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281 lbs.

Character's Biography

Dorn is a mighty warrior of the great tree-city Ylelthaeus located in the Hinterlands. He is one of Queen Yasmine's commanders. For over 40 years Dorn has been in the Ylelthaeus military. He is often seen in forested locations assisting with the battle against the Vegonians of Vegonaar City. Dorn is capable of wielding electrical magic with expertise seldom seen by many beastkin. He once stunned a dozen Vegonian raiders at once, cutting them down completely solo.

Dorn is brutally honest, noble, and tough as nails. He will often give quests out to assist in the war efforts, but he’s no stranger to getting his hands dirty. Dorn is a great asset in the ongoing battle against the Black Empire and a great friend and companion as well. He will often set up camp near a battlefield to offer support and supplies to his allies.

Character's Biography (Part 2)

After a terrible plague was released upon the tree-city Ylelthaeus, Dorn and his beastkin followers suffered heavy losses while trying to help the Hinterfolk. Commander Dorn pleaded with Princess Yasmine to call for help from the Elyndrians, but she refused. As time progressed many of Dorn's beastkin followers were killed by zombified plant-folk.

Suffering catastrophic loss of life, Commander Dorn took the majority of his people to the distant south, fleeing the ancient tree-city and abandoning Princess Yasmine and her remaining people. A few of his beastkin refused to leave the city and her people, so Dorn left them behind.

Commander Dorn and his group of allies are now referred to as The Exiles by the other factions of Solaris. They are often seen as betrayers and outcasts because they left the city in such a time of need. Dorn and his people now search for a new home in the Oceanic Region of Solaris.

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