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Kage Robes

After having trained in the Afterplane and traveled across much of Solaris, Takeshi decided he would be better served with a light set of robes compared to heavier armor that would restrict his normal movements. Having grown up and lived around Demons all his life he has seen the use of being able to walk through shadows and even attack through them at times. They are woven out of a black thread and the hairs of Demons were woven in with the thread. It is quite hard to see the difference in the threads and hairs but exceptionally keen eyes would be able to notice upon close examination. This does allow him the ability to shadow walk.

Notes: Armor, Exceptional, Unique
Enchants: Shadow Walk

Bahumura's Tear

This is a teardrop-shaped piece of pure obsidian. The raw obsidian was brought to the Hidden Temple by an Demon while Takeshi was still in training there. Over the course of many years, he slowly shaped and molded the gemstone into shape and then tumbled it smooth before polishing its outer surface. Once the stone was shaped he had an Demon that was good with precious metals to make a custom silver chain and fitting for it. This necklace has not been removed from his person since its completion. Takeshi's natural talent with shadow magic is further enhanced since having acquired this gemstone. Over the many years of him working the stone in the Afterplane he has been able to use it to focus his shadow magic even more effectively. Takeshi named the item after Bahumura for the simple fact that all shadow magic comes from him. While some people have been able to dabble in its arts only those who are in some way blessed by Bahumura can really reach any of the deeper shadow arts. Seeing how strong his connection has always been with shadow magic he as always assumed he has that blessing and it might even be part of his calling.

Notes: Relic, Exceptional, Unique
Enchants: Shadow Magic +10% MA

Shadow Fang

This is a handle grip made out of obsidian no crossguard or pommel is attached. This simple piece of solid stone has been shaped slowly over the course of years to fit perfectly into Takeshi's hand. While gripped it fits and fills his hand like a perfect fist pack, while also allowing him to channel his shadow magic into it. Inside the center of the obsidian handle is a bit of tech that combines void tech and also nanite technology. By feeding his shadow magic into the handle he can activate the nanites to create any weapon shape that he desires and it is infused with his shadow magic making the physical blade a conduit for the magic. The void tech inside of his handle can also be activated by sending his magic through it as well. When the void tech is activated things struck by his blade can get pulled into a void space. Any living being struck will not get pulled inside unless unconscious or dead. Those inside of the void space can not be targeted by normal means and can only be released by Takeshi removing them from the space.

Notes: Weapon, Exceptional, Unique
Enchants: Void Cell, Shadow Powered

Magick Shackles

These shackles made out of special alloy designed by Master Blacksmith Gremlock, and then Enchanted by Master Enchanter Zola. The base shackles have metal cuffs that have several small metal spikes inside the cuff to pierce into a captives wrists and ankles. This makes it extremely uncomfortable to wear or try and force off as they will cut up the sensitive joints. The space between the wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs is both the same which is only one link. It will not allow someone to walk while they are bound, shuffling at best could be done. The chain that runs from wrists to ankles is also very short making it so that the person is almost hogtied when completely bound by them. The special alloy that Gremlock designed messes with a body's natural ability to channel magical energies so anyone inside of the shackle won't be able to use any form of magical power. The Enchantments placed upon it by Master Enchanter Zola allow for the shackles to change in size depending upon what they are being placed on so that they fit tight enough to pierce the skin, and the second enchantment is indestructibility so that no amount of outside or internal force can destroy them. Only one key was made for the shackles and are kept hidden by Takeshi.

Notes: Custom Ability

Barrier Breaker

Takeshi has mastered many forms of using shadow magic much of this revolves around the creation of shadow blades or lacing blades in shadow magic. Because of this, he tends to fight in close quarters and many people seem to like making magical barriers to prevent physical blades from hitting them or even nullifying magic. The problem being that shadow magic disrupts all other magic any barrier created or formed is only half as effective against any form of shadow magic used by Takeshi. If a barrier would nullify an attack it now only reduces the attack by half before dealing the rest in damage, If a barrier would reduce an attack by half it would only reduce by a quarter. Normal resist applies to the attack after this. Non-physical barriers are half as effective against shadow magic.

Notes: Custom Ability

Shadow's Maze

Takeshi has learned how to make a literal fog out of his shadow magic. This fog is too dense for the normal wind to just disperse and too dark for anyone to see into. Wind from outside will roll around the fog not through it making it easy for people to get disoriented inside. Once inside no light of any kind from the outside can be seen. Nor can any light inside of it be seen from the outside. It lasts for as long as 3 turns and can cover up to a square mile of terrain. Due to there being no light inside this blinds anyone inside except for Takeshi as it is his magic and he can see through his own spell. This use of shadow magic does not cause any of the normal contact issues. Shadow Magic poisoning or exposure will not happen from this. People inside of the fog can try to disperse the fog but it is not easy to do so, you must be able to create a concussive blast of magical force stronger than Takeshi's to dampen the effect against you until the fog has run its course. Meaning if you disperse the fog it will move back in the next turn after your dispersal unless you disperse it again. Anyone but Takeshi inside the area of effect is under a sensory deprivation causing 30% detriment to their avoidance stats.

Notes: Custom Ability


Takeshi Kage is not your normal Guardian. Born and raised inside of the Afterplane and raised around Demons was his normal. He emerged from his stone tablet many years ago. Though he has been awake for most of this time he had never meet anyone besides the few other guardians like himself and the Demons that have been through their Temple. Many of the Demons have been to the Noma Verse and thus brought back their knowledge and also skills with them. Some of these Demons have been instructors at the Temple for the Guardians in all things from intellectual, social, martial, and mystical.

Takeshi has a strong connection to shadow magic and as such is able to wield it quiet effectively in many ways. One of his first signs of strong shadow magic was the ability to create a shadow blade. From then on his mystical training was focused upon the uses and techniques of shadow magic as well as his martial training to effectively use any shadow blade he might summon.

While Takeshi is just over 1000 years old he is one of the first Guardians that awoke in the Afterplane but is not the first. He has several brothers and sisters that are older than he is. It is very rare for them to leave the afterplane but they have had to bring back a few loose cannon Demons before.

Takeshi stands at 6'0", and built of very dense muscle. With as little as Guardians eat it is rare for them to ever really develop much if any body fat. Weighing in at around 400 lbs he is still limber and flexible, as his body is not large muscles but very dense muscle. In his normal Guardian form his scales are a very glossy shade of black which reminds many that meet and see him like this of Obsidian. A few of his instructors and siblings had started to call him "Sid" because of it. Since staying a secret is so vital to what they have been trained their natural ability to transform is extremely important and why Sid Has been allowed to leave. He has shown and demonstrated the ability to transform and keep his normal form hidden better than any of the others at the temple who are awake and ready to be able to leave. He does have a favored form which is that of a human male, same height and body build, while his hair is the color of his normal scales, and his eyes are a vibrant and piercing shade of blue.

Takeshi has just left the Afterplane for the first time he will be exploring the planet that is known as Solaris for the first time and its people having at best 100 year old information from his instructors about the social dynamic of the planet he knows that his information is likely out of date and that he will need to catch up as quickly as he can so that he can blend in much easier. He is searching for his design is duty and knows only that he will know it when he finds it. None of his siblings know their duty yet but all feel the need to find it. He has been instructed that if he meets any Demons while outside he should bring them home while not revealing their presence if possible.