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The evil entity known as Bahumura has many names, the Dark One, the Destroyer, and most commonly, the Original Evil. Many believe that this entity has existed in some form or another since the very beginning of the Nomaverse.

Some believe that Bahumura is a polar opposite to Noma, the perceived creator of the Nomaverse. Many inhabitants of Solaris believe Bahumura is equal to Noma in power, although no one truly knows.

Bahumura is a timeless, shape-shifting entity from a dimension commonly referred to as the First Layer. Many believe that the Nomaverse has many layers built atop one another. The First Layer is the original foundation of the Nomaverse.

The first sentient beings who came into existence on the First Layer are quite frankly, Gods. The First Layer is also where the Prime Energies originated. It is believed by many that with every new layer, the inhabitants of the new layer are weaker than the previous layer. Planet Solaris exists in the Seventh Layer, for reference, which is the latest layer of the Nomaverse.

It is clear that Bahumura is hell bent on causing destruction and mayhem in every way possible. In one way or another, Bahumura has carefully orchestrated every negative event in the history of planet Solaris.

It's likely he caused mayhem before Solaris existed, but since the creation of Solaris, he's focused entirely on destroying it for whatever reason. Perhaps there is something special about Planet Solaris and its inhabitants.

Bahumura is responsible for the genocide of the first civilizations on planet Solaris. These early civilizations existed long before even the Solarians roamed the land, long before even the Builders stepped in and initiated hyper-evolution.

Very little is known about the first race, only that they weren’t exactly humanoid. Once the Builders stepped in and the Solarians appeared, Bahumura caused the First Flux, the Great Wars, the Second Flux, he spurred the creation of the first Cie Bomb, and brought the wrath of the Neolarians down upon Solaris in the distant future.

Even the downward spiral of Grey Fenrir and the Vegonians were a result of Bahumura’s influence. Almost any negative event that has ever taken place on planet Solaris or its surrounding worlds can be traced back to the Original Evil in one way or another.

If you put every event that has taken place over the years into perspective, Bahumura has accidentally caused some positive things too. If it weren't for Bahumura and his evil deeds, the Elyndrian faction would not exist. The sanctuary city of Elyndaar would not be needed.

In one way or another, Bahumura has caused many of his own problems by unleashing havoc over the years and spurring the creation of these defenders. No matter how hard the evil monstrosity tries, it cannot seem to get the upper hand for very long. As long as the Elyndrians exist, a balance will be upheld between the forces of good and evil.

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