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Character's Armor

God's Armor


This armor is made of one-inch thick overlapping Cie Alloy. Its coloration is mainly a bright gold and it is very strong and very heavy, and it covers the whole body. The overlapping sections create a cushion for powerful shots to the body. The elbow parts of the armor have razor like blades protruding from the elbow up to the shoulder.

When the arms are straight the razor like blade is just like a bar going up the arm of the armor and doesn't create any amount of uncomfortably. When the arm is bent at the elbow the razor like blade protrudes outward acting like a sword that is attached to the armor.

There are two of these razor-like blades, one on each arm. A pair of thick, heavy, full plate, solid Cie gloves were bought for this armor to protect the users hands from being cut. A large, thick Helm was forged from Cie ore for this Godly armor, the helm has three large Cie decorations across the forehead that can be used for bashing his opponents in the head.

The head and face are completely protected by a removable Cie face guard that covers the mouth and nose. The guard has slits within it to allow for airflow. The last piece, the completion of this armor, are the solid cie-clad boots that were forged just for this armor. They are heavy, thick, and solid. They were made sectioned, able to flex and shift to help the user move and are very comfortable.

Beneath the armor at the joints and in the groin area and inner thys are small patches of cie chainmail to help protect small openings from being cut though but but still keep flexibility. Even the area around the helmet has a small mount of chainmail to help protect from a quick beheading.

  • Type: Armor, Class: Heavy, Quality: Ascended

  • Notes: Family Curse, Indestructible, Mystic, Summon, Unique

Character's Relic

Kiran Gem


Red in color, similar to the Chaos Gem, it allows it's holder to teleport and portal jump. It takes a few minutes to ready itself, but when ready the user can teleport anywhere on the planet. After it has been used it will take a few minutes to charge up again.

  • Type: Relic, Quality: Unprecedented

  • Notes: Unique

Character's Weapon

Battle Axe of Death


This axe was bound with the weapon known as Gremlock's Battle Axe. The axe has a small red stone embedded into the handle that is indestructible and gives the bearer the ability to fire blasts from the axe.

The axe is a gold color with a silver blade of unknown alloy, once bound with Gremlock's Battle Axe it was given another blade opposite of the first. The blades hold an indefinite edge and can be taken off the hand for throwing purpose leaving the handle which has a multi tipped spike on the bottom that is embedded with diamonds and shards of ivory.

A titanium spike was placed on the tip to the axe between the two blades, so it could also be used for thrusting as well as slicing. It can still be taken off as said before. The axe itself and the blade are capable of withstanding blasts but the surroundings are still damaged if not destroyed.

The entire shaft of the Battle Axe of Death was hallowed out leaving an empty area within. Gremlock attached a solid cie chain to it, each link of the chain is razor sharp and can be attached to the axe head on the fly making the axe head a huge projectile that can be pulled back to the end of the shaft.

  • Type: Weapon, Class: Heavy, Quality: Ascended

  • Notes: Darkstone, Family Curse, Indestructible, Summon, Unique

Character's Shield

Ord Shield

This is the hood off of a 1977 Ford F-150 truck that appeared on Solaris at one point in history. It is a good three and a half feet wide and is very heavy. It is a dark blue color and can block attacks with ease. It has some dents across its surface but other then that it is a powerful shield.

Gremlock has slightly modified this hood to fit his needs placing straps and other attachments upon it to make it work as a shield. He dubbed it the "Ord Shield" because he discovered some worn out lettering and not knowing any better, he just called it like he seen it, the Ord Shield.

  • Type: Shield

  • Notes: Indestructible, Unique

Character's Inventory

Temporal Cloak

This is a black and blue cloak, on the inside of the cloak it looks as if stars shinning if one where to look inside. When wearing this cloak no one can tell what race you are and you look like a normal sized person of 5'5" tall.

Anyone can wear this cloak no matter the persons size, as long as they stay hidden within the confines of the cloak they seam like a normal person. The cloak has arms and gloves so that the person can still be use there limbs without being found out who they mite be.

An enchantment was placed upon the cloak that makes it "Super glued" to the user so to speak, No form of magic, psionic or elemental like attack can force its removal from the user. This enchantment also prevents removal of a physical nature unless if the user wishes to remove it themselves, Though can still be taken if user dies.

  • Type: Clothing

  • Notes: Unique

The Tree Hammer


This is an twelve foot long section of tree that is two feet in diameter. At the end where the roots are there is a large boulder that was grown right into the tree itself. The large roots have grown around the boulder, wrapping around it and holding it in place.

  • Type: Weapon, Class: Heavy, Quality: Exceptional

  • Notes: Family Curse, Indestructible, Summon, Unique

Character's Companions

Banana Spider Droid (x100)

This is a small ball shaped droid with four to six legs coming from the sides of its body and standing around one foot high. On the end of each leg is a set of four grabbers like claws that it can use to climb across otherwise impossible to move on surfaces.

Each droid is made from thick Cie Alloy making them extremely durable, along with hosting two cie power cells within their bodies that are used to create a small shield that protects each droid from damage. Each droid has two small plasma blasters inside of its body that they can use to great effectiveness, and a possible self-destruct function.

On the top and bottom of each Droid is a small sensor that allows it to see the outside world and scan for lifeforms, hot and cold spots along with a few other tracking software. Each droid has a singular mind that works kinda like a wifi, connecting them all.

Though the bodies are separate each Droid is controlled by a main hub that no one knows where is as of yet. Each droid has a banana painted onto its body, no one knows why all anyone knows is that they appeared in the city of Elyndaar one day sitting on edges of buildings while also pointing their plasma cannons at everyone that walks through the area.

  • Type: Companion (Hive)

  • Notes: Unique


Krin, an Albino Krossa that chose Gremlock as its master. It is rare to even see a corps of an albino let alone obtain one. It seams to have lived for a very long time. And has some strange abilities. Krin is not evil, like most Krossa grow to be.

It would seam that after its years of life, the BTMs has changed its mind to allow it a more, welcoming attitude. It would seam that he can talk though Mental Telepathy but this is only with life forms that he knows well. Krin stays in his smaller form for most of the time, staying with a body length at around two feet long.

But still keeping all of his destructive power. He only transforms into his larger thirteen feet form when there is a force that he cannot defeat in his lighter form. Krin has large hard peaces of shell covering its back and underneath them, just like a lady bug, are pairs of large bug like wings that he can use to fly extremely fast like a blur.

  • Type: Companion

  • Notes: Unique

Character's Mount

Armored Strider

This is a heavily built, armored, hover cycle. It was created for Gremlock at the Solaris Central Laboratories. It is eight feet long and around three feet wide. The bikes outer armor is made out of extremely strong cie alloy, as it was the only substance that would be strong enough to be used as armor yet light enough to still allow flight under extreme distress.

The first prototypes where easily crushed under the same weight that Gremlock weighs, including his armor which in total would be around ten thousand pounds. Things had to be changed. Krauser built an entire suspension for the bike out of cie and then braced it with cie bars instead of hollow tubes. The wheels were created from a rubber enhanced with strands of cie to allow for them to take damage without failing instantly.

The engine of the bike is called the Cyber System 184, as it was one of the better engines for Gremlocks needs. This allows him to use the bike not just for land riding but also flight in times of need. Two small jets help the bike get off the ground if at a complete standstill and then the back tires separate into two making showing two flight pads within.

The front tire then flips to the side allowing the bike to lift the front from the ground. The bike is fast while Gremlock is riding it allowing him swift movement from one area to another. It also has a tracking, mapping and a calling system built into it. Inside Gremlocks armor a small device was implanted to that he can call the bike to anywhere that he is.

The bikes headlight can even flip over, turning into a plasma cannon that allows the bike to shoot a blast from it to shoot or cut through solid walls or objects that stand in its way to get to its owner, though that is all the plasma beam is good for and it’s fairly useless in a battle scenario.

One of the bikes core systems is a shielding device. It allows the user on the bike to activate a short term shield around the bike that can force out intruders anywhere near the bikes location. It gives the rider an extra 10% against energy based attacks while riding the bike.

  • Type: Mount

  • Notes: Summon, Indestructible, Shadow Walk, Aqua Strider, Unique

Holiday Gifts

Enchanted Roasted Tulvarian

Once consumed this item will add a 3X bonus multiplier to one role-play session (quest sessions included). For example, for a normal role-play session or solo session it will provide a 3X multiplier. For a quest session it will increase the multiplier. A quest that provides 3X could be combined with this item to increase it to 6X. This item may only be used one time, so make it count.

  • Type: Holiday

  • Notes: Thanksgiving 2017

Character's Abilities

The Follow-Through

When Gremlock attacks with a heavy weapon and an opponent blocks or parries the attack Gremlock can still follow through with the attack putting his weight behind it. This can be done three times per opponent.

  • Allows bypassing an enemies block or parry score (mechanical)


This ability allows Gremlock to deflect an energy attack back at the opponent or another opponent within the immediate area. This can be done with the use of a weapon by deflecting it off of the blade or using a shield or by simply raising and hand and smacking the attack back at the attacker.

  • Allows deflecting an energy attack back to his enemies (mechanical)

Crystal Enhancements

By pushing his energy into his weapon he is capable of enhancing it with the use of Earth Magics. The weapon will become layered in crystal making the cutting, penetrating and smashing might of the weapon much more powerful. The extra enhancements to the weapon allow for them to more easily cut through armor (more easily does not mean it will always happen) The main effect of the Crystal Enhancements is that each blow taken will restrict movement in the area that is hit by the weapon slowing targets down by leaving small shards of crystal that will grow over a small area that is struck.

  • Upon a successful strike, prevents enemy from dodging, blocking, or parrying (mechanical)

Daunting Influence

Gremlock can impose his will upon others, when he does this it causes those within the area to become intimidated by his overall strength and power. The weaker one is the more powerful this effect will be over all. This even works on characters that are close to his own power range but it normally only unnerves them.

While this ability may only unnerve characters of equal power, a much weaker character might very well run in fear when placed under the abilities effects. While those higher in power would have very little effect placed upon them if any at all.

  • Stuns an enemy with fear, causing them to lose a turn (mechanical)

Titan's Call


This ability allows Gremlock to call out in a mighty voice that will inspire his allies and allow them to regain there wills to fight, even if they are at deaths door the ability can give them the strength to fight even harder than before for the next three actions they perform. This allows characters that are affected to take one extra action in the first turn that Titans Call is activated.

  • Allows for all affected allies to have one extra turn on the first round of this ability (mechanical)

  • Increases attack power of all allies by 25% for three rounds (mechanical)

Character's Biography

Once long ago there was a family of Gorgons. They lived far in one of the deepest forest of Gorgonia where there was a female Gorgon that gave birth to a small child. The female Gorgon gave birth and named this child Grem. After his father a great earthen Gorgon that helped with a great many crops on this world. The crops were out in the forest where many things grow within the shade of the forests canopies…

After being born into the world of Gorgonia And being called Grem I also took my father last name as well, which is merged with the first, My Fathers name was Grem his last was Lock, thus my name is Gremlock, Not all of the gorgons on Gorgonia dose this with there names but some find it meaningful and a reminder to who there family is…

As it has always been when a gorgons is born he or she has a chose to take on one of the Elemental Spirits that wish to be chosen, But for some reason I never chose any of the spirits that wish to bond with me and merge are powers into one, Until one day, there was a Grate war with the Beast of Gorgonia called, Krossa, and most the other Beast on the planet, including the Gorgons, I was leaping through the trees, leaping form branch to branch, I came upon a Clearing were there was many adult gorgons standing, among them my father, he was standing there with his Spear Axe and looking into the center of the clearing were stood a Huge Beast named Krossa, The Krossa let out a Roar and then I herd a Yell of panic, and then I seen them, My Sister and brother crouched down behind my father, My Sister was only the age of one and found deep in the forests alone, her family Killed, we named her Sebulalock, she was a Elf, My brother A Fire Gorgon By the name of Hemlock was the age of Seven at the time and hiding are sister behind him…

And then without warning the beast struck like lighting it wiped around and began to kill all the gorgons within the area, The gorgons put up a good fight but it was only ten minuets before they all fell by the hand of the Krossa, and then it bore down upon my Brother and Sister, I stood there stunned at the site and then it was like a Fire lit within me and I leaped down from the tree and sprinted over and snatched up my fathers Spear-Axe, I then run up the back of the beast and jammed the Spear into the back of the beasts neck, the Krossa then bucked up and down tossing be like a rag doll, I then let out a yell “Brother RUN!!! Take are Sister and RUN!!!” and that was the last time I seen him on Gorgonia as he ran from the clearing holding are sister within his arms…

The beast kept Bucking and throwing me, I was holding onto my father weapon for dear life and then it bucked me into the air and the Spear-Axe fell sideways still in the beasts neck and ripping out and into the air, landing on the ground with a clang of dirt and steel, the beast then turned to me its head half ripped from its body and let out another roar and with that the Sack within it’s neck bust open Spewing acid from the sack and all over the beast head which melted away at its flesh and eyes, the beast then tosses it’s head and spewed forth from what’s left of it’s throat some of the Red Acid that was eating it’s body, The acid hit my lower half of myself and almost innately eat away my legs and almost all of my left arm, I fell right there on the spot and went into shock in which I passed out from and had a dream, the dream was of a Elemental spirit, A wind spirit, and then later I woke to find I was healed fully, I stood up and walked over to my fathers Spear-Axe and lifted it from the ground and began to walk out into the forest, my father body was gone from the Acid that the beast spewed from it’s throat…

Many weeks later My mother passed away very much the same way my father did, I kept the Spear-Axe and walked off to Train to be strong, and learn to fight so that I can protect my Brother and Sister, which I did not know weather they were alive but if I found them I had to protect them anyway I could…

Many years later after finishing my training I walked out into the world of Gorgonia, I found that it was not in war anymore and I found that I was no longer needed there, I still visit from time to time but Not as I have done before, I left on a small Crate Liner that dropped off at are planet for a quick repair, I worked there until they stopped at a planet that was high in gravity and extremely hot, Much like my home of Gorgonia Except the Gravity was more intense then of my home worlds…

I went off into this world and fought by the sides of many grate fighters and agents many as well, I have made Many Allies and Enemies upon this world, many years later while on this planet I found my Brother and Sister, after finding them not fare after My Brother parched and my Sister went insane and was killed by the Grate Warrior Xeno…

After being on this planet for a long time I found that I was inhabited by another, by the name of Zen the Elemental Spirit that saved my life by entering my body and giving me the power to ask the wind to help me with my Journey on this new world, but all was not as it appeared, Zen was Dark and Evil, he tried to take me over and in time Did so, and with the help of Krauser, I obtained my Body back from Zen after he found he could not Sustain for a long time within my body without me, to this day I am sure that he is plotting to escape and take a form of his own and try to take over like he planned…

Now in this time and age I have made many Grate Friends and Gained Grate power, I have walked Solaris Over and seen many grate wonders that not many have had the privilege to see. But to this day I still fight to become strong and to Protect my friends, On Gorgonia they give me the Title of Windmaker for the grate battles that I have fought and won to protect the world of Gorgonia, I still call Gorgonia my home even knowing I do not go back there but once a year, I stay on Solaris most of the time honing my Skill and power for the fight that I know is just ahead…

And to this very day I keep My fathers Spear-Axe with me, at all times, It my have been modified from the passing time on the Planet of Solaris, but it still has my fathers blood in it’s steel and when I fight I fill as if My father is Near roaring me on…

Character's Biography (Part 2)

After a long while Gremlock Traveled all over Solaris, coming and going from wars on Gorgonia, He fell in love once with a Vampire that he wished to be with, the love was strictly one sided, and when he returned to Solaris she was found dead. Gremlock went thought a heavy depression for years after that, even taking his anger out on the elf stone and Drake Raven, which so happened to be near by at the time, and hurting himself more then anything else, he soon gathered his composure after being knocked out by a well placed shot to the head by His Friend Drake.

After that years later Gremlock went back to battle upon Gorgonia, only to be called back by Krauser, a Long time Friend of Gremlock, only to find nothing happening at all. Shortly afterwards The occurrence Known as the Second-Flux Happened and everyone was Forced to go into the arena and was taken to a Portal of sorts while within the arena and Tossed 10,000 years into Present day Solaris. Shortly after this Gremlock went down a hole in Xhan Tarn and was trapped for Several Weeks before making an escape.

After a while he met back up with Krauser, and knowing he had known something about the Flux Asked if he had known anything about it, now knowing much about the flux and what has happened he Invited Krauser into the Family of Lock, In which right after that went out into the world and Began his Training within the Mar'Thuul Swamps, during his travels though the swamps he was attack by a large Flying Insect in which he quickly killed but not after it sunk it’s mouth into his arm. He seamed to stumble upon a small moving bush moments later and was thrown from the swamps by a fully Grown Nu’Lath Mother for Disturbing her baby, which he did not know they were Baby Nu’s or he would have left the Moving Bush alone. Later that Night He Met up Again with Krauser and they were talking about out Gremlock was Thrown form the Swamps, and the Insect Bite, Krauser checked the bite and found out that Gremlock was indeed Affected by it, He Turned Orange, Stunk an Unbearable stink and Another pare of Arms seamed to Grow Lower on his body, For THREE WEEKS Gremlock Stayed this say, Afterward the Stink went away and his normal coloring come back into his body. But the Two extra Arms seamed to stay.

Character's Biography (Part 3)

Gremlock's a great fighter now stuck on Solaris after the Second Flux. He wanders the land alone. He only a short time ago was flying and then fell from the sky without warning and fell though the arenas roof, soon after that he found Krauser and while speaking with him about gray he found out that Gray and his men seamed to be up to something big, because many large purple symbols appeared within the sky. That day The powers of Solaris, began to disappear. Gremlock bands together with few others trying to obtain the core stones of Solaris before gray and his evil plains of domination.

To this day and time Gremlock has been beaten, stabbed, crushed and bitten. And he shows it, if you looked at him today you would see scars upon his hands, short thick scar cutting though his eyebrow and down his cheek, his eye is pure while but he is still able to see form it as normal.

Gremlock continues his training on Solaris to become a better warrior, training his body and skills each day of his life trying to make a place in history for himself.

Character's Biography (Part 4)

After the events in the crimson forest where the group of travelers failed in their mission to secure the unknown device within the temple. Gremlock felt lost, He has failed several times in his day but he felt this one was far worse than normal, as he watched the snow queen and her army escape into portals to parts unknown. But he knew that they would return.

Gremlock for the lack of a better word was depressed, he was not as young as he used to be, and it had been many, many years. He was still strong but he was slowing down now. He knew that he had to go out into the world. Or find a way off world to find something to regain his glory.

And so he left back to Solaris where he did not return to the blacksmith shop for many years. He traveled and grew to older but knew he was on the right track with his travels. He traveled to the highest mountains, seeking guidance, from the Aviens. And to the lowest depths of the earth where the fire raged hot and full of fury.

He spoke with many, and battled many more in his travels, he crushed many but also had a few close calls here and there where he was on the verge of death. Still, in his old age, he somehow made it through the terrors that stalked him across the planet and across the waters of the world.

On the beginning of the fifth year, Gremlock found himself upon the edge of a vast desert. He thought back to another time, sometime in the future, within a crater so massive it would take months to cross it. He remembers getting his shield there. He remembers meeting a member of the Killiner family within the dry, arid place.

Gremlock started off into the Deserts.

It was many weeks of traveling, and it took many hours of hiding from some of the more fierce storms that raged across the lands. But one day he made it to the edge of a crimson mountain. Thick with red and orange sands that flow and shift almost like water down its rocky slopes endlessly.

There were very few paths going up the mountain but Gremlock took what he could. He almost got swept away at one point by the rushing sands but managed to pull himself free of its deathly grasps.

He nearly gotten crushed by monstrous boulders and living golems made of stone and sand. But he made it past them and continued upwards.

He battled though sandblasts so powerful he feared his very skin would rip from his meaty muscles. But he pushed on. Weeks he pushed forward through the dry deserts and across the rocky hills and red sand deserts until he came upon an unearthly pyramid.

The Pyramid stood near endlessly into the heavens. It was made from stone, sand, and glass, High within the skies a burning sun torched the lands all around him. Gremlock however walked onwards through the heat. The sweet upon his body steamed from his burned skin as he came up to the temple gates. They opened casting a bright light from within.

“Who comes to the great north?” a booming voice called out from the Pyramid gates.

“It is I, Gremlock! I have traveled far to make it to this place, in the hopes, there would be one who would be willing to become one.”

The voice goes quite as the Gorgon stands before the gate. He stands tall in the blazing heat of the sandy deserts. The hot wind and small stones rolling across his body.

“You, are very old, and yet, I do not know of you.” The voice comments. “You come from very, very far away.” The voice within the temple pauses in its speech before a light shines forth connecting with Gremlock in such a way as to invade his every cell. Gremlock jerks violently for a moment before calming down, but keeping a glowing aura that surrounds his body for a long moment before fading away.

The voice mutters, and along with the voice, several others voices can also be heard speaking from within the temple. When Gremlock opens his eyes to look inside he spots many figures of all shapes and sizes within its depth. Some tall and skinny, some small and fat, others as tall as mountains and a few as small as a pack of cards.

The voices stop when one speaks over the rest. “I shall do it.”

The figures turn and step back away from the door as a slender figure steps forwards, it looks slender yet one can feel how powerful it truly is. It moves forwards stepping from the gate of the Temple Pyramid looking almost feminine in stature but as soon as it steps forth from the gateway, one can tell that the figure is made of several layers of hard cold stone. Its slender arms and long limbs just taking the form of a female, though Elemental have no true gender being made of the elements themselves, and ageless they take on any form they choose.

The Elemental steps forward lifting a long stone appendage up, as it does this it shifts and contorts into the shape of a hand that it places upon Gremlocks chest. “I will become one with you Gremlock Son of Gremlock Lord of the Locks.

There was a bright light and Gremlock opened his eyes widely as the world around him became nothing but light. After a long moment, the light fades and his eyes readjust. He sits within the center of a large room, surrounding him are many torches and a number of carvings.

Gremlock winces looking down at his body, still burned, still blistered. Even knowing this was all a mental travel through space all the way back to the current Gorgonia. Back to the Crimson Temple it still took a toll on his physical body.

It has been five years… Inside and out, Hemlock his brother walks into the room holding a tray of gray slime. What he has been feeding him for the past four years within the hellish meditative state.

“Brother, you have returned.”

Gremlock nodded to his brother, but slowly, as he is still weak from his extreme travels. Hemlock moves close to him and helps feed the Gorgon, his brother that has been through so much.

“Have you done it then? Hemlock asks.

Gremlock looks up to his brother opening his eyes, which glow for a moment before going dim once more. “I have, I have obtained that I sought.”

Gremlock spoke with a cracking dry voice and his brother lifts a glass of water to Gremlocks lips and he drinks, coughing and taking breaths as his body takes in the fluid.

“I have obtained an Elemental, I am whole once more.”

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