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Many eons ago a mischevious deity by the name of Obel'jon created a group of enormous synthetic humanoids known as the Da'Kari to do his legwork. Many scholars believe Obel'jon was given an enormous task to complete by Noma'el, the God, and creator of the original Nomaverse. Instead of doing it himself, Obel'jon created the Builders to do it for him. Dakon, formerly known as Da'Kon, is the leader of this group of Builders. This is the story of Dakon.

Dakon and his Builders utilized highly advanced ancient technology to roam the vast Nomaverse in search of ideal locations for the creation of galaxies and solar systems. The Builders used this technology to create countless new galaxies, star systems, and the worlds within them. Many believe the Builders labored at this task for hundreds of millions of years before abruptly stopping one day. No one knows why they stopped.

As some may already be aware, the Nomaverse currently consists of seven layers, with an Inner Core at the center. The primordial core is where everything began. The first gods came into existence when Noma manifested the First Layer. The following layers rest beyond the boundaries of the First Layer, increasing in number until the Seventh Layer, which is where the Solarian system resides.

No one knows why, but Noma'el has not created any new layers beyond the Seventh Layer. Beyond that, the planet-sized vessels the Builders utilized to create the galaxies of the Nomaverse mysteriously disappeared, though some believe that one of those vessels exists somewhere on planet Solaris. Many believe this is the starship of Dakon himself.

We believe that Dakon created planet Solaris and terraformed it using the ancient technology bestowed upon him by Obel'jon. Dakon had such lofty goals for his final creation he went a little overboard, and its surface was simply too hostile for anything more than basic life. Dakon observed planet Solaris for several millennia before finally detonating a powerful explosive device in the upper atmosphere. He called this device the Qual'Baraba, whose name has no modern translation.

The moment the Qual'Baraba exploded in the upper atmosphere of planet Solaris, a powerful wave of energy swept across the surface of the world. This wall of energy resurfaced the entire world in one fell swoop. At the same time, it destroyed all life which had naturally evolved on planet Solaris. Many scholars believe this was a cruel act, but Dakon didn't see it as such. Being an artificially created synthetic being, Dakon did not have emotions. It was simply a necessary step toward his final goal.

After the energy subsided, the Qual'Baraba released trillions upon trillions of self-replicating nanomachines into the atmosphere. These nanomachines blanketed planet Solaris and penetrated deep below the surface. After latching onto the basic building blocks of life, the nanomachines began working their magic. They caused rapidly accelerated evolution in every single organism they came into contact with. In Solaris, we call this hyper-evolution.

The fate of the Qual'Baraba is a mystery. No one knows what happened to the device after the nanomachines were released. Many believe the device resides somewhere on planet Solaris. It could potentially be used for highly destructive purposes, or the creation of new worlds. On a side note, the Elyndrians believe the Qual'Baraba is the cause of the First and Second Flux. The First Flux being the first use of the device by Dakon himself, and the Second Flux being the massive world changing event that occurred in a future timeline of planet Solaris.

Back to the story, Dakon observed the world from a distance for a couple thousand years after having released the nanomachines. The new life which came about because of this final act thrived in the harsh environment and supermassive world. The nanomachines worked their magic on any life form that arrived on planet Solaris. The nanomachines still, to this very day, hyper-evolve any new arrivals.

When the first humanoid races became the dominant species of Solaris, particularly the Solarians, Dakon finally landed his vessel and walked the surface of the planet among them. Many historians believe the early Solarians worshipped Dakon as a god, though that was not his intention. He shared highly advanced technology with the first races. One such piece of his technology was later developed into the Laboratory of the Ancients, now referred to as Solaris Central Laboratories.

Over time the old dialect we now refer to as Ancient Solarian faded away as the nanomachines influenced a new language we now refer to as Common Tongue. Any new beings who arrive on planet Solaris automatically understand this language and speak it just as quickly. The nanomachines enable this to occur naturally.

After spending over a thousand years with the first races of Solaris, Dakon and his vessel mysteriously disappeared. Many explorers now believe he now resides deep below the surface of the planet in hibernation within his massive starship. No one knows how he would react if discovered and disturbed, but it's certain Dakon is immensely powerful and immortal.

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