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Combat Stats


Raven's Embrace

This is custom leather armor created by the craftsmen of Elyndrel for Vera. It is form fitting torso piece of overlapping segments, but completely without any protection of the shoulders or the arms. The lack of shoulder protection and a weave of materials that allow for movement of the leather pieces allow for this armor to be very comfortable moving quickly and silently. This armor comes with high leather boots and thin leather chaps to go over the clothing to offer protection to the lower half of Vera’s body. The leather has been stained black and has emerald color accents.

Notes: Armor, Exceptional, Unique

Sol Longbow

This is a bow fashioned from the wood of a sol tree only found on the Islands in the Outer Ocean. This bow strong, yet supple and flexes easily to the user's demands. The longbow is strong enough to take attacks from a blunt weapon without being broken easily. The string is made from the long slender thread of the hangs from the branches of the sol tree allowing this bow to be extremely powerful, and with the ability to fire an arrow at one-hundred meters per second up to five-hundred meters before slowing down; it is a very deadly very accurate longbow.

Notes: Ranged, Exceptional, Non-Unique

Cloak of the Raven

Drake designed this necklace under duress as he realizes that it will empower Vera to get into situations she may not be ready for and it is a way to help keep her safe. This uses a downgraded cie technology to create a hooded cloak. It offers little to no protection from attacks, but will always fix itself if slashed or damaged. The one upgrade that he thought appropriate was that if she stays still and wills it, the cloak will camouflage her with a replica of her background.This camouflage is good, but not foolproof.

Notes: Clothing, Unique

Hunter’s Quiver

This is a little more than a standard archer’s quiver. This is meant for an adventurer that may not see a town for a while, who may need to make repairs on gear or craft their own arrows. It has space for fletching, arrowheads, leather needles and thick twine. This quiver attaches to the belt of the wearer at two points and most comfortably sits on the small of the back at a slight downward angle to the left.

Notes: Accessory, Unique


She is the daughter of Drake Raven, leader of the Elyndaar City. She grew up in this peaceful wooded area where she had plenty of room to play and grow. She had a great childhood, one that she didn't know was one of privilege, having her parents both raising her to become the powerful, independent woman that she is now.

When she turned 25, her father broke it that this was an alternate dimension and that their time in this place was drawing to an end. He had a lot of responsibilities in the real world and that he wanted to watch her grow up and be there for her at every moment. He had gotten that chance, but it was now time for her to go out and learn some lessons on her own.