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384 lbs.

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Believed to have been one of Queen Vishera's finest soldiers at one time, Arngrim was persuaded to join the Elyndrians at the Battle for Explorer's Landing. Arngrim was urged to join the Elyndrians rather easily by Gremlock, Sylvix, and Rusty the mechanoid.

Perhaps it was Arngrim's disapproval for his Queen's leadership and actions that led to his decision in joining the Elyndrians, or perhaps Gremlock crushing him into a pulp persuaded him. Either way, he made the decision to abandon the Black Empire. When the Elyndrians were unsuccessful in stopping Queen Vishera at Gavdrek Temple, Arngrim decided to stay with them and join their cause.

The Black Empire believes him to be deceased, believed to have died during the raid of Explorer's Landing. He now lives a quiet life in Elyndaar City as the bartender of the Sunfire Tavern. He strives to build trust with the Elyndrian citizens, but it's not an easy task.

While he would love nothing more than to see his wife and kids again, Arngrim fears that if he returns to Aufeis Village in the south his entire family will be slaughtered due to his betrayal. To the Ardanians, it is better to die in battle than to be captured and turned against them.

Ardanian Law would see his entire bloodline murdered. His betrayal would soil his family line, permanently, and his family would be murdered to prevent any future traitors from rising up. Arngrim had seen it happen many times in his homeland.

Arngrim currently spends much of his time working in the Sunfire Tavern. While he has impressive skills in battle, he has not yet built up trust with the Elyndrians. He currently works as a bartender and shelf stocker for the back room of the tavern.

Arngrim also cleans the tavern and does all of the dishes, as well as maintain the local stables. He makes a pretty good bartender as he is surprisingly talkative and social. He has made friends with many of the locals and shows no signs of attempting a betrayal, likely for the sake of his own family.

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