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241 lbs.

Character's Abilities

Pumpkin Head - Azmodeus hurls a pumpkin at the head of his victim. The pumpkin smothers his opponent, prevents spell casting, and blinds his target for one round. The pumpkin is easily broken away from the victims head, it's just a pain when it happens. (Type: World Boss)

Scare Tactics - Azmodeus strikes fear into the hearts of all his opponents. This causes them to flee in terror for their next turn. While fleeing his opponents cannot cast any spells or take any action other than running in fear. Azmodeus likes to cast this spell several times during a battle. It can be pretty annoying. (Type: World Boss)

Summon Imps - Azmodeus summons a rain of pumpkins to come crashing down from the sky above. Up to three imps may pop out of each pumpkin to do his bidding. Striking an imp a single time will cause it to vanish. Every time Azmodeus summons his imp minions he also summons a barrier of energy around his body. The barrier will not fall until all imps are defeated. (Type: World Boss)

Character's Biography

Believed to be a demon, this strange and mischievous entity shows up for a short stint once a year around the same time, during the Month of the Dead. His trademark characteristic? A pumpkin head! No one knows why he shows up and wreaks havoc on the citizens of Elyndaar, but every year the Elyndrians get together to banish him back to the Afterplane.

Upon his arrival he cackles like a maniac, usually appearing atop the roof of the Arena of the Elites in the Gladiator District of the city. He leaps across the rooftops and chucks pumpkin heads at the citizens of Elyndaar. He occasionally leaps down from the rooftops to scare women and children. This is usually the best time to initiate combat with him.

When he is defeated, he drops a large bag of gold coins! Traditionally, this gold is often divided up between those who banished him. While he shows up and strikes terror into the citizens of Elyndaar City, he never seems to do any real harm. He only seems to enjoy scaring the crap out of people... especially children.

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