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Combat Stats


Twig of the Guardian

This wand is quite literally a small twig from one of the branches of the mighty Nu'Titan, Vardtrad. It is only about ten inches in overall length and very narrow with a bit of a spiral twisted into it. The magical capacity of this simple twig makes it an incredible wand for focusing some powerful magical spells through. This wand has the ability encase all of the wielder's allies in a cocoon of vines for two rounds during combat, though it can only do this once per battle. This makes any encased ally invulnerable to any and all damage for a brief period of time.

Notes: Relic, Legendary, Unique
Enchants: Indestructible, Soulbound, Summon
Boon: The Guardian's Blessing

Druid Haori

This clothing was granted to Zidala by the Grand Osper Tree. It is spun of natural fibers that are very much alive and make up everything in this outfit. The outer layer is in the style of an ankle length, dark green haori with a hood. It uses a solid piece of brown cloth around the waist keeping it together. Underneath, in a similar color to the belt, is loose fitting pants and a tight sleeveless top. The garb was designed for Druids to wear at all times, including battle. The light fibers can do this solely because they are alive. The Haori can sense when it is about to be hit and thus strengthen to soften the blow to Zidala. When damaged, it will be able to regenerate. These clothes are more powerful in the Osperian region.

Notes: Armor, Ascended, Unique
Enchants: Indestructible, Soulbound, Summon, Shadow Walk, Comfort


This staff was granted to Zidala by the Grand Osper Tree. When deployed, this 6-foot long staff is white in color and has dark colored patterns etched into the wood. The wood is ancient and very much alive in Zidala's hands. Any damage that happens to it in battle can be healed immediately by Zidala. When not in use, Zidala can make the staff shrink down in size to a minimum of one foot. This staff, with the help of the etchings and the Grand Osper Tree, can amplify the healing powers of the user as long as they are in the Osperian Region. Outside of this region, spells are cast at normal strength.

Notes: Weapon, Exceptional, Unique
Enchants: Indestructible, Soulbound, Summon, Elemental

Druidic Armor

Zidala calls upon the planet of Solaris to offer protection to whomever she casts this spell on. Ethereal armor sprouts from the ground, wrapping the target of this spell in an armor that covers their entire body. This ability increases the armor resistance of the target by 10% and increases magic resistance of the target by 10%.

Notes: Custom Ability

Spell Preservation

Just as Zidala's magic can preserve and reinforce the life of an ally, she can also preserve and reinforce their spells. Utility spell that boosts the duration and area of effect by 50%. A spell does not have to both attributes to be targeted.

Notes: Custom Ability


This ability was “taught” to Zidala by Lord Kelthuron while she was unconscious from the ritual that changed her from her dragon form. Knowing the challenges ahead and how limited he would be able to assist, he gave this ability as his gift to the people of Solaris in their future endeavors to keep the planet safe. This is a healing spell that goes beyond normal healing, completely healing the target's mind, body, and soul, normally feeling better they did at the start of the fight. This ability completely restores the target to full health, regardless of the condition of the individual prior to the spell. It also restores the target's fatigue that was caused by the fight and resets all abilities used during the battle.

Notes: Custom Ability


Zidala was the dragon companion to Drake Raven for many years. Having been created from Drake's energy combining with some artifacts that resulted in a dragon's egg. Drake took care of the egg until it hatched and his life was never the same after that. Zidala "bonded" with Drake immediately by attacking him and Nan'Garth on the beach. Many know Zidala as the lively and strong headed dragon that did what she wanted regardless of Drake's wishes since there relationship was more as equals than the traditional "companion". She kept him out of trouble and on his toes as much as she could and enjoyed her time as a dragon by Drake's side, but someone had called upon her to do something greater.

She traveled deep within the mountain range after leaving Drake in the forest. After several days of flight, seaching for what was calling to her, she found the den to the Thunderwings and their leader Kelthuron. She was welcomed quickly, but Kelthuron did not waste time with pleasantries. He wanted someone to help out the Elydnrel citizens and Solaris in general. He was willing provide them someone to help protect them from his own brood, but if Zidala wanted, he would make it her. She being a better choice in his opinion because of her knowledge of the people and her friend in Drake. Unfortunately for this to work, she would have to sacrifice her body and powers to become a Dragonkin.

In the end this was not a easy decision to make, but after several days of thinking, going over the options, Zidala agreed to Kelthuron's terms. Using his power and vast knowledge, Kelthuron used an old ritual to take Zidala and make her into a Dragonkin, and bless her with powers that she would uncover as he grew stronger. Zidala awoke in the Druidic Ritual Grounds with her new body, new powers, and new purpose. After an initial adjustment, she set out to find those she knew and see how they could help her reach her potential.