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Bu'lah Kee










254 lbs.

Character's Biography

Hailing from the distant Earth Realm, Bu'lah Kee arrived on Planet Solaris as a small black feline. Shortly after his arrival the nanobots of Solaris hyper-evolved him into a Beastkin of incredible potential and power.

Over time he developed the ability to speak Common Tongue and eventually encountered a Champion by the name of Garr Fengalon while traveling through the Osperian Region.

During his time spent training with Garr at the Champion's Enclave, Bu'lah Kee became quite an exceptional melee fighter. Rather than become a Champion like his trainer however, he instead honed his skills into becoming a cunning Mercenary and over some time he became known as simply as the widely feared and incredibly dangerous, Darkclaw.

Bu'lah Kee is an exceptional melee fighter. He is talented and clever, quick-footed, and deadly. Due to his mysterious albeit humble origins, his transformation has been very impressive. He is now an incredibly feared bounty hunter who will capture or kill just about anyone, if the price is right...

Bu'lah Kee's personality is quite stern, although he does have a sense of humor. Due to his origins he has a tendancy to sleep a lot and becomes bored rather easily. Occassionally a small rodent or bird will scamper by and he'll regress to a more primitive state of mind and chase after it all the while making strange clicking noises with his mouth. He has his moments.

Bu'lah Kee is a mysterious and aggressive Beastkin who never runs from a fight. His goals are uncertain, but he seems content as long as he's got a warm place to snooze and a full satchel of gold at his side.

He seems like the type who never has anywhere in particular to be unless he's on a job. He's often found laying around in various locations of Elyndaar City, usually just chilling out on the ledge of a building, laying on a rafter in the tavern, or chilling on a tree branch in the park area.

(This character was created in remembrance of Blackie, my little furry pal for well over twenty years.)


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