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40 lbs.

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Dune Glyder has been on the land of Solaris for a very long time, first starting out as a small gremlin from the Arena of the Elites, Dune would appear from time to time to hang out with the other lifeforms that came around. He cannot speak, and in resent times has become a little mischievous, drinking other patrons beverages at the local inn; popping a random cork from a bottle of ale and watching it shoot around the room. Tying ones boot laces together, even stealing items and hiding them from their respected owners.

Not a lot is known about Dune, no one really knows where he came from or for what resin, it is just known that Dune has been around since before the Second Flux had accrued and still remains around to this day. Dunes physical characteristics make him look like a small gremlin, or even an imp, but he is neither, he is a Beastkin; Its hard to pen down what type of beastkin he is because he has so many different characteristics; from bat like wings to a flexible exoskeleton. Compared to his body size he has large bat like wings, and even a long slender tail, he has a bald head with overly long pointed ears and large doe like eyes. Cute and small one mite think to leave this small creature alone, and this might be wise for Dune holds many secrets within himself.

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