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Combat Stats


Ciedium UPS/C

This is a Ciedium-based Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and power converter. This is not a small piece of equipment that is easily carried around or worn on a wrist. It is roughly the size of a small backpack and is worn like one. A harness is worn around the chest to support the weight and hold it against the upper back. It is only about an inch thick, 15 inches long, and about 12 inches wide. This power pack was designed by Odessa to hook into her cybernetic limbs and alter the power flow of energy that she can produce through them. When channeling energy if she does so through the converter it can be changed into a different Common or Uncommon energy type at a slight loss of 10% of the power pushed through it. Several hookups are also able to be seen on the side of the converter. These are mostly common and uncommon power adapters that she has found while here on Solaris to be able to charge up energy cells, gadgets or possible restore power to small sections of techno ruins she ruins across Solaris. She has also integrated much of the Infoview 6000, and the Distress Beacon into this backpack and throughout her cybernetic limbs. The buttons for the Distress beacon have been placed inside of her right forearm, and the display panel and controls for the Infoview 6000 inside of her left forearm. Each of these sets of controls require a small panel to be lifted to gain access too.

Notes: Relic, Legendary, Unique
Boon: Death Lord's Blessing

Ode Mk III

Originally the “Quicksilver Armor” created and designed by Drake Raven in the Solaris Central Laboratories. Odessa has since tinkered with and modified it to better respond to her own bio-signature, as well as her cybernetic enhancements. It now interfaces with her cybernetics and takes bio readings, as well as detailed scans of her physical form to ensure a perfect tailored fit anytime it is deployed. An active camouflage has been installed.

Notes: Armor, Ascended, Unique
Enchants: Camouflage

Essa and Etta

Originally a set of “Quicksilver Blades” created and designed by Drake Raven at the Solaris Central Laboratory, Odessa has since tinkered with and modified them both to better respond with her own bio-signature and cybernetics. While most weapons of this design only have one design that they reform into hers have two and they can be synced or not synced in which configuration that they take, or are even activated. 1st Configuration: Razor-sharp and Ciedium tough blades form off each finger one inch in length. 2nd Configuration: The fist is wrapped in a Ciedium shell, and a blade protrudes 18 inches from the fist. No loss of range of motion in the wrist.

Notes: Weapon, Ascended, Unique

Scrap Heap

This pieced together robot is largely made out of Vegonian Tech, and patch work repairs that Odessa has done herself while out in the field. It is still a work in progress though with her that is likely to never change. Always something new to upgrade or tinker with on a machine. It has a basic AI that allows it to use its Mining equipment and follow basic commands much like a well trained dog might at this moment. Though much of the robot is somewhat humanoid in appearance it has been modified and adapted to walk and move more like the faithful hound it has been programmed like.

Notes: Companion, Unique

Enhanced Cybernetic Limbs

These limbs work as perfect replacement limbs. They have no hindrance to mobility and as Odessa becomes more proficient with there use they will even enhance her mobility in general. The Arms are not limited to normal human movement. Each joint can be rotated a full 360 degrees, and bent in nearly any direction without causing damage to the limb. While her finger tips can open up and allow small tool tips to be seen and thus used to work upon machinery. Inside of her left forearm are the controls and display panel of the Infoview 6000, Inside of the right forearm are the buttons to the Distress Signal. Both forearms have an access panel covering this so they can not be incidentally hit. The legs look human except that the thigh's can open up to access a small storage area in each one, and her knees and ankles are similar to her arms where they can rotate a full 360 degrees and be bent into unnatural positions without causing them harm.

Notes: Gadget, Unique

Distress Beacon

As a small, square, metallic device, they easily fit into most pockets or whatnot. Examining it, it looks very simplistic, being a square cube, with three colored buttons, from left to right, green, red, and blue. The beacon itself does nothing alone. But when programmed to communicate with another beacon(s), they can be very powerful. The green button will send out a signal to anyone who also has a beacon with them. The red button signals their location and notifies others that they are in danger or distress and are requesting assistance as soon as possible. The blue button temporarily shields the user for one force attack, reducing the next attack by 50%. Someone can teleport themselves from one beacon's location to another by using the device and holding the green button for three seconds. The only thing is that one cannot teleport if they are not in a relaxed state. Teleportation is dangerous if the body's blood pressure is too high, therefore, the device cannot be used in combat situations. One can teleport to someone in combat, just not out of combat.

Notes: Gadget, Unique

Infoview 6000

The Infoview 6000 takes the form of a wrist watch. This watch has a holo screen that shows a small globe of Planet Solaris. It can track up to five people and their movements across the planet, along with having a map of the landscape, and a compass. The device is capable of pinpointing locations to within fifteen'of the target. It can also tell the energy levels of anyone level seventy and lower. Unlike the Infoview 5000, this device is capable of showing where a Ninja is, even while using their Stealth ability. This device uses the ancient Solarian Orbital Array that was once used for Solaris City Security Headquarters concerns. It is powered by Solarian Ciedium Cell technology, and will virtually last forever unless it is physically damaged.

Notes: Gadget, Unique

Void Storage Cube

This impossibly tiny metallic cube is capable of storing ten additional pieces of equipment for a character. It's exactly one-cubic-inch in size. The owner simply presses the surface of the cube in two key locations, tosses it on the ground, and it will expand into a large chest that opens into a pocket dimension. This is the same type of technology that allows the Arena of the Elites in Elyndaar City to shrink to such an impossibly small size.

Notes: Gadget, Unique

Ciedium Cutter

The finger tips of Odessa's cybernetic hands open up and reveal five different cutting torches. Her hand then aligns them to point at one central spot so that all five of the cutting torches work together to very quickly cut even the hardest of metals. Non-metallic surfaces have half resistance. Each round that this is consecutively cutting through the same spot reduces the resistance that it has against the cutting power by 25%.

Notes: Custom Ability


Bypassing the normal limiters on her cybernetic limbs she is able to move faster, and hit harder for a limited amount of time. Provides +10% to Dodge and Physical Attack ratings.

Notes: Custom Ability


Odessa has learned how to gather her energy and condense it. Allowing her to temporarily double her Magical Power for the next thing that she does. If it misses it is wasted.

Notes: Custom Ability

Ciedium Wave Transmission

Ciedium energy is gathered in Odessa's body and transmitted through the air to the surrounding surrounding BTMs up to 200 yards away from her. As the energy is transmitted it super charges them making them over clock to burn off the excess energy. The BTMS inside of a persons body will get so hot that it will feel like they are cooking from the inside out until they leave the area of effect. Being's besides Odessa in the affected area will take Ciedium Damage equal to Odessa's MP. Magical resistance is cut in half for this attack as external armor gives no extra protection.

Notes: Signature Ability


Odessa Odette is a young woman who has found herself stranded on Solaris. She hails from Earth circa 3045 AD. What she remembers before coming to Solaris is vague. She had gone to a friends house to assist with some new equipment and run a couple tests to see if the matter transporter would work as it should. However it catastrophically failed and ended up exploding. Killing her friend, injuring her friend's parents and also leaving her as a quadruple amputee. She lost both of her legs from just above the knees, and both arms were removed completely leaving not even a stump.

Many days passed as she was in intensive care at a hospital. Her family was not rich nor did they have the ability to get assistance with much of her care. This left the doctors doing them bare minimum to assist her. Which mostly consisted of closing the wounds, stitching her up and keeping her alive in the hospital bed while she recovered. She suffered no major head injures and her mind was still sharp as ever. Though do to the pain of the amputations they often had her sedated to the point of nearly being in a coma.

Then one day she woke up to a figure standing over her. He looked nothing at all like any person she had ever seen before. He pressed a finger to her forehead and seemed to drag her out of the drug induced state while also keeping the pain away from her.

"Do you wish to live?"

The question rung in her mind as he didn't even more his lips. She realized that she should be scared even terrified. But in her state of pain, and being still young she couldn't bare the thought of dying yet.


She screamed it out before she could even really think what might this person want in return. Or that her screaming might draw people into the room. Tears rolled down her face as her eyes closed tightly. Sobbing in the bed.


Everything went black as the single word echoed in her mind. The next thing she remembered was waking up on Solaris. Upon what seemed like an operating table. Cybernetic limbs had been attached to her. She was starting to breath hard and heavy as the unfamiliar scene sunk in. The technology did not look like what she was used too. The limbs attached to her though small and compact where nearly human like in design though not completely. Someone could see that they where not natural at a glace.

She laid there for several minutes and her limbs would twitch on occasion. She would try to move different parts of her limbs only to have something else happen or a small success. It took over an hour for her to finally work her hands and feet, bend her knees, and elbows, move her shoulders.

From time to time she would find herself waking when she never remembered going to sleep. She would look around and call out for people but no one ever responded. She noticed she was not developing bed sores so someone must be caring for her somehow, beyond the feeding tubes, and catheters and colostomy bag she seems to have and someone change out.

She tried to mark the time in some way but found it hard to nearly impossible in this unchanging environment. They would but her to sleep for unknown amounts of time, making adjustments to her cybernetics she figured. While also keeping themselves completely hidden from her. By the state of her limbs, and the amount of time she knew wounds like these took to heal she figured that she has been in recovery in the hospital and in this place for nearly a year if not longer. About that time is when she woke to a different room.

She was laying on a normal bed, under the covers. No tubes where attached to her any longer and she was actually dressed. The clothes fit her body well, though she honestly wondered how they helped keep what muscle mass she had from rotting away. She was still shaky on her legs as she stood and started walking. No mechanical sounds where heard as her limbs moved, no grating of metal, no clicking of gears, or the hissing of air or hydraulics. She started to really test her limbs and gain back some of the dexterity she used to have. After all she was a person who loved science and she would not let these new limbs slow her.

The door to the room opened and it seemed to shimmer. Much like the matter transmitter was supposed to. She took it as a sign she is supposed to leave now. Where she stepped out was Elyandril City, or well the gates to it. All she could really think of as she stepped out in front of the town was, at least they didn't leave me naked.

She knows in the back of her head that there will be a price to pay. No one does all this for anyone without wanting something and honestly she is hoping it just for a piece of ass at this point cause all other possibilities are scaring the shit out of her.

Backstory (Part 2)

Odessa was true to her word having taken a little time to set up a small distillery for Nyym, and going out to the farm to help set up a few raised beds to protect from underground pests as she promised the man she would. She had returned home only to pack a her void cube of what she would be needing for a very long trip. She would not be able to pack everything she needed but enough to get her by on for a while. She needed to get out of town for a little while and her fingers were itching to find some of the tech of this world for herself. She left a note on the door to her house informing anyone that might care that she would be out of town for a while and headed in what many called enemy territory.

Traveling by foot wasn't so bad until you got to the barren wastes that are the Blasted Lands. From here she would be traveling and having to avoid most places of civilization. While humans are not unknown in the area they are more often someone's slave, diner or worse. Traveling mostly by night to avoid the worst of the heat. Taking shelter in natural caves or abandoned buildings when she can. Months pass as she roams this waste land looking for scrap bits of tech or small forgotten machinery. She didn't stay at the edge of the territory knowing that what she seeks is more likely to be found deeper into the heart of the region were the population is also higher. Avoiding the area around the Black City as she is not insane.

Sun burnt, often dehydrated, and just a little bit starved. Some of this was to create an illusion that she was nothing but a wanderer or personal slave doing manual labor. To minor for the citizens to do themselves. The other reason was she was never sure when she would be able to resupply her provisions so she has been eating half rations and half water supply since crossing the border. She has been able to avoid most confrontations by running or hiding. The few times this hasn't worked the Vegonian unlucky enough to catch her was not seen alive again.

Roughly 30 miles outside of the Black City deeper into their territory Odessa stumbled across what seemed to be a small cave opening. Upon checking it out and looking around some the cave quickly revealed that it was quiet large and that only the opening was small. Massive caverns that seemed to have been mined long ago. Dust settled over much of the machinery and tools that were left behind. A light was found and hooked up to her Ciedium UPS/C. She took her time looking around and rummaging through the place. Either the previous owner had to vacate quickly or what they have left was considered rubbish. Three mining robots in various states of repair and obviously broken were laying around. One was partially buried under some fallen stone.

She decided it was worth the risk of discovery to make a small little camp inside the old mine. Hunkering down as she started to explore the caves and tinker with the machines down here. Several weeks of digging by hand and rummaging through the three robots she was able to piece together about 75% of one completed. Seems the Vegonians had a bad habit of destroying legs, not to mention everything was pretty old and the batteries seems to have gotten drained by something. What she couldn't figure out is what would want or maybe need to suck a Ciedium battery dry.... All three robots had the same strange damage to them. She was able to patch one of them up and recharge it but it left her with a very curious line of thought.

Having kept an eye on her food supply and realized she is getting far to low. She knew she couldn't stay in this cave much longer. She needed to either hunt or steal some food and water. After several days an nearly running out of food she was able to score in a hunt and find a small spring nearby. Refilling all of her water containers and prepping the animal as much as she knows how too. Which really isn't all that well! She headed back into the mine she was calling home. Only to find her recently patched up robot now moved and the battery once again sucked dry!

"Fucking hell!"

Her senses went into overdrive as she knew whatever it was must still be somewhere nearby and it is lucky her Ciedium UPS/C hadn't been devoured yet! Slowly she started to creepy around and look around at everything looking for signs of life. She started to find small signs of movement as she looked around the large mine complex. Then she started to hear a rattling, and clicking sound when something moved. Like the sounds of large Carapace having creatures have when their outer shell clicks together. When suddenly a large "insect" like creature leaped out at her. Its mandibles snapping and clicking at her, its large limbs trying to pin her in place so it could latch onto her Ciedium battery. Her robotic hands reaching out and grasping its Mandibles holding them open and away from her.

"You are an ugly thing aren't you"

Huffing and whizzing a bit as she strains to hold the creature at bay for a moment. Before releasing the limiters on her limbs so she can let go with one hand quickly and get it into position fast enough to activate her Ciedium cutter. Slamming that ultra hot cutting torch down the creatures throat and feeling her hand coming out the back side of its skull. The creature went limp and its sudden dead weight collapsed onto her. After much cussing and wiggling she managed to free herself. Taking photos of the creature and taking a couple samples of it to be stored in her void chest until she returned home. Having never heard of this creature before but much of the Blasted lands is unknown to those in the city. She managed to also disassemble the robot as much as she could and fit it into the chest as well. Feeling that this place was no longer safe and she had what she came for a bit of tech to play with and also a little bit of knowledge of the region. She opened the side hatch on her arm and after collecting all of her stuff she pressed the button to teleport her home. She had lost track of time in the blasted lands and spent much longer our there than she had originally planned too. Her original note said she might be gone a few months not half a decade.

She went around the room opening windows, and kicking open the front door. The place was musty as all hell and needed aired out badly! She looked more weathered and hardened than when she left. Still a youthful spirited person but its obvious she has seen her fair share of close calls since leaving town. Not to mention losing nearly 10 lbs and she really didn't have the weight to lose in the first place.

Backstory (Part 3)

Odessa had started to make more of a name for herself after returning from the Blasted Lands as both a warrior and as a scientist. People started to visit her shop and leave requests she specialized in mechanoids and even took over the cities repair facilities.

She had watched live as Krauser cleaned up the city and removed several corrupt politicians he had left in charge. It wasn’t long after that that he had named a new leader another well-estiblished scientist and personal friend of Krausers. Drake was named the new Elite Master and within a few hours, she was getting summoned up to meet him as that official leader. Offered a position as one of his Generals though they didn’t know each other personally very well. She accepted with the condition that she would always be blunt and call Drake on anything she felt was a bad decision.

Things where quiet tense around all of Solaris at this time. The Black Empire had been making several big pushes. A new army was at their command under the leadership of General Raynar Dragonbane. Who had replaced General Balthazar who he had served under from what she is to understand? The Gorgon army was fierce though he moved far faster than they had predicted. They moved into Hinterfall and rapidly rebuilt Balthazar’s old fortress and made it a solid foothold once more. That was someone else concern though she had been sent to the Hidden Base Camp outside of the Black City itself. She was familiar with the area and knew a few secrets about the local terrain. With the help of Kora they continued to harass the very heart of the Empire itself.

One day Krauser and Odessa had met up and had a conversation. Wondering what and why the Vegonians are even digging under the Black City. Are they looking for a resource trying to get to the core of the planet? They suddenly had an epiphany They were looking for something specific, something that Grey had found or knew was there and they suspected it to be an ancient Builder’s ship. Krauser and Odessa both quickly left a little campsite and rushed to an old mine shaft next to the Black City which they used to get as deep as possible and bust into the Vegonian’s current drilling operation. Once inside they got to the depth of the drilling operation and indeed found the outer shell of a Builder’s Ship exposed and the entrance to it guarded. Krauser dispatched the guards outside and they made their way inside.

What happened inside is hard to explain Odessa, Krauser, Grey, Vishera, a Builder, and Lord Bahumura himself were all trapped inside. The builder was forcing a time loop from the moment Odessa and Krauser had entered. They had attempted multiple times even countless times while inside to find a solution. Eventually, Krauser and Odessa both realized they needed to just leave they could not at least at this time do anything about what was going on inside of there. Once they left and made it back to the surface they realized something very important. Time had not stopped outside. 50 years had passed and they had not been there to see it happen.