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Combat Stats


Bark Plate

This unusual suit of plate mail is not really made so much as grown around the wearer. The heart wood of an Ancient Osperian Tree is taken and made into a core that a Grovekin places near the core of its own body. Once there strong magics that have been placed into it start to activate and over the coarse of the first week hard bark plates form around the outside of the Grovekin's body protecting them very much so like a human putting on Plate Mail Armor, without being as heavy or as cumbersome. They can remove the armor and regrow it again after the first week of them wearing it with little to no difficulty at all. Though once the hard bark is removed from them it becomes brittle and turns to dirt quickly, and can be regrown nearly instantly after the first growth as that is the heart wood spreading through their body to create growth paths that can later we activated.

Notes: Armor, Noteworthy, Unique

Sapling Bow

An Osperian tree sapling that has been uprooted and enhanced with nature magic. The nature of the magic allows the young sapling to manipulate its roots and intertwine them with a Grovekin to leech the needed nourishment it requires beyond sunlight. As well as controlling how it will grow and be shaped. At present it is roughly eight feet long and shaped like a long bow. A Grovekin can grip the sapling at the trunk where the roots will merge with its hand and arm also making it so that the bow can not be dropped unless desired. From the trunk of the sapling it then grows in two directions to form the arms of the bow. While the sapling is still young and flexible the magic that has enhanced it also strengthens it so that it can bend but not snap, and be strong enough to create enough tension to be an effective bow. The nature magic that has modified and enhanced this sapling also prevents further nature magic from altering it or affecting it directly.

Notes: Ranged, Noteworthy, Unique

Focusing Emerald

This large uncut emerald is held inside of Sprout's chest. It often gives off a light green glow from inside of him as his energy is being stored inside of it and focused by it. The gentle green glow can give him a slightly eerie appearance to some people, though the light from it is never bright enough to be seen from a distance unless he is currently channeling his magic which intensifies the green light of the emerald.

Notes: Relic, Noteworthy, Unique


After Princess Yasmine turned into a new mother tree to start roots for her people again. New saplings started to develop but would take time to grow. However one impatient sapling refused to wait to grow.

Its already impressive control of water pulled more and more water towards its own roots and away from its siblings delaying their own growth while rapidly accelerating its own.

Many of the still scared Grovekin at this time had even warned against allowing the sapling to mature and sprout. Fearing it was tainted from the events before. But before they could come to a decision it has already sprouted. Rapidly growing to roughly 6' in only a few months instead of nearly two years that this Grovekin should have needed to develop normally.

As soon as it woke up it stopped stealing the water from its siblings. Even staying in the grove quietly going to each of the siblings he had borrowed from and nurtured them with extra water from deeper in the ground now that he could sense its presence. They had been temporarily stunted but this would quickly allow them to get back on track and grow normally. He knew he had been selfish so could not leave until her repaid the kindness of his still growing siblings that allowed him to take from them.

Upon seeing how the young sprout acted and behaved after waking and uprooting from the earth for the first time the elders stopped their grumbling as the Mother Tree had said enough and let him be. He was not tainted only far to eager to be moving. He was a clumsy child still but he was already learning the ways of the forest.

Learning to talk to the plants and be kind, learning the ways of his people but he is young and far to eager for his own good.

He hears the stories of how the Empire corrupted some of their people and set them loose upon the forest forcing them to leave their old home and lose a Mother Tree. This brings no fear in his heart or panic like most young would.

It brings out deep anger one that makes him want to protect his people. Long before others would think it is appropriate for him to do so he was already starting to pick up small bits of martial practice and learn the way of the bow.

He has just decided that he was ready to leave the grove and learn more about the outside world and their people. Feeling that the Grove was too limited in knowledge and dependent upon outsiders for that knowledge. It would not help them against the Empire. They needed their own out there watching and fighting!