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Lumione Therion was a legend. Having lived several trillion years, Lum spent the last few years of his life on the planet Solaris. But due to the eternal effects of entropy, Lumione died over several days as his crystalline lattice decayed, and all his personality, memories, and everything he was faded with it. As his lattice broke down, the eatherling died. All that was left as the energies within him receded was a small globe of pure Eather energy.

It was from this miniscule amount of energy that Akistos came. As Lum's influence faded, the energy rearranged, establishing a new crystalline lattice. Akistos is the first Eatherling whose creation was witnessed by non-Eatherlings, leading to much confusion as to whether Lum had died or simply changed.

However, Akistos is indeed an entirely new being, who has no memory of Lum. However, because of an unexplained attraction to the Remembrance Glade where Lum dispersed his energies, Akistos discovered that the remnants of Lum’s energy and Akistos’ own energy vibrated at the same frequency. Using this discovery, Akistos was able to absorb a small portion of the massive power remaining in the glade. Akistos’ power continues to grow, and only time will tell what kind of Eatherling he will become.

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