Essential Equipment upgrade pricing has been updated!

  • Equipment upgrades are now the sole function of the new profession, Engineer.

  • Engineers and Engineer Shops have been added to the Market Guide.

  • Rusty now has his own upgrade shop(s) available where he will upgrade your equipment based on a new pricing structure.

  • The Progression Guide has been majorly modified and updated.

  • A new class variant is available for Clerics, the Monk!

  • Star Ranks have been added on the Character Page. Please see the Progression Guide for details.

  • I am contemplating changing World Bosses to be leveled to their region level cap versus the overall game's level cap.

Posted by Steve on 6/21/18, 1:30 AM

Solaris RPG v10.07

Here are the most recent updates...

  • We're currently building the story around Skyhold City, with Sirak and Giran currently in Elyndaar City sharing their story with us.

  • I've made some more cosmetic changes to the site over the last week. I put some coloring behind the headers and made some major changes to the Character page. Player characters are now listed by level.

  • I split storyline characters away from player characters and gave them their own section called Heroes. This section includes notable retired player characters as well.

  • The next big thing I'm working on is adding Class Variants to all Character Classes. I've only done a couple so far, the Wizard and Warrior. Currently the Warrior has two class variants, the Berserker and the Defender. The Wizard has two class variants as well, the Sorceress and the Mage. Class variants keep the same capabilities but their vitals can be very specialized.

  • Prestige points have been added. They may be purchased by using up any Overflow EXP you may have. They are purchased in 1% increments are account wide. For more information on Prestige, please visit the Progression Guide and skip to the bottom.

  • I have removed the equipment limitations on the number of Ascended and Legendary pieces of gear a character can have equipped. It no longer matters if you have multiple legendaries, or multiple ascended items.

That's all for now.

Posted by Steve on 6/16/18, 9:30 AM

Solaris RPG v10.06

Here are the most recent updates...

  • New creature Xitha was added by Odessa to the Blasted Region. Thanks!

  • Lots of cosmetic changes to the site, headings, borders, site width and pictures added to profiles again!

  • I've fixed some issues in several guides, mostly wording and spelling mistakes.

  • I'd like to develop Skyhold Region a bit more before moving on to the next region. If anyone would like to help me add creatures it would be much appreciated!

  • The character page has been changed around a bit and I have removed all inactive characters. If you feel you were taken down in error, please let me know... or just play the game a little and I'll put you back up.

  • Added new sub-level to the Solaris Central Laboratories. The Nanotechnology Lab!

  • New "Character's Affiliations" section added to the bottom of some profiles (Krauser, Giran, and Sirak on a trial basis)

That's all for now.

Posted by Steve on 6/9/18, 12:30 PM

Solaris RPG v10.05

Some more updates...

  • Gold is now earned passively through role-play sessions at a rate of 20%.

  • I have hidden region areas that are not yet complete. Once completed they will return.

  • The Quest Guide is now gone, due to the addition of passive gold earnings. Questing isn't really needed anymore.

  • The Market Guide has been updated to reflect the gold changes.

  • Restored the website's background.

That's all for now.

Posted by Steve on 5/24/18, 9:56 PM

Solaris RPG v10.04

Some more updates...

That's all for now.

Posted by Steve on 4/26/18, 11:21 PM

Solaris RPG v10.03

Some more updates...

  • Added a new storyline to the Storyline Guide.

  • Progressed the in-game timeline five years.

  • Increased all known ages by five years.

  • Merged the Retired characters into the Characters page.

  • Added a new region to the World Guide.

  • Moved the Companion Guide up a few sections.

  • Removed sections on the Characters page.

That's all for now.

Posted by Steve on 4/21/18, 9:24 PM

Solaris RPG v10.02

Some more updates...

  • Changed the background of the website.

  • Changed up the left and right navigation menus, again.

  • Moved all news to the Changes link.

  • Changed up some wording in several sections, again.

  • Removed Google Analytics from the entire website.

  • Merged Encounter Guide into the World Guide.

  • Changed heading titles in Guidebook.

That's all for now.

Posted by Steve on 4/21/18, 2:24 PM

Solaris RPG v10.01

Some updates...

  • Updated the character page to be friendly vs hostile.

  • Changed up the left and right navigation menus a bit.

  • Removed inactive characters from the Character Page.

  • Removed Innovate submission link from right menu.

  • Changed up some wording in several sections.

That's all for now.

Posted by Steve on 4/18/18, 10:09 PM

Solaris RPG v10.0

Welcome to the test version of the site. I will post all updates here and release them to the main site as larger patches instead of doing tiny updates all the time. The updates posted to this test site will be for the next big storyline. When the new storyline is released, this new version will be made live and it will include new regions, a new level cap, and even some other additions and changes.

Posted by Steve on 4/18/18, 12:09 PM

Happy Easter!

I just wanted to take a quick moment to wish a Happy Easter to everyone! So, have an awesome day, enjoy your families, eat good food, and remember the sacrifice Jesus made for us all 2,000 years ago on the cross. Let us not forget what it's really about. God bless!

Posted by Steve on 4/1/18, 12:29 PM

Goodbye Patreon

I have decided to end the site's Patreon account for the foreseeable future. It was very helpful for the site (we used it to buy a UPS backup battery and a server upgrade recently, the RPi 3 B+) and I appreciate all the support from those who donated.

However, after much thought and consideration over the last couple of months I have decided that some part of me just doesn't like accepting donations. So, I have closed the Patreon account and those who donated will no longer be charged on a monthly basis. All remaining money from Patreon has been transfered into the site's PayPal account where it will be used for future upgrades and maintenance.

Here's the thing... I personally feel that by accepting financial donations from our players, it obligates me to constantly work on the site and make improvements. You all know I love working on the website, but this seemingly turns a hobby I greatly enjoy into a job in a weird sort of way. I don't like this feeling.

The problem is, when we have a slow period I now feel like I owe it to the Patreon supporters to make something happen on a regular basis. I no longer wish to feel this way, as sometimes I do like to take a break. Solaris RPG will be here with or without donations, as it has for over twenty years.

So, thanks again to all the supporters who graciously donated money to Solaris over the last few months. Also, as always, there will be no advertisements either.

Posted by Steve on 3/24/18, 3:16 PM

Encounter Guide updated

I have just expanded on the Encounter Guide, specifically the Crimson Region. With the current storyline gradually unfolding, I would like to focus on developing this area far beyond where it previously was. You will now find combat profiles for the Scrufaceros beast the Elyndrians originally encountered on their first trip to planet Lunaris, the Queen's Marauders, Queen Vishera, and a new creature called the Parasitic Fiend. If anyone would like to help me with this endeavor, please let me know.

Posted by Steve on 2/24/18, 10:16 PM

Custom Ability Guide updated

I have completely rewritten the Custom Ability Guide this afternoon. I have also introduced a new system that allows characters to upgrade the number of functions their abilities can have. I highly recommend just reading the whole guide to be clear on everything. Also, if you see any issues, let me know.

Posted by Steve on 2/11/18, 3:30 PM

Level "cap" introduced

Over the next thirty days I will be testing the idea of having a "level cap" in Solaris RPG. I won't get into all the details here, but you can read about it in the Progression Guide.

The World Guide has been updated to reflect the level 200 cap and the Encounter Guide will be updated soon as well. I plan to add more creatures to the Twilight Region (level 100) and then add the Crimson Region (level 200).

This is a pretty significant change and I wouldn't do it if I didn't feel like the game wouldn't benefit from it in some way. I think this will help encourage PvP combat because characters will be capped at the same level (at least until the next "expansion" is added).

Also, the Combat Guide has undergone some changes to make fighting creatures more rewarding. It's all listed at the bottom of the guide, so be sure to check it out.

Posted by Steve on 2/8/18, 11:55 PM

World Guide reboot!

I've been hard at work on revising the entire World Guide for readability and expansion. So far I have the Osperian Region complete and it's coming along nicely. I plan on knocking out a couple regions per night for the next few days until it's complete. After that I plan to move on to making the character registration process a bit more interesting (racial introductions, class introductions, etc). The next two weeks should be pretty interesting!

Posted by Steve on 2/1/18, 11:15 PM

Creature stat rebalance

I just finished rebalancing the vital stats of every creature currently listed in the game. Please go check out their stats and let me know what you think. Along with this change, I reevaluated how I handled the difficulty ratings of each creature. I changed the difficulty of some, and added a new tier called Extreme. I smoothed out stats, altered difficulty ratings, and hopefully took care of some problems.

Posted by Steve on 1/28/18, 10:15 PM

Thank you, Patreon supporters!

With the donations from our Patreon account we received enough money to purchase a backup battery for the web server. I can't thank our Patreon supporters enough for their continued generosity! We no longer need to worry about sudden power outages causing database corruption for the site. The site may still go down here and there, but outages would only be due to our Internet going down once or twice a year. No more worries about power outages! Currently the site has an almost 99% uptime over the course of a year!

Posted by Steve on 1/18/18, 8:15 PM

Vital stat rebalance

After some things were brought to my attention yesterday, I dove into the vital stat system last night and realized I had left some glaring problems behind with all the various stats. Last night I spent about 2.5 hours going through and doing some moderate rebalancing to the stat system. (This is a good example of why we need some PvP situations so we can find these flaws.) Some stats were buffed, some were nerfed. These changes were universal and will effect every single class and race.

After my dive into the stat system, I feel many of the problems should be worked out now, although I may have just moved them around in some cases. There were some major problems with what I like to call "stat-spikes" for certain classes and races. For example, one class might have an absurdly high hit rating. A character 20+ levels beneath another character might have far more "hit" than the more powerful character. The lower level character should not be THAT far ahead in one particular stat.

So, after this change, those enormous stat-spikes should no longer be a problem in most situations. I need YOUR HELP though! I need people to compare characters and point out these flaws for me. Be patient with me while we work through this. If you see these glaring stat-spikes, let me know. Let's work together to make Solaris RPG better than it ever has been.

Posted by Steve on 1/14/18, 10:26 AM

Progression Guide updates

I've made some updates to the Progression Guide this afternoon. I've greatly modified the section about Veteran characters. I simplified it a bit and added some new sections. I have added the option to bring a character out of retirement as well. Finally, Speed Sessions have been removed (for now). Nobody seemed to have any interest in them. That's all!

Posted by Steve on 1/13/18, 1:41 PM

22 years of Solaris RPG

Hello everybody! I just wanted to let everyone know 2018 marks 22 YEARS of Solaris RPG! This game and website have changed dramatically over the years and I think I'm happier with the site than I ever have been. This year I introduced a new vital stat system and we had several major storylines unfold. As many of our veteran players already know, this time of year is when I like to drop a considerable EXP bonus on all of our active characters! I do this mostly as a thank you to all the players who've stuck around and remained active in the game. So, thank you all! Let's keep it up. I see lots more interesting RP sessions coming down the line this year.

Posted by Steve on 1/3/18, 11:41 PM

Frostlore 2017

Merry Christmas folks! It's that time again, Frostlore has arrived once again! I just wanted to invite everyone to a special Frostlore role-play session that I just started today. Click here to join the holiday session. I will give everyone who participates a special bonus at the end, beyond the 5X bonus multiplier that is already applied. Also, I made some updates this morning so check it out.

  • Handler Shop - I have brought back the Handler profession and the shop. It's a great place to pick up a companion if you want one.

  • Salvager Shop - I have brought back the idea of having a "salvager" shop. I also gave Malaki his old shop back and put up all of his original content. This is a good place to find old unique gear from characters of the past.

  • Chaplain Shop - The player behind Lutuck had a great idea for a new profession and shop. He sells blessings, prayers, holy artifacts, and the spoils of war.

  • Sigilist Shop - Scrios' sigil shop has returned! Go get a magical sigil etched or burned into your skin!

  • Frostlore Theme - As you may have noticed I've given the site a slight cosmetic change for the holiday theme. Check your inventory for a special holiday gift.

Posted by Steve on 12/24/17, 9:02 PM

More updates!

Hello again! Over the past week I've made a lot of updates, see the list below...

  • Creature Vitals - All of our currently listed creatures now have vital stats for combat purposes. 740 data points... whew! If you see any problems let me know. That's 740 opportunities for me to screw something up.

  • Creature Submissions - With all of the changes to creatures in place I have also updated the Creature Submission form. It will allow you to specify a creature location now.

  • Creature Combat - I've added a section to the Combat Guide to explain how players can play as creatures against other players. Players could also have creatures face off against other creatures if they want.

  • Speed Sessions - I've added an experimental new system I've dubbed "Speed Sessions" to the Progression Guide. These are for players who would like to set aside a time to do a very quick role-play session with other players. These sessions allow for massive EXP bonuses if you can start and complete the session within the allotted time frame.

  • New Creatures - As a final note, a lot of new creatures have been added via the submission form. Thanks to Chris/Gremlock and Josh/Scrios for those new submissions!

Posted by Steve on 12/11/17, 12:10 PM

Batch of updates

I've made a lot of changes this weekend, and it's not even over yet! To keep it simple I will list them out one by one.

  • Navigation Menu - Site menus have been updated. Links to Facebook, Patreon, and Discord have been bumped to the footer, for now.

  • Code Cleanup - I've gone through and cleaned up my code throughout the entire site, this includes all CSS, Javascript, and HTML.

  • Storyline Guide - The Storyline Guide has been updated with extra information. I'm still working on this, but I've added quite a bit of information. It now dives into what I call "Noteworthy Points" for each storyline.

  • Unique Titles - I've given some of the World Bosses and God Tier Characters special class and race titles. This was mostly just to spice them up a bit.

  • Goodbye Personalities - The Personality Guide has been dropped completely. I felt it was an outdated and mostly unnecessary system. It may return one day, but I feel we're fine without it for now.

  • Combat Traits - Combat traits are coming to a class near you! Combat traits will be a new section tacked onto each class profile in the Class Guide.

Posted by Steve on 12/2/17, 8:20 PM

Mobile site changes

As you may have noticed (if you’re on a mobile device) I have lightened up the mobile theme of the website. This is a trial. Recently I used someone’s older phone to view the site, the brightness was maxed out, and on that device you could barely see the site because of the dark background. I personally don’t have any old devices like that to test with, but I wanted to try and make it easier for people with older devices to view the site easily. I’ve lightened it up a bit and changed up the headings. Let me know what you think. If you hate it, let me know. If you like it, let me know. The Feedback forum is there for a reason. Thanks!

Posted by Steve on 11/28/17, 12:20 AM

Thanksgiving 2017

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! While we're not having an RP "event" I have given everyone a special holiday item. Please visit your character's inventory to check out the item.

Posted by Steve on 11/23/17, 10:20 AM

The return of ranks!

As many of our veteran players know, long ago, we had ranks. Well, yesterday during my lunch time something hit me. Why don't I bring ranks back? With the new vital stat engine I wrote a couple weeks ago it's now easier than ever to keep track of the ranks, heck, it's all automated now. So the ranks are now back!

I added the new rank system last night. We have some starter level ranks now as well. Characters start out as Civilians and work their way up the ranks to a Soldier, Champion, and finally a Centurion. Each tier starting at Soldier has three classes before moving into the next rank.

After going beyond level 100, characters may choose to stay as a Veteran, or join the Master ranks. There are ten Master classes, starting at Master, 10th Class, and ending at Master, 1st Class. If you go beyond the Master ranks, you get into the Elite ranks.

There are five Elite classes, starting at Elite, 5th Class and ending at Elite, 1st Class. Once you make it beyond Elite, 1st Class, you move into the Elite Master rank, Grand Master, and Lord Marshal. There are ranks beyond that, but it's going to take a long time for anyone to achieve those levels of power.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please post them in the Ideas & Feedback forum. That's all for now.

Posted by Steve on 11/14/17, 10:20 PM

New race, civilization, and faction

Thanks to Josh (aka Scrios) for this addition. We now have a fierce new race of frost giant-like humanoids, the Ardana, who come from the Frozen Region in the distant south. I've added them as an unlockable race. A new world area has been added to the Frozen Region as well, Aufeis, and a new faction to go along with all of it, the Ruathar.

Also, the Handler profession has been added back to the game. I've removed profession commission and instead boosted discounts for anyone with a profession instead. Check the Market Guide for more details on this change. Check the Guidebook to read up on all of it.

Posted by Steve on 11/12/17, 9:01 PM

Combat updates, new class

I've made some major changes to the Combat Guide as promised in order to accomodate the new vital stat system. Please read over it and point out my mistakes if you would be so kind. It's late, I'm tired, and I moved quickly so it's untelling what I screwed up.

As I mentioned on the Facebook page I wanted to introduce something new with the classes. I have introduced our first heroic class, the Swordmage! It's a hybrid between a warrior and a wizard, so go check it out. Not only is it a hybrid, but since it's an unlockable heroic class it's pretty tough too! If you want to convert, there's a certain laboratory that will be more than happy to "Remap" your class. Oh, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN folks! It's been a good day.

Posted by Steve on 10/31/17, 11:06 PM

New stat system

The new stat system is slowly coming into place. As you may notice all characters have stats generated on the fly now. I have finished the Stat Guide to explain all the new core vital stats and combat stats. I am now working on a complete overhaul of the Combat Guide. The changes to combat guide are going to be pretty dramatic considering we didn't have vital stats for the longest time. I am really excited about this new system and look forward to hearing everyone's input over the coming days and weeks. Maybe this will spur some PvP combat!

Posted by Steve on 10/30/17, 11:06 PM

Patreon for news

If you would like email updates the moment I post them to the site you can sign up to follow Solaris RPG on Patreon. You need a Patreon account and you don't have to give any money to follow the site. You will receive email updates the moment I post them.

Posted by Steve on 10/22/17, 7:32 PM

Patreon Campaign

I decided to set up a Patreon campaign for the site to help cover the costs of running it. If you are interested in supporting Solaris RPG, please check out our new Patreon page. If you would like to support the site it's pretty simple and inexpensive. As always, thank you to anyone who supports the site!

Posted by Steve on 10/16/17, 11:01 PM

Halloween 2017

Our Halloween event for 2017 is now live. The session bonus for the event is quite substantial, so be sure to jump in and help take down Azmodeus! The event is now live so be sure to get in on it before someone else takes him down!

Posted by Steve on 10/14/17, 4:24 PM

Some updates

I couldn't resist! I switched back to displaying all types of characters together instead of splitting them up. I know some people aren't a fan of this, but I like it. There's just something about seeing ALL of the characters bundled together I like. I'm still working on those introduction paragraphs for the World Guide. I've written up character bios for Bahumura, Dakon, and Noma as well.

Posted by Steve on 10/10/17, 7:43 PM

Region introductions

I've laid the framework for adding introduction paragraphs to each region page in the World Guide. I've already added introductions for the Osperian Region, Kazarial Region, Crimson Wilds, and the Xhan Tarn Region. I will work on the others tomorrow night, and probably finish the rest on Friday night.

On a side note, some new areas have been added by Gremlock and Captain Rogers. Gremlock documented a new area in the Kazarial Region called "The Bone Yard" and Captain Rogers documented a new temple in the Crimson Wilds. Thanks for the submissions and for using the submission forms!

Posted by Steve on 9/6/17, 10:43 PM

Kazarial Region updates

I've added some new sub-areas to the Kazarial Region, and added an intro paragraph to the top of the page. I will be adding more intro paragraphs to the other region pages soon.

Posted by Steve on 9/5/17, 11:24 PM

Cosmetic updates

I've made some cosmetic updates to the site to help make titles stand out more. I've also adding shadowing to character pictures. These are very minor changes but I think they make things look a little nicer. Have a look!

Posted by Steve on 9/1/17, 3:12 PM

The Solaris Lexicon

I've been working on a new section in the Guidebook. We've decided to call it the Solaris Lexicon for now. It's a section that covers all the random terms you see here on Solaris RPG. The section is arranged in a handy A-Z format, and it explores and explains the creatures, people, families, plants, events and places that make up the lore of Solaris RPG. It isn't a section that's ever going to be "finished" and it will grow as long as the game world does. On a side note, if you would like to contribute to it please visit the Submissions section in the navigation menu to the left. Go check it out if you have a moment.

Posted by Steve on 8/28/17, 9:24 PM

Multiple new additions

I've added a few random things to the site today. One in particular is a new, somewhat experimental "Raid Overview" section to Grey Fenrir. I've expanded on the Broken Region as well. Finally, I've also added a new section for the exploration of Planet Lunaris to the World Guide. This section dives into the starting area on the new world. I'm fleshing it out bit by bit... and did I ever mention how much I've always wanted a blood red forest!? Well, now we have one!

Posted by Steve on 8/13/17, 10:35 PM

All races have been updated

All of our races found in the Race Guide have been updated with a Race Characteristics section. Some races have been made "Upgrade Races" that are only accessible after a player has at least one level 100 under his belt. That's all.

Posted by Steve on 7/21/17, 11:08 PM

Paladins and Druids added

The nature wielding Druid has returned after many years and the demon banishing Paladin is back as well! I'm considering adding a few more classes. If you have any ideas let me know. If you would like to change your current class to one of these new classes, you may do so by purchasing a Class Remapping at the Solaris Central Laboratories. *wink, wink*

Posted by Steve on 7/16/17, 2:34 PM

Complete class overhaul

This evening I've put the finishing touches on some major class changes. More specifically, we no longer have very specific class abilities, but now have much less specific class characteristics. Please see the Class Guide for more details on the updates. Also, be sure to read the new index page as well. It drives home the idea that ALL characters are magic users, not just casters. This has always been the case in Solaris, but I wanted to make it more clear.

Posted by Steve on 7/11/17, 9:15 PM

Happy 4th of July!

A holiday EXP bonus has been applied to all characters. Happy 4th folks!

Posted by Steve on 7/4/17, 11:31 PM

Quest Guide updates

Just updated the Quest Guide and added a couple new sections to make certain topics a bit more clear. I have also addressed what happens when someone completes a quest you are working on before you post your own response. Finally, I have moved the sections pertaining World Bosses from the Combat Guide to the Quest Guide.

Posted by Steve on 6/30/17, 9:28 PM

Guidebook updates

I went through and tried to make the Guidebook's index page a bit easier to look at tonight. I think it looks a lot better now. It's easy to understand and not just a wall of text. I also spent some time editing the Combat Guide and tweaking some wording on a few sections. Nothing critical has changed, but I think it's a bit easier to read now. I have quietly removed dual specializations from the Progression Guide as well. I think it's for the best. As always, if you find any mistakes let me know in the Solaris Discussion forum.

Posted by Steve on 6/25/17, 10:28 PM

Concerning links & mobile view

I've had several requests over the last couple months to make links appear more obvious. Since I've been on vacation all week I've had time to dive into this. As you can see, the mobile site has been revamped considerably this week, the forums have been updated for increased performance, and the links have been made much more visible. Do the links look okay now? They really pop, that's for sure. If you have any suggestions please post in Solaris Discussion with your comments or concerns. Also, as you've probably noticed when you hover over a link it sort of raises up out of the page. I like it personally, let me know what you think. Thanks!

Posted by Steve on 6/22/17, 10:38 AM

Server updates

This morning I have installed some major performance enhancing upgrades to the forum community and web server. Just an FYI. It probably won't make a huge real-world difference, but it seems snappier to me. Also, today is my birthday. Woohoo!

Posted by Steve on 6/22/17, 10:38 AM

Questing overhaul

Tonight I revamped how questing works. It's similar to the way it was, but now the Quest Hub is a forum and players can come up with their own quests. Please check the Quest Guide for more details.

Posted by Steve on 6/7/17, 10:48 PM

Area submission form

I made a new area submission page! Anyone who has an idea can submit it using the form. Please check it out when you have a moment. Also, your character will receive EXP for any submissions you send in. You can get to the form from the World Atlas or by clicking here.

Posted by Steve on 5/19/17, 12:10 PM

Creature submission form

Just to make everyone aware, I recently made a Creature Submission form. Anyone who has an idea can submit it using the form. Please check it out when you have a moment. Also, your character will receive EXP for any submissions you send in. You can get to the form from the Creature Guide or by clicking here.

Posted by Steve on 5/19/17, 12:10 PM

Magic characteristics added

I've broken up the Magic Guide into different sections and added a new section to every magic explaining the individual characteristics of that particular magic type. Please take a moment and go check out the new sections. If you see that I've missed something or made an error, let me know! Thanks.

Posted by Steve on 5/19/17, 12:00 PM

Factions added

I've finally added factions! I've been talking about it for a while and decided to get it done today. It's just a start though. I've added three. Please check the faction section in the navigation menu for more details. Each character profile has reputation bars now as well.

Posted by Steve on 5/7/17, 10:30 PM

Updated submission forms

I have updated the character registration form and made some tweaks. I have also created a form for people who want to submit creature ideas. You can find the link to it on the Creature Guide page underneath the main paragraph.

Posted by Steve on 4/7/17, 11:58 PM

Cosmetic Changes

So, as you can see I've made some cosmetic changes to the site. The player behind Arkus suggested I make the site look more appealing. So I did. I'm diggin' it.

Posted by Steve on 4/5/17, 10:50 PM

Combat Guide updated

I have cleaned up the Combat Guide quite a bit. At the same time though, I have added quite a bit to it. I've explained the differences between what turns and rounds are during combat and I've also added a section explaining dodging, blocking, parrying, and countering a bit. Check it out when you have a moment.

Posted by Steve on 3/28/17, 10:48 PM

World Atlas updated

I have cleaned up some descriptions on the main index of the World Atlas section. Over the next few days I will be working on cleaning up the individual regions and their sub-areas. I will also be adding some sub-areas to the regions that are lacking detail.

Posted by Steve on 3/27/17, 11:01 PM

Character registration fixed

I have added the link to the character registration page in the menu again. After the server migration I had to take some time to iron out some scripting issues. Everything works now though.

Posted by Steve on 3/14/17, 10:24 PM

Market changes

After discussing it with Chris, I have decided to phase out the Salvager Shop. This doesn't mean all those items are gone however, they have been combined with the Craftsman and Blacksmith shops.

Posted by Steve on 3/14/17, 10:00 PM

Magic changes

I've gone ahead and renamed some of our magic types. Not really a big deal but I've felt like some of them have been "off" for a bit and wanted to make them right again. Primal is now Chaos, again. Ki is Chi. Thunder is Electrical. There are some other minor changes in the Magic Guide as well.

Posted by Steve on 3/14/17, 9:20 PM

Class changes

I've been discussing this change for awhile, but I have changed Champion and Magus to Warrior and Wizard. The reason I did this is because Champion always seemed like more of a title to me, and Magus confused most people. I think Warrior and Wizard are very self explanatory names.

Posted by Steve on 3/14/17, 6:47 PM

Mumble Server (Voice Chat)

If anybody is feeling adventurous you can try out our new Mumble voice chat system. If you have the client installed you can simply click this here to take you right into the server.

Posted by Steve on 3/5/17, 12:13 PM

Character pictures added

At the suggestion of the player behind Arkus I have added character pictures to character profile pages.

Posted by Steve on 2/24/17, 10:13 PM

HTTPS is now enabled!

Just wanted to let everybody know I've enabled HTTPS to provide secure connections to the site and forum community. So be sure to access the site via to utilize it. Update your bookmarks/favorites! I know it'll give a couple people peace of mind who have asked why we didn't use it in the past.

Posted by Steve on 2/22/17, 7:25 PM

Quest requirements lifted

In line with what I've said about "horizontal progression" on the site, I've dropped all quest requirements.

Posted by Steve on 2/21/17, 8:20 PM

Forum reputation is back!

You can now give rep points to posts in the forum. We used this for a long time and I wound up disabling it. It's back now. We also have reputation leaderboards as well.

Posted by Steve on 2/19/17, 2:06 PM

The Howling Thicket added

A new area has been added to the Mountainous Region, click here for more details. I thought it might be an interesting place to explore.

Posted by Steve on 2/12/17, 7:12 AM

Progression Guide updated

I've made some significant changes to the Progression Guide to better explain our new "horizontal character progression" system. Please check it out when you have a moment. Click here to jump right to it.

Posted by Steve on 2/11/17, 9:43 AM

Character profile updates

I've made some changes to the first section on all character profiles (regardless of character type). I think it's a bit more organized now and it's a little easier to look at.

Posted by Steve on 2/10/17, 11:14 PM

Migration in progress

Eleven months after returning to paid hosting services I have decided without a doubt I would much rather host the site myself. The site you're currently viewing is now hosted on a Raspberry Pi 3. (Last time I used a Raspberry Pi 2.) I can definitely see some impressive differences in forum load time on this build. Domain migration is still in progress, so if you suddenly discover you can't reach the site by using try instead. That's all for now.

Posted by Steve on 2/7/17, 8:37 PM

Mobile tweaks

I have tweaked the site to be much more friendly on mobile devices. If you notice any glitches, let me know.

Posted by Steve on 2/5/17, 7:46 PM

Horizontal Progression

How about we focus on horizontal progression instead of vertical progression? Last year we decided to remove levels (1-100) from the game and went with an EXP-only approach. How about we try horizontal progression instead of vertical progression? How many games can you think of off the top of your head and just keep expanding upwards? TONS. EXP would still be important and it would still add up over time. It will be endless (as it is now) but instead of focusing entirely on just becoming more powerful I'd like to focus on primarily on role-play regardless of a characters EXP.

Characters will still unlock ability slots up to 50k EXP of course, but the focus will shift a bit. I've dropped "Recommended EXP" from world regions and areas to reinforce this idea. Basically anyone can go anywhere no problem. You can go wherever, face off against whatever you encounter (within reason) and role-play accordingly. Play your character how you want for the most part. EXP will still apply to PvP combat, but that's about it. Thoughts? Hit the forum and post your questions, comments, etc...

Posted by Steve on 1/29/17, 9:17 PM

New quest added

Tonight it hit me that nobody has done a quest since we established the new Quest Hub. I realize the quests we have are for higher EXP characters so I added a new lower EXP quest. I've been thinking about this one in particular for a long time and finally decided to pull the trigger. It's a real basic quest. You just have to protect some natives from a very angry and very huge bird with a viciously sharp beak. You can find it by visiting the "Quests" section in the navigation menu. I hope someone will utilize it to earn some gold.

Posted by Steve on 1/8/17, 11:50 PM

Wrapping things up

So the last few days have brought a lot of changes to the site. We now have a new layout, a new color scheme, and even a mobile version of the site! (That last one is a first. I never felt like we needed a mobile version before.) Long time players will notice that this cosmetic change is one of the biggest changes in years. It's COMPLETELY different. I hope everybody likes it. I wanted to go with a nice clean look, minimalistic, and simple. I think I've definitely achieved that. I've also gone through the site and I've been cleaning up grammar and spelling issues. That's all for now.

Posted by Steve on 1/7/17, 10:50 PM

For Simplicity's Sake

As you can all see I've made some major changes to the site. I really like it. It's new and significantly different than before. I believe it's a good change for 2017 and beyond. My focus this year is on cleaning up the site as best I can. I plan to focus on keeping things lean and to the point from now on. If you don't mind, try the site out on multiple browsers and devices. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

Posted by Steve on 1/4/17, 11:00 PM

Character registration fixed!

I just fixed a major issue with the character registration page. It was caused by an old referrer string that was set to instead of totally my bad. Anyway, thanks to those who notified me!

Posted by Steve on 12/20/16, 10:00 PM

Major Class and Ability Updates

I've made a lot of changes tonight. Please see the list below for details...

  • All characters will receive all of their chosen classes abilities from the beginning now.

  • All class abilities will appear on a character's profile directly under his custom abilities, if he has any.

  • Custom ability slots will be unlocked every 10,000 EXP and the limit is now five custom abilities.

  • All classes have had their number of abilities reduced by three, leaving them with six (for now).

  • Dual-Spec is still available for characters over 50k EXP.

  • The Progression Guide has been updated to reflect all of these changes.

I will be working on cleaning up all remaining class abilities. My plan is to reduce unnecessary details and to fix other issues. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc... please email me by clicking my name below.

Posted by Steve on 12/15/16, 10:50 PM

Minor Magus update

We've made a minor update to the Magus class abilities. Magical Storm has been replaced with Negate. Check the class page for more details.

Posted by Steve on 12/14/16, 8:00 PM

Site updates

I've updated the description of every single race tonight. If you haven't read them in awhile now would be a good time to do so. I also phased out the "Origin of Species" sections and just merged them into the general race description. That section seemed a little redundant to me. I've changed Freeform characters to Veteran characters. Chris, Bryant, and myself all thought this would make sense so I went ahead and made the change. I've changed Job Class to simply Class. I felt having both "Job Class" and "Professions" was confusing because in Solaris they are two very different things. Finally, I've also changed the name of the site from World of Solaris back to Solaris RPG. That is all.

Posted by Steve on 10/20/16, 10:02 PM

Balthazar's Fortress

Balthazar's Fortress has been added to The Hinterlands Region. The description of the new area hints at Grey's efforts to ramp up his armies overall strength and mentions a special concoction the Vegonian's are now equipped with. This vial is used when the Vegonians are threatened and it amps up their strength, endurance, and increases their overall size for the duration of an entire battle. It basically turns them into ravenous hulking rage beasts. So, with that in mind, role-play accordingly! On another note, I will be adding areas for the remaining World Bosses very soon. These locations are places you would go to in order to encounter them. That's all for now.

Posted by Steve on 10/15/16, 9:44 AM

Character Submission Conundrum

Most of our regulars around here might not realize it, but creating a character is apparently extraordinarily difficult. This year the ratio of acceptable character subs to unacceptable subs is about one in twenty. Which I find terribly unsettling. The concept of this site is pretty simple in my opinion. Quite simply, this site is a place for role-players who enjoy writing stories to do just that, write stories!

If someone can't write more than a sentence for a character bio, what in the world makes them think this site is a good fit? This happens so frequently it's utterly disappointing. Out of the several dozen submissions this year most of them have less than one sentence for a bio, some of them a single word. (Someone literally put "cool" for their bio a few weeks ago.)

I have tried everything from putting text requirements on the text box in the submission form to putting bright red and bold text saying that we absolutely need a descriptive bio to accept a character submission. Neither one has worked and I'm not really sure what else I can do. I have even tried finding the proper target audience to advertise to and we still receive terrible submissions.

If anyone has any ideas on how to remedy this situation, I am all ears. If you have any ideas please email me by clicking my name directly below this or post your idea(s) in the forum under Solaris Discussion. Thank you all for your continued support. /endrant

Posted by Steve on 10/13/16, 11:07 PM

Race Guide Updates

Bryant, Chris, and myself were discussing the fate of some of our available races last night. We decided that Fae and Elwen could be bumped down a notch to creature instead of race. So I went ahead and made the change. We currently have no characters of either race, except for an inactive one. We can reevaluate Fae if that particular character returns. On the other hand Vegonian has been made into a non-playable race. The race will remain as a race but players will no longer be able to create characters based on that race. We had no Vegonians, so I don't see this as a problem. We felt these changes would make character creation a little easier for new players.

Posted by Steve on 10/12/16, 10:25 PM

Guild Hall Updates

I'm working on posting up Guild Halls for each job class on the World Atlas section. Most of you are probably aware of this by now if you keep up on the forums. I've decided to change the names up of these locations though.

  • Adventurer -> Adventurer's Lodge -> Mountainous Region

  • Champion -> Champion's Enclave -> Osperian Region

  • Cleric -> Monastery of Light -> Kazarial Region

  • Magus -> Tower of the Magi -> Plains Region

  • Mercenary -> Den of Wolves -> Xhan Tarn Region

  • Necromancer -> The Necropolis -> Swamp Region

Each Guild Hall will be a role-play location listed on the World Atlas and each will be located in a different region. So far the Adventurer's Lodge and Champion's Enclave are already up and also seem quite fitting. I'll be working on the others soon.

Posted by Steve on 10/12/16, 10:13 PM

Switching things up

Here's a change of pace. I'm going to start posting updates back to the main page instead of the forums. I feel like the front page is a little neglected because it never changes. Once you've read it you really never look at it again. If I put updates here it should make things more interesting. On another note, the advertisement I recently added to the bottom of the site is actually doing well. It's been a good test run so far. Thanks to anyone who disabled their ad blocker on the site!

Posted by Steve on 10/12/16, 10:02 PM

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