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Combat Stats


Dragon’s Bane

This massive spear was made originally to be fired from a ballista style weapon. However when Raynar came across it it was just the right size for him to grip well, and wield as a spear. He named it the Dragon’s bane because the first creature that he killed with it was indeed a Dragon in the Mountain’s of Solaris.

Since then he has continued to hunt in the region almost specializing in hunting down and killing dragons. The original shaft of the ballista bolt has broken and been replaced While the large barbed spear head has been resharpened and maintained well over the years. The new haft for the spear was made from a young Osperian Sapling.

Taking the whole sapling and trimming it and debarking it before adding the spear head back to it. A sapling was used to allow the haft to be more flexible than the harder heart wood of an older Osperian tree. It would not do as well against hard rigid blows but it isn’t meant to be blocked with. The haft is a total of 15 feet long, and about 2 inches in diameter.

The large barbed spear head is easily 10 lbs, and a 10 lbs counter weight is on the other end of the spear giving it a hard hitting impact from either end. People smaller than most Gorgon’s or without similar strength would find this weapon to hard to wield properly at best.

Notes: Weapon, Remarkable, Unique

Dragon Scale Mail

This suit of scale mail armor was made from the first dragon that Raynar slew up in the mountains. The Large hard scales were taken and shaped into the armor by his father when he returned home from his hunt. They bear his father’s maker’s mark upon the left collar.

Notes: Armor, Remarkable, Unique

Dragon Tooth Crown

The teeth of Raynar’s first kill where also taken by his mother and fashioned into a circlet that he wears around today. The teeth are positioned to lay across his skull perfectly and hold themselves in place. This somewhat morbid hunting trophy has been used to harness and channel Rayanr’s magical energies.

Notes: Relic, Remarkable, Unique

Dragon Hide Shield

The softer underbelly of a dragon is weaker but its hide is still quiet protective and when made into leather and stretched for form can create quiet a nice shield with a few extra large Scales reinforcing its exterior as well.

Notes: Shield, Remarkable, Unique

Slip Stream

Raynar's natural talent at controlling the air around him is so strong that he no longer even has to think about doing it. Anytime he is not actively using is Magical Attack for anything else the wind around him will start to move. If standing still it creates a nearly invisible wall of wind around him that keeps him cool in hot weather or warm in cold weather, To push raindrops away from his body to keep dry. If he is moving the air creates an actual slipstream in the direction that he is going. This allows him to move at a much faster rate than someone his size and bulk would ever be thought capable of without straining his body to move faster. Provides a +20% to Hit and Dodge while not using his MA for anything else.

Notes: Custom Ability

Dragon Slayer

Raynar leaps into the sky and comes down upon his enemy after a brief moment of hang time. The force of his jump and the weight behind his spear as he dives down into his enemy often leaves devastating results. While the move is called Dragon Slayer it is no more effective on a Dragon than anything else. Provides a 300% Physical Damage upon a direct hit, or Normal Damage against anything withing 10 feet of the impact.

Notes: Custom Ability

Yasmine's Gift

Raynar learned this ability when Queen Yasmine merged with him during the battle for Yazmir. When the queen entered Raynar's body he immediately learned about many of the things only the Queen knew. This ability allows Raynar to heal others, but not himself, during or after a battle for 100% of Raynar's Magic Attack power. This ability does not count toward Raynar's ability limit. Heals for 100% of Raynar's Magic Attack power.

Notes: Custom Ability


Raynar is capable of compressing and condensing the air into a near solid. It will have physical resistance against things trying to move through it such as projectiles, bodies, or any object. This can be used in numerous ways to either hinder an opponent or assist himself. Half of Raynar's MA is subtracted from an incoming attack's damage before resistance or armor. Reduces a targets Dodge by half while inside of a compressed air zone.

Notes: Custom Ability

Storm Bringer

Raynar alters the air in the surrounding area and creates a massive storm of his desire. It could be as simple as a lightning storm, a blizzard, or as bad as a full blown hurricane depending upon the environment that he is in. Can't create a sand storm unless he is in a place with enough sand, cant create a blizzard if the environment can't produce snow. He is most frequently seen creating Tornado's with its effect. Usable only once per battle triple MA, Can't be parried or blocked.

Notes: Signature Ability


Raynar was born and raised inside of the Black Empire. Vastly controlled by the Vegonian's and their supporters. His father and mother both served in the army as front line troops. Though Gorgon's are a hearty race the front lines are notorious for having a short life span. However they seemed to have fared better than most. They survived long enough to retire from the army. Even raised 4 children the youngest of which is Raynar.

Favored by his mother and teased and picked on by his siblings for it. She would often come to his aid even when he did not wish it as a child. This was in large part due to him being her youngest and by far smallest child. No matter how much she seemed to feed him he would not bulk up as most Gorgon's do. He stayed thinner and grew taller than his siblings as the years went by. By the time he reached adulthood few were picking on him anymore except in jest. He had grown to an unusual height of 15 feet, staying a bit more trim than his siblings yet you could see he was not a weakling as his muscles are well defined.

As he got old enough to wield a weapon he found most swords where to short unless custom made which was a hassle. Instead he found and trained with polearms more. This fit is lean frame and their length was more easily adjustable by just replacing the haft. His father a battle veteran and retired soldier trained him until he announced that he himself would also be joining the army. Mixed feelings were had with his parents. His father seeing his last son becoming a man, while his mother saw her last baby leaving the house the one she favored the most still.

At the age of 30 he was enlisted into the army, though his size made him stick out during training and often the but of many Vegonian jokes. He was learning the skills he would need. Honing what his father taught him, and knew that the lessons his father taught him about the military where coming true. He was different the nail that sticks out so he would get hammered. His skills if they shined to bright would likely increase this but after training was over. And these people's lives depended upon him doing his job it would end. They would see him as a warrior to show and give respect. Due well enough and maybe he could even rise in rank. His father never sought rank just to do his tour earn his freedom and have a family. He knew that Raynar sought power not just in his body and combat but in life. He would seek to lead men not just take orders.

He served his tour of duty in the military mostly on the front lines. A few times he might have been offered an Officer's position but the Vegonians where known to be rather stingy with enlisting other races as Officers. Nearly 50 years of service to his name, countless border skirmishes, Patrol, and Guard duty. Then one day he was called in for his yearly evaluation. The Sargent and a Lieutenant where going over his stats as he sat there listening. Every time they brought up a new subject the Sargent would look at the Lieutenant and say. He has been performing poorly Sir. A curious look from the Lieutenant as he had the documents of his previous few years as well. Finally when the last subject was brought up about his rank the Sargent suggested a demotion, and pay cut due to poor work performance.

This was the last straw, at that moment Raynar didn't even care if he would get executed for doing what he was about to do. Crossing the tent like a gust of wind he snatched the Sargent around the neck with his powerful arm and locked him into a deadly hold. He could hold it and choke the man out, he could squeeze a little harder and a jerk to snap his neck. The man was grasping at his arm trying to free himself as the Lieutenant watched as Raynar snapped the mans neck and dropped him where he stood. "About damn time. I wondered how long that Sargent mocking you, and demeaning you would make you say something. Instead you did something that is even better. You start Officer Training tomorrow."

Thirty more years in the military as an officer before Raynar was finished with the military life. Though he is retired from active military duty he is sometimes called upon for special assignments, or comes looking for odd work when he gets bored.

Backstory (Part 2)

Raynar was supposed to have been retired from the military and just supplying them with goods for the most part anymore yet when General Balthazar calls you into his private quarters and sends every single guard away you know you won’t be able to refuse what he is about to tell you to do.

Sure, enough it was accepted. Something like this was not something the General could allow to be leaked and he was a careful man. A secret letter was asked to be delivered and sure enough, it wasn’t going anywhere into the Empire. A small village where some of the General’s family lived the Silverberg's it seemed. Raynar was a lone soldier, not a vegonian, known to be trustworthy, and disliked the Vegonians with a passion. He must have seemed like the perfect person to the General to deliver this risky letter.

Shortly after leaving Balthazar’s Keep Raynar had made camp and a stranger approached him. He was a rather calm man, polite if not talkative. It wouldn’t be long before he introduced himself as Krauser Killiner. The Killiner, Bane of the Empire, most wanted in the Black Empire just strolled up to his camp and started to have a chat. Raynar was not stupid he knew the man’s reputation without all the fear mongering and bloat from the soldiers inside of the Empire. He was a very skilled swordsman and mage. Raynar was under no impression that he would stand a chance toe to toe so why shouldn’t he just have a chat.

Krauser actually stayed with him through the majority of the trip. They conversed over many subjects and most of them they did not agree upon but neither man drew his weapon or attacked the other. Raynar’s view upon the citizens of Elyndaar City seemed to have struck a nerve upon Krauser. His loyalty to the Empire while not just because he was born and raised inside of it but because he was one of the few non-Vegonians who had acquired power this allowed him to assert a level of protection over people to keep them from too much harm or becoming someone’s dinner. Also, his own family was still in the Empire he couldn’t run off to fight them while they were still there.

Once the letter had been delivered to the Silverbergs he was given a small package to give back to Balthazar. While minorly annoyed his service was not yet finished he took the package and left without much to say. Krauser continued to talk Raynar’s ear off especially over technical stuff with his tin soldiers and much of it he didn’t understand.

Once outside of the fortress again the two separated and Raynar successfully gave Balthazar what he desired most. Freedom from the clutches of Grey!

So much happened in the next 60 seconds that it was impossible to see let alone actually grasp. Raynar was suddenly outside the city limits and it was rubble. A golden light surrounded the whole area as Balthazar got a small taste of his own revenge/justice. This was not what Raynar had expected to happen in the slightest and more was still to come.

Backstory (Part 3)

Raynar was promoted to the Rank of General and marked by Grey Fenrir with the power of Lord Bahumura to help keep him in check. Once the promotion was given Grey ordered him to rebuild the Fortress that Balthazar had destroyed as he resigned his position. The troops and workers that he was given to complete this task were all the Gorgons in the Empires domain.

They all seemed to just know what was happening likely due to the mark upon his shoulder. They knew he was the new General, Third in command inside of the Empire. Leaders of groups inside of the whole mass of Gorgons began to come forward people were organized into workforces and military units. No time was wasted as they began what would be a grueling task for any people. Their natural fortitude and endurance served them well. Working around the clock in shifts supply chains and disciplinary forces used to make sure everyone pulled their own weight. Raynar and even his own wife and child had the same quota of work as anyone else. Offenders would be whipped, repeat offenders could find themselves sent back to the capital likely to be that night's dinner. Raynar would not allow the waste of resources that the Empire had to bury someone.

After the Keep was finished and the town established things were able to be relaxed a little. An Imperial spy was rescued in their failed attempt to get into enemy territory. It wasn’t long after Valoria joined with General Raynar that they had been ordered to find and dispose of the remaining Grovekin in Hinterfall and make that region an Imperial controlled one. General Raynar along with his Elite unit and one normal unit marched from the new Fortress. Valoria was seen keeping up and following. She had gained acceptance with the warriors in her short stay already. She was a natural caster and controlled herself well in a fight.

The battle inside of the Grovekin’s home was a fierce fight even though only ONE Grovekin was present, that being Queen Yasmir herself. She had rooted in place like her mother and was the new mother tree. The surrounding forest was her weapon and defense and she used it to great effect. Several gorgons died either from wounds at the fight or after because of complications. Though the force that actually had the most casualties was the Vegonian Zeppelin force who all died to a man. Unbeknownst to Grey or anyone else in the world. Queen Yasmir and Raynar had a rather special conversation, Raynar is not sure how she did it but they seemed to have a mental or maybe a spiritual chat. The whole world is battling around them yet for this conversation it seemed as if time stopped. Raynar was here to do a job. A job that if he did not succeed in his people would pay the price.

She was literal the life force of her people. If she died then they died. Something that Raynar did not know at the time. He did not want to kill her nor kill her people but that was what was demanded of him for the safety of his own people. They came to an agreement. A way that they might both protect and serve their people and they both hoped could trick Grey into believing. Queen Yasmir’s body, The Mother Tree, burned. Though as her body burned, she was no longer inside of It. She was now dormant inside of Raynar sharing his body. His troops finished their work too the letter. The Grove was destroyed, the land was salted to prevent future growth for a long time, and they began to clean up. Getting their men and wounded home. Zidalia a large and impressive looking green Dragon made her presence known at the end of the battle. Crashing Vegonian Zeppelins, and attempting to scare the gorgon heavy infantry there as well. They still watch the skies for any sign of her to this day unsure where she has gone.

Weeks had passed and things in the Empire had quieted down after the battle though no word from Grey, or his bed warmer Vishara. Raynar had decided to make a visit to the capital because of this and found that both were missing and that several underlings were trying to keep the news from reaching him. He made the decision then to gather all that he could and bring them to Korbgrad. While still mostly any straggler Gorgons that had been picked up or not brought to him when it was originally founded. He also brought several other people of the slave population with him from the Capital and as he left instructed the underlings that if any Vegonians entered Hinterfall. His people would march upon them and grind them into dust. They from that moment where no longer citizens of the Black Empire and would not put up with their barbarism any longer.

Korbgrad while still strong in the military is struggling socially. More citizens than it ever planned for are currently being housed there or outside in camp towns. Those with the ability to work are encouraged to work. Those that don’t and can often find themselves wanting or removed from the city. Korbgrad was founded through hard work and hard work is rewarded, those who seek handouts and expect the government to provide everything quickly learn no one is given a free ride. Hinterfall are very lush and can provide more than enough for the city, and the city is starting to grow. Raynar and Drake even came to diplomatic terms and trade have been established between the two governments.