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Pandemonium's Edge

Through the ages one thing has always been a constant, the trusty sword of Krauser Killener. It was given to Krauser by Fenzon and it was passed to Fenzon by Deus Killener, Krauser's father. The entire weapon is constructed out of a single piece of exotic material of unknown origin. Some say the weapon is sentient, but only Krauser truly knows.

Notes: Weapon, Legendary, Unique
Enchants: Indestructible, Soulbound, Summon
Boon: Dragon Lord's Blessing

Havoc's Band

A red and black crystal ring carved straight from primordial material sourced straight from the Pandemonium Fortress. This ring was crafted from a sliver of material left behind after the fortress exploded. Krauser wears it to assist him with channeling magic.

Notes: Relic, Ascended, Unique
Enchants: Indestructible, Soulbound
Boon: Death Lord's Blessing

Calamity's Plate

Passed down through the ages from one Killener to the next. Krauser redesigned the armor to make it very lightweight and stronger than ever. It is imbued with a material known as Quicksilver, which is nanite-infused liquid ciedium. This modification gave the armor the ability to cover his entire body in a metallic plating. When he doesn't need the armor, it transforms into a belt.

Notes: Armor, Legendary, Unique
Enchants: Indestructible, Mystic, Soulbound

Mayhem's Shroud

This crimson shroud allows Krauser to Shadow Walk. The cloak is very light and is made of a very durable cloth-like material, much like the Crimson Vest that Krauser wears. It cannot be cut or burned and it protects him abnormal status effects like paralyzation, poisoning, and silencing.

Notes: Accessory, Ascended, Unique
Enchants: Indestructible, Soulbound

Discord's Bow

A ranged weapon manifested of pure energy. It can take the form of a bow, a thrown weapon, or other various types of projectile weapons. It usually appears in-hand as a mixture of red and black energy and takes form within an instant, ready to be used by Krauser however he desires.

Notes: Ranged, Ascended, Unique
Enchants: Indestructible, Soulbound, Summon

Entropy's Barrier

Less a physical piece of equipment and more a manifestation of his own energy, Krauser can raise a barrier made up entirely of energy particles. This energy barrier can take several unique forms, ranging in size from a gauntlet or buckler to a round shield or even tower shield. The barrier will construct itself to fit the need during combat, take a blow, and dematerialize until needed again.

Notes: Shield, Ascended, Unique
Enchants: Indestructible, Summon

The G.R.O.

Short for Gigantic Robotic Osperian, the G.R.O. is a giant mechanical replica of an Osperian. The vehicle stands about twenty-five feet tall and weighs multiple tons. When someone is not inside of it at the controls it is fully autonomous and sentient. It is capable of transforming into various vehicles for travel purposes, such as a submarine, spaceship, land vehicle, or even a giant robotic bird.

Notes: Mount, Unique

Crimson Vest

Krauser always wears this crimson vest over his regular clothing; which almost always consist of a black long sleeve button up shirt and somewhat dressier black pants. This garment is made of a cloth-like material that is unyielding and lightweight. It has no other unique properties.

Notes: Clothing, Unique

Mask of Deception

Krauser received this mask from a famous Zethan scientist of the planet Zetha Prime named Ariptor Stormdraven. This cover lets its wearer look and sound exactly like whoever they choose. It changes his form, so he seems to become that person. It is very lightweight, and its natural form is solid black until it's worn at which point it changes dramatically.

Notes: Gadget, Unique

Uncanny Foresight

Krauser has a certain knack for being one step ahead. He’s demonstrated his incredible foresight countless times in battle over the years. This ability enables Krauser to pull off a perfect dodge or deflect manuever. Krauser always seems to have a Plan B whether it's during combat or not.

Notes: Custom Ability

Energy Augmentation

Krauser has the ability to imbue his melee attacks with magic, directing the energy into his attacks with relative ease. When active, his melee strikes will take on the properties of his chosen magic type. This ability effectively combines his magical and physical attack power each time he uses it.

Notes: Custom Ability

Unbreakable Promise

It is said that long ago Krauser made a wish to the Grand Phoenix. The wish was as mysterious as it was simple. He wished that he was unable to break a promise. This may seem like a lackluster wish, but do not be deceived. Krauser manipulates this ability to his advantage. Before a battle, Krauser can make a subtle promise to anyone. If he dies during the battle, he will mysteriously resurrect so he can fulfill his promise.

Notes: Custom Ability

Energy Mastery

After becoming fluent in the magical arts, Krauser learned how to use magic to manifest objects made entirely of energy. Defensively and offensively, Krauser can form material objects such as simple tools or even highly advanced weapons and armor.

Notes: Custom Ability

Shadow Incarnate

Krauser transforms into his Shadow Incarnate form. This imbues all of his attack styles with his chosen energy type, combining his ranged or melee attack power with his magical attack power for an added boost. Krauser can only maintain this form for short periods.

Notes: Signature Ability


Quite some time ago, in a future variation of the timeline, Krauser Killener was hatched from a Guardian egg created by the Guardian Liu. Guardian Liu was the kind and gentle caretaker of the Guardian Temple with absolutely no ill intentions towards anyone or anything.

She existed merely to maintain the Guardian Temple and to protect the newborn Guardian hatchlings. She was not a mighty warrior of Solaris and lived solely for the task of being the Guardian Temple's keeper. Liu handled this job without issue for many hundreds of years, but things change.

On a dark and stormy night a twisted and evil Ancient Solarian by the name of Deus Killener arrived at the Guardian Temple. He demanded the female form another "egg" from the magical stone that all Guardians are created.

Unknown to the Guardian woman, Deus secretly implanted the egg with a near-clone of himself and the moment Guardian Liu had finished forming the egg Deus murdered her. Before Deus could flee with the egg, however, he was arrested by the mighty Prime Guardian, Grahf Fengalon.

Little did Deus know, Grahf was the mate and partner of Guardian Liu. In his rage the powerful Grahf nearly killed Deus, but after a severe beating, Grahf handed the evil Solarian over to the Solaris City Central Security team.

For whatever reason the Head Scientist of Solaris City was with the security team that day. He requested that Grahf hand over the egg tainted by Deus Killener. Grahf complied, feeling the entire reason his mate was slain was due to the egg. The egg, along with baby Krauser within, was taken to Solaris City.

Backstory (Part 2)

Perhaps if Deus Killener had been around to raise the young Guardian-Solarian son he would have turned out just as evil and menacing as his genetic donor. Instead, something happened to Deus, and he was unable to reclaim his prize after escaping his captors.

Deus escaped the custody of the security team and disappeared. Baby Krauser grew and developed quickly, becoming a small child in only a few weeks. In a few months, he was learning all about planet Solaris under the tutelage of the Head Scientist who had remained his caretaker the entire time.

The Head Scientist, known only as Fenzon, was the humanoid creation of a group ancient beings known as the Builders. He was the collection of many great minds finest achievements. He existed before Solaris City and even before the Solarians themselves had come to power.

At the time Krauser came into his life, he was nearing his end. It was believed that he had a combination of Kazarian, Lunarian, and Solarian DNA coursing through his veins. Fenzon was incredibly intelligent and played a critical role in developing the technology the floating cities used to levitate into the atmosphere.

Why he took an interest in Krauser wasn't certain, but he felt drawn to the boy. At first, it was a likely curiosity, but he later loved the boy like a grandfather would care for his grandson. Fenzon changed Krauser's life, and if he hadn't claimed him things would have likely been very different for Krauser.

After a couple of years Krauser was placed in various classes and training courses at the Solaris Central Academy. At only a fraction of the age of his fellow pupils, he was vastly superior in intellect than most of them. He picked up on things faster than his peers but instead of letting his abilities go to his head he helped with the training and encouragement of those around him.

Krauser was a brilliant student and was well liked by everyone throughout his years in training. Krauser never looked down on any of his fellow students and made many friends out of even the black sheep of his class.

Backstory (Part 3)

In the following years at the Solaris Central Academy Krauser met up with a Kazarial student by the name of Ramsus Vormav who transferred from the floating city known as Malduke.

The two immediately became best friends and were constantly together throughout their following years at the academy. On a scouting mission, the two of them ran into a young Half-Vegonian by the name of Xeno who they initially butted heads with but later became good friends.

Xeno was a misunderstood youth who was always up to something, but Krauser kept him in line and became good friends with the mischievous young man.

After graduating from the Solaris Central Academy Krauser and Ramsus joined the Solarian Military. Xeno, though he tried, was unable to accede to the Solarian Military because of his racial heritage.

The Solarians and Kazarian's had been at odds with the Vegonians for many years. Xeno, being a half-breed, was shunned and always given the short end of the stick around Solaris City.

This stirred up hatred in the young warrior and caused the youth to eventually join up with a rebel group of misfits who frequently terrorized the underbelly and slums of Solaris City.

At some point, Krauser and Ramsus were forced to go after Xeno and his team of rebels. Things didn't go well for the group of rebels, and it caused some stress on the relationship between the trio.

Soon after the battle in the slums Xeno left Solaris City and disappeared for quite some time, occasionally returning to the villages beneath the city to participate in Arena tournaments.

Ramsus and Xeno often competed against one another and Krauser usually attempted to diffuse their hairy arguments after tournaments. At some point, Xeno disappeared and never returned. Krauser and Ramsus never heard from their hard-headed friend again.

While frequently visiting the Arena Krauser and Ramsus eventually ran into the Grand Champion, Garr Fengalon. Little did Krauser know Garr was his half-brother in a sense. Garr knew this and secretly encouraged Krauser and his friend Ramsus to join in the larger tournaments so that they would eventually face-off with the Grand Champion himself.

Krauser made it to the finals with Ramsus, and the two of them eventually had to face each other. Krauser narrowly defeated his friend and then faced Garr Fengalon. It was an impressive and long winded battle that was cut short by the return of Deus Killener.

Deus nearly destroyed the Arena with a stolen Ciedium Grenade and in the process almost killed both Garr and Krauser. Deus would have succeeded if it hadn't been for Grahf showing up at the last second and shielding the two of them from the explosion.

In his final moments, Grahf explained to Krauser what had happened all those years ago in the Guardian Temple. While he had held a hatred for quite some time for the young man, he knew Krauser couldn't be made accountable for the death of his mate, Guardian Liu.

Before passing on Grahf swore Garr to look after and guide his young sibling, to teach the young man the way of the Guardians, and he did. Garr and Krauser became good friends and close family after that. They squared off with Deus many times and always got the best of the twisted man.

Backstory (Part 4)

After a short stint in the Solarian Military, Krauser became a full-fledged Knight of Solaris City, which was quite the achievement at the time. His friend Ramsus attempted many times to become a Knight, but while fully capable and more skilled than many of the Veteran Knights Ramsus was unable to control his rage and temper.

The current Elite Master of Solaris City at the time would not let such a hot-headed man become a Knight in his army, and this eventually caused Ramsus to drop out of the military altogether.

This, in turn, caused quite a rift between Ramsus and Krauser. Ramsus abandoned Solaris City and went off on his own for some time, and Krauser remained with the Solarian Military as a Knight for many years.

After some time with the Knights Krauser and his team were sent on a mission to stop a group of mercenaries who had been attacking trade vessels traveling between Solaris City and some of the other floating cities of the time.

To Krauser's surprise, the leader of this band of Mercenaries was none other than Ramsus Vormav, his long lost friend. Krauser pleaded with Ramsus to stop his stupid ways, but Ramsus wouldn't back down.

Eventually, this led to a showdown between the two of them and Ramsus was mortally wounded by Krauser. In his last moments Ramsus pulled Krauser close and whispered something in his ear.

Ramsus placed a palm on his chest and initiated a form of forced fusion using an ancient artifact of some kind. Ramsus gave up his body to live on within Krauser, giving his old friend all of his power, but cursing him with a severe rage problem. In a sense, Ramsus obtained everything he always wanted at that point.

After the forced fusion with Ramsus Vormav, Krauser became much more violent. His better half usually held his rage at bay, but one day when a group of raiders attacked Solaris City, Krauser viciously killed and destroyed every single one of them.

Little did he know the current Elite Master watched from the shadows and was not pleased with what he saw. Before the Elite Master could question Krauser however, Deus Killener returned yet again and in another act of terrorism bombed the Central Security Headquarters with another Ciedium Grenade.

The Elite Master and a team of his Elite Warriors squared off against the evil lunatic but were overpowered and many of his Veteran Knights were viciously killed by Deus, including some of the Elite Squad.

Krauser arrived and stepped in during the battle and was able to distract his father long enough for the Elites to get the upper hand and Deus was once again arrested and thrown into holding.

This event redeemed Krauser in the eyes of the Elite Master, and it was clear that Krauser was a worthy Knight, in fact. The Elite Master was so impressed by what he had seen; he promoted Krauser to an Elite as well.

Deus, on the other hand, managed to escape prison moments before he was about to be taken to his execution. He fell off the grid at that point and wasn't seen again for several years.

Backstory (Part 5)

Krauser learned many things during his time spent with the Elite Squad of Solaris City. Primarily, he learned to control the anger and rage that Ramsus had forced upon him.

Krauser trained directly under the Elite Master for quite some time and eventually became an incredibly powerful asset to the greatest floating city of planet Solaris, Solaris City.

Krauser was involved in many battles during his time as an Elite. He ended the lives of many evil men, prevented multiple assassination attempts on the Grand Marshal of Solaris City, saved the Elite Master himself a couple of times, and even saved some villages and likely hundreds of lives at the same time.

Krauser became a mighty warrior and never backed down when it came time to do battle. Eventually, his old mentor, the current Elite Master at the time, decided to step down and pass on the title to one of his best men. This just so happened to be Krauser.

Backstory (Part 6)

When Krauser became Elite Master many of the recurring problems that plagued Solaris City had already been handled. For a time, there was peace under the watch of Krauser, and at some point, Deus Killener eventually returned.

This time Deus Killener found a way to control one of the most powerful weapons in all of Solaris, an ancient war machine known as an Orkavian Giant.

Every bit as large as Solaris City itself, the huge machine attacked the city with everything it had. It dealt an incredible amount of damage to the city's dome but couldn't quite breach the barrier.

Krauser and his Elite Squad ventured out to do battle with the giant monstrosity, but their efforts were futile. Not even the largest cannons of the city could deal significant damage to the construct.

Deus watched from a distance as his terrifying companion ripped away at the city's barrier, but just as things were about to take a turn for the worst a mysterious figure appears and everything changed.

All was nearly lost when a man known only as Oobu arrived at the scene. Oobu was so overwhelmingly dominating that no other inhabitant of Solaris could hope to match his ability.

Oobu's power was so mysterious that many civilizations of Solaris had believed the man to be a god. His power was not witnessed often, but the day Deus attacked the city Oobu stopped the Orkavian Giant within a few short moments. Not by force, however, but by careful planning.

Oobu banished the enormous monstrosity into a magical book, the Book of Solaris.

Oobu was a Watcher, the first known Watcher of planet Solaris. Watchers were powerful beings who took on the role of observing their territory and reporting it back to a group only known as the League of Watchers.

Oobu's territory was the entirety of planet Solaris. On another note, the League of Watchers has a very strict set of laws they must maintain. The most important of those rules is never to interfere with the inhabitants of a territory.

On the day of the battle, for whatever reason, Oobu broke that law and helped Solaris City and Krauser Killener.

Shortly after Oobu banished the large machine into a void where it would never be seen or heard from again, Deus Killener fled yet again. After having witnessed Oobu's incredible wit and ability Krauser took to the mysterious being like glue.

Shortly after the event, Krauser left Solaris City in search Oobu, and after finally locating him, Krauser talked the man into training him in the ways of the Watcher.

It wasn't long until Krauser sent Solaris City Headquarters his resignation as Elite Master, and passed the position on to the Eatherling known as Lumione Therion.

Backstory (Part 7)

After training with Watcher Oobu for a very long time Krauser was finally accepted into the League of Watchers. He was "gifted" the temporal abilities of the Watchers by Oobu, and he took the role of being the sole observer of Planet Solaris, Oobu's previous position.

Oobu moved on to find new territory and after claiming Oobu's territory Krauser wasn't heard from a whole lot. The role of a Watcher is always to maintain silence and keep a distance from the inhabitants of their land. Krauser was never excellent at following the rules, however.

As a Watcher Krauser Killener interfered and broke the laws of the League many times. He also paid the price for all of his meddling in some form or another. While some of the tragedies befallen on Krauser may not seem to have any correlation with his breaking of the laws of the League, in actuality it was exactly that.

Krauser saved many lives with his Watcher-granted abilities over his reign as a single observer of Solaris. He's also tampered with Solarian history multiple times, wiped out entire civilizations by slightly changing the past at very key points and saved the world half a dozen or so times all against the behest of his true master, the Lord of the Watchers, Obel'jon.

For whatever reason, Obel'jon never stripped Krauser of his abilities as Watcher. He only allowed Krauser to continue tampering for some reason. Perhaps all the tampering is the will of Obel'jon himself in some way. What is certain however is that Krauser has paid for his tampering several times over during his time spent as a Watcher.

It began with the loss of his prized home known as Cloud Nine. Then it was the loss of his wife Delaria Killener, his son Hauer Killener, and most recently the Pandemonium Fortress which he worked so hard to build all on his own.

Everything Krauser had prized over the years has been stripped from him throughout his days as a Watcher. All because of his law breaking and rule bending. Perhaps his lawbreaking saved enough lives to allow him to slip under the League's radar.

One of his most recent interference saved a village of his friends and fellow warriors by taking them 30,000 years into the past. Krauser kept his friends safe but also changed the entire history of planet Solaris in doing so.

Backstory (Part 8)

After the trip through time Krauser and his apprentice Malaki discovered a way to separate themselves from the grip of the League of Watchers. Malaki was a young Watcher that Krauser had gifted the temporal powers of the League too and they had trained and worked together for some time.

Both of them felt escaping the clutches of the League was in their best interest, however.

By using a particular machine Krauser developed in his laboratory, Malaki and Krauser were both freed. At that point, Krauser took a step back and took a long look at his life.

After rebuilding Elyndrel Village and disappearing for a time after the time reversal, Krauser became a sword-wielding Champion. He took a more defensive role at that point and became more of a protector than a silent observer.

After severing his connection with the Watchers Krauser refused to sit back and watch. He claimed the people of Elyndrel as "his people" and swore to protect them whatever the cost may be.

Shortly after his change of heart the evil Grey Fenrir and his dark army of Vegonian soldiers attacked Elyndrel Village and at the last moment Krauser helped to defeat Grey with trickery, and a Ciedium Grenade.

Krauser used the Arena of the Elites as a vessel to take his people away from the resulting explosion and on to a new life at a great city he had been working on behind the scenes for quite some time.

With an army of drones and mechanoids, Krauser had created Elyndaar City in the southern Osperian Forest. He dropped his people off at their new home, and before he could catch his breath a vast superstorm swept over the world.

Krauser gathered a band of heroes to investigate the superstorm that was freezing the entire planet day by day. The group traveled to the south, specifically to the Frozen Region, and that is where Krauser Killener's story currently resides.

Krauser has made new friends now, turned a new page, and begun a new life in the old timeline. His story is far from over.

Backstory (Part 9)

With the help of Lord Kelthuron and General Lothuron of the Thunderwing Brood, Krauser and a band of heroes defeated Queen Vishera and ended the global superstorm. For a time, all was well.

Krauser spent much of his time improving the Solaris Central Laboratories. Several new sub-levels were added, including a bio-dome on the lowest level. Krauser spent a lot of his time focusing on rewriting the instruction set of the nanites in the new bio-dome.

While the old nanites back on the surface of planet Solaris specialized in adapting all life to the harsh living conditions of the world, the new nanites excelled particularly at hyper-evolution. Krauser brought several species of animals down to the bio-dome and within weeks they all hyper-evolved into six new highly advanced Beastkin races.

Leaving his new breed of Beastkin to thrive in the massive subterranean bio-dome of the lab, Krauser traveled back to Elyndaar City to check on things. He discovered the city had been thriving without him. The army of mechanoids he had created months ago had become completely self-sufficient.

Krauser left the city and went on to explore several regions of Solaris he hadn't yet visited. He spent time in the Skyhold region, and then traveled to the north and explored Hinterfall.

While there, Krauser discovered the ancient city of Ylelthaes and met Queen Yasmine. He studied the old tree-city, the culture, and the Beastkin of the region. He learned many things during his stay and then moved on.

Shortly after that, Krauser and another group of heroes wound up in the Afterplane. While there Krauser discovered a ghostly town by the name of Evermore. He learned that the ghostly inhabitants of the Afterplane had a thriving economy and hidden world.

At the same time, he also learned that even in the Afterplane ghosts can be consumed by Demons and destroyed. One could consider it as the second death. Krauser's group struggled to find a way back to the physical realm but eventually made it back in one piece with only one loss, Scrios.

After returning from the Afterplane Krauser became obsessed with death and the afterlife. He found himself confronting the Original Evil, Bahumura, once again. After the encounter with the Dark Lord, Krauser finally decided to head back into the Afterplane to locate his friend Scrios.

Backstory (Part 10)

After the events of planet Lunaris unfolded and the Beast God Sunder was freed and traveled back to his homeworld, Krauser took a long look at his life. He returned to his secret family, a family of four who were housed back in the Eco-Dome of the Solaris Central Laboratories in the Dormuzahn Isles.

Krauser made sure everything was in good standing back Elyndaar City. He dismantled the Crimson Cabana in Xhan, and set his life outside the Eco-Dome on autopilot. He returned to his family and disappeared from the world for a few years. Occassionally he sent out scouts who would report the status of things back to him.

For the most part, Krauser spent the majority of the last five years with his secret family. He spent time training the children, playing with them, teaching them, and being a father. He taught them everything he could in five years, and just like Krauser, each of them took to magic quickly.

Three years came and went for Krauser. He loved spending every passing moment with his daughters Ayla and Anya, his son Elduin, and his wife Aedala. Life was good and he was happy.

One day one of his scouts returned with news that the armies of the Black Empire, led by Bahumura, Grey Fenrir, General Balthazar, and Queen Vishera had all retreated from their respective warfronts and fallen silent for no clear reason.

This news concerned Krauser and with much regret he left his family once again to return to the world and his people, the Elyndrians. Why would the largest opposition to the Elyndrians suddenly bow out and slip into the shadows? He had to investigate. The news was simply too good to be true.

Krauser returned to Elyndaar City first. Things were... completely normal. Everything was just as Krauser had left it. His army of mechanoids had maintained things perfectly in his absense and the population of the city had increased by 120% since his last visit. The Marketplace was busy as ever and the housing district had expanded dramatically.

After confirming things back at the city were fine, Krauser headed out into the world. For several months he traveled the world and eventually headed to the Thunderwing Den to visit his longtime friends Lord Kelthuron, General Lothuron, and the Thunderwing Brood. The hidden city in the mountains was doing better than ever! Many of the whelps had become full fledged dragons and Kelthuron's army had grown in size by 180% since his last visit.

Krauser was very happy to see things going well for his home faction and his closest allies, the Thunderwings. So after visting the Thunderwing Den, Krauser headed to the far north and visited the tree-city of Ylelthaeus and the Hinterfolk. He wasn't as close with Princess Yasmine, but it was good to see her and her people doing well.

The Grovekin and Beastkin were doing excellent. They were getting along with one another better than ever now that General Balthazar's army had retreated. The population of the Beastkin refugees had increased by 80% since his last visit and Krauser was pleased to see things going well for the Princess and her people and so he decided to move on.

It was apparent to Krauser something was very amiss about the sudden retreat of the Black Empire. He had visited each of his allies and now it was time to check on his enemies.

Krauser headed over to Balthazar's Fortress first, as it was the closest by far. He kept his distance, but observed that the Vegonians were doing fine. There was no obvious reason for the sudden retreat so he decided to dig deeper. He discovered General Bathazar was nowhere to be found. Surprising to say the least, but he needed more information.

So, Krauser headed to the distant frozen south where he discovered the same conditions for Queen Vishera's minions, the Ardanians. While the queen herself was nowhere to be found, her people were doing well enough. He let them be and returned to the north.

Very carefully, Krauser infiltrated Vegonaar City and learned that General Balthazar and Queen Vishera were both there, aiding Grey Fenrir and the Bahumura with a secret plan to use three stolen artifacts of immense power to turn the tides of war against the Elyndrians of Elyndaar City.

Something wasn't quite right however. While scouring Vegonaar City for more information, Krauser learned that Grey's control over Balthazar and Vishera was beginning to fade. Grey's power and health was rapidly deteriorating and he was struggling to maintain control over his minions and the Vegonians. What great news! Satisfied with the information gathered, Krauser return to Elyndaar City.

Krauser took a step back at this point. It was a perfect opportunity to strike while the Black Empire's defenses were lowered. Working with the local leaders, he began to prepare for battle, ready to deal a heavy blow to his enemies. Something happened though, and just as Krauser and the Elyndrians were about to put the finishing touches on their plan to attack Vegonaar City, Dorn of Ylelthaeus arrived with some terrible news.

Dorn informed the Elyndrians that a terrible plague had taken hold of Ylelthaeus City. The corruption began to spread between the the giant tree-city and it's Grovekin citizens. It turned many of the Grovekin into ravenous killers and the Beastkin were driven away by the new breed of plantfolk. The Beastkin started a new faction of their own, referring to themselves as the Exiled Ones.

Krauser soon learned that this corruption was the work of Grey Fenrir. He had slipped in unnoticed and planted a seed of corruption at the base of the great tree. Over the course of several years this cancer had spread very gradually.

This changed the plans of the Elyndrians dramatically. Instead of attacking Vegonaar City, Krauser instead diverted his attention to helping the Hinterfolk reclaim their city and purge the corruption from their people.

Time passed and many corrupt newborn Grovekin were purged, in one way or another. The Exiled Ones, led by Dorn, refused to return to the city and instead went off on their own path. Princess Yasmine was left to pick up the pieces with the help of the Elyndrians and their technology.

The Black Empire remained silent, still fighting an internal struggle for power. Grey Fenrir lost his hold over Queen Vishera, and she returned to the frozen south. Vishera swore an oath to Bahumura, cutting ties with Grey, but remaining a part of the Black Empire of her own free will now. General Balthazar returned to his fortress, still fully under Grey's control.

While the three ancient artifacts were still in the hands of the Black Empire, they were unable to successfully wield them. The Elyndrians continued assisting the Hinterfolk, as well as assisting the Exiled Ones with establishing their own settlement elsewhere.

Assisting the other factions kept the Elyndrians busy. They were building favor with their allies, but taking little action against their enemies. This ordeal lasted a little over two years, all the while Grey and his Black Empire remained silent and seemingly slipped right into the shadows.

Krauser remained with the Elyndrians and continued helping his allies with their problems. Perhaps the Hinterfolk would eventually regain their strength and be able to aid in the fight against the empire again. Perhaps the Exiled Ones would also aid in the fight. Only time would tell.