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Boreas - Giran summons a freezing gust of wind from the north. The wind is so cold that it can freeze all of his enemies in place for one turn. Giran has used this ability many times to crippled his enemies during battle, including entire armies who threated his people. (Type: World Boss)

Chinook - Giran twirls his spear overhead and strikes every enemy within ten yards of his current position. While causing massive damage, it also stuns his enemies for one turn. Giran often uses this ability when surrounded by enemy troops. For a bird-man of his size and weight he can strike an enemy with devastating power. Giran can maintain this ability for several moments. (Type: World Boss)

Cyclone - Giran summons a powerful tornado to the battlefield. It only lasts for a few moments, but the tornado summoned will cause all of his enemies to fly into the air. Those without the ability to fly will come crashing back to the ground, while those who can fly will often be thrown into nearby structures. This ability causes all of Giran's enemies to lose their next turn. (Type: World Boss)

Typhoon - Giran summons a powerful gust of wind from the east and spirals through his enemies like a hurricane. Not only do his enemies receive damage from the strong winds, but also from debris that gets blown around them. Giran once used this ability to knock an enemy's squad from the ledge of a mountain when they wandered a bit to close to his city. (Type: World Boss)

Zypheros - Giran summons a powerful gust of wind from the west. The wind completely consumes his allies and heals their wounds, to a degree. This ability is capable of healing light to medium wounds, such a cuts, burns, and other light injuries. It will often leave his allies feeling invigorated and ready for a battle. Giran has used this ability countless times to heal his own armies in battle. It's incredibly useful when fighting opposing forces. (Type: World Boss)

Character's Biography

When the avian beastkin Girak Luhia traveled back in time with the other heroes of Solaris he made it his life's goal to locate the ancient city of the avians he'd lived with in the future world.

Girak successfully located the city and over time learned the ways of his ancient people. He became a notable figurehead in the ancient avian society and advanced their society with plans stolen from the future. Over time he took a wife who he eventually fathered a son with, Giran Cloudstrider.

Before Girak passed away of old age (he was very old even in the future) he made it his goal to pass on as much knowledge as he could to his son and his seventy-two grandchildren. He taught Giran and his grandchildren nearly everything he could before he finally passed away.

Giran Cloudstrider is the only son of the late Girak Luhia and is now the ruler of the hidden city in the Mountainous Region. He's a noble and honorable leader who has dedicated his life to protecting his people.

While Giran is highly skilled in the healing arts of the Cleric, he is truly a Warrior at heart. Giran typically wields a magically enchanted and indestructible golden spear. The spear is believed to have been made from a huge collection of "sparklies and shinies" that his father Girak had collected over the years.

While Giran may be a good and kindhearted soul to his people, he will not hesitate to violently skewer his enemies when it comes to protecting his people and his allies. He is a very proud leader, and incredibly stubborn. He's also a bit racist to lowlanders from the surface world.

Presently the young Giran Cloudstrider reigns over the hidden city and guides his people with a youthful wisdom. The avians have been safe for centuries in the hidden city, but recently things have changed.

Vegonian marauders have been venturing closer to their home than ever before. Giran is currently gathering an army of flying soldiers and an entire horde of magical constructs. With the passed down wisdom of his father and the mighty forces of the ancient city, Giran will surely hold his own against the evil armies of Grey Fenrir and his generals.

Giran isn't aware that a band of Elyndrian heroes have already squared off against Grey and would surely be more than happy to join forces with them... maybe.

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