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Garr Fengalon was born as a member of the nearly extinct Guardian race and half-brother of Krauser Killener. Garr has had a long and confusing history in Solaris. Once the mighty king of the ring in the Arena of Elites, Garr eventually retired and went into a life of peaceful solitude. There was a time when his brother Krauser would occasionally call upon him for assistance, but for the most part, the Guardian liked to keep to himself.

In the future timeline, where most of the current citizens are from, Garr was eventually poisoned by Deus Killener (Krauser's biological father). The poison only affected members of the Guardian race, and it gradually began to turn Garr into stone. It was at this point Krauser Killener approached Garr to “fuse” with him and save his life from certain doom.

For many years, Garr lived on as a part of Krauser's own consciousness, sort of like an alternate personality. Something subsequently happened, and Krauser released Garr's essence to the Gorgon Gremlock.

Gremlock maintained Garr's essence for a time and often Krauser returned to reclaim his lost brother. It was at this point when Krauser placed Garr's essence into a newly crafted stone tablet from the Guardian Temple. Garr was eventually reborn and took on a slightly new form but remained mostly the same as he had been in his previous life.

Eventually, another tragedy befell Krauser, and his family and Garr happily sacrificed himself to save Krauser's only son, Hauer Killener. Krauser once again captured Garr's essence, never one to give up on his brother, and he placed it in a large statue inside the Arena of the Elites.

Garr remained in this stone form over the course of several years completely oblivious to the changes going on in the real world around him. To him, it was the same as not existing at all. (Sort of like when you go to sleep and suddenly wake up only to find eight hours have passed by, and you didn't even dream about anything.)

Eventually, Krauser returned with new purpose and a way for Garr to live on once again, but this time Garr would be reborn in the old world. Krauser linked Garr's essence with yet another Guardian Tablet and took him to the recently formed Guardian Caverns, and this is where his latest story begins...

Character's Biography (Part 2)

Garr awoke to find his newly forming body gradually materializing and shifting out of a stone tablet hanging on a wall in a cavernous chamber. It was like being born for a Guardian. He couldn't remember anything before the current moment. His body gradually finished forming and finally slipped out of the tablet.

He somehow, perhaps instinctually, already knew how to stand and walk. His new body was fully formed, and he seemed bigger and stronger than ever. He felt fresh and renewed, but still couldn't remember a single thing. His first reaction was to have a good long stretch, so he threw both arms into the air and gave a big yawn.

As he took his first steps, he noticed a very large spear leaning against the wall a few feet from him. It immediately seemed familiar to him, but he still couldn't remember anything. He looked around the chamber he was in. It was quite large and strange blue orbs built into the ceiling glowed dimly, just enough to light up the room. Along the walls were dozens of other tablets.

Some of them were blank slates, and others seemed to have stone figures frozen in various poses on them. Still, nothing seemed to click for him though, that is not until he took a step towards the large spear. He felt absolutely drawn to the weapon.

As he neared the spear and reached out to grab it thousands of memories came rushing back into his mind. All of his past lives had flooded his mind in a matter of seconds, and he nearly toppled over but instead grabbed the gigantic spear and caught himself.

Everything suddenly clicked. He knew who he was, Garr Fengalon the Guardian. He knew he had a younger half-brother, Krauser Killener. What he didn't know was; How long had he been out of the loop again? He pondered over it for a brief moment, but it didn't matter. He knew he had his little brother to thank for his rebirth yet again, and that he needed to find him.

Garr quickly took the infamous Ouroboros Spear in hand and began searching for an exit. He hurried through the chamber towards the smell of fresh air and then turned, heading down the only tunnel in sight.

After a few moments and a couple of twists and turns later, he saw the dim glow of daylight for the first time in what felt like a very long time. As he rounded the last corner, he immediately took notice of a wooden stool near the exit with a leather shroud and some armor.

He knew what it was for and who had left it for him. His little brother had always planned for things extremely well.

He quickly slipped the armor over his head and shoulders, carefully angling it around his brand new horns; he was a beastly looking Guardian after all, and with spear in hand, he stepped out into the light of the day.

He took a deep breath and felt the sense of a brand new beginning. A moment later and he had left the Guardian Caverns and was headed wherever his instinct led him.

Character's Biography (Part 3)

After some soul searching Garr has found his place in his new world. After designing and building the Champion's Enclave out in the middle of the Osperian Forest he decided to do some exploring.

During his exploration Garr has uncovered some interesting secrets of the Osperian Forest. He discovered a tiny village in the southern region of the forest full of pixies.

In the northern reaches of the forest he discovered the ruins of an ancient temple. He walked all the way from Elyndrel Village to the beaches of Xhan Tarn and even made his way into the Mountainous Region.

It was there he discovered a city high above the clouds that was home to an advanced civilization of bird-like Beastkin known as Avians.

Recently Garr traveled to the furthest regions of Solaris from Elyndrel Village yet, a region known as The Hinterlands. This region is located far beyond the Osperian Forest, beyond the Endless Plains, and even beyond the Spirit Swamps.

Garr discovered an enormous tree known as Ylelthaes there, which is the home of the Grovekin race and also a sanctuary for the Beastkin of the region. Within the tree there lies a vast city filled with incredible sights and experiences.

While in Ylelthaes Garr met and became good friends with Queen Yasmine, the ruler of the Grovekin folk. He spent some time with her and learned the ways of the Grovekin and the treefolk of the region.

Garr left the city of Ylelthaes and began traveling the world again. He now seeks to uncover the hidden mysteries of Solaris and will not rest until he's mapped out as much of the world as possible.

His goal is to provide the citizens of Elyndrel Village a vast World Atlas so that other citizens will have a guide in their travels. It now seems as though Garr Fengalon, the Lost Guardian, has the purpose he had sought all along.

...and as we all know, a Guardian with a purpose will not rest until his duty is complete.

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