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Grey Fenrir was once a mighty Vegonian General for the armies of the floating city of Manark. It was during this time that he had his first encounter with Deus Killener, a powerful Solarian from the floating Solaris City. Let it be known that the Fenrirs and the Killeners were mortal enemies long before Grey and even Deus existed, but Deus and Grey hadn't met until the fifth Battle of Xhan during the Great Wars storyline. It was always their fate to meet in conflict at some point during their lives. At this point though, the two of them battled and that was that. I only mention this seemingly eternal conflict between the Fenrirs and Killeners because it's important later.

In this time period the Vegonians weren't the evil monsters we now know them to be, and Grey wasn't an evil and sadistic madman either. The Vegonians were still an aggressive race of barbaric warriors, but they were certainly not the cannibalistic raiders we know them to be now. This didn't occur until a Bahumura-corrupted version of Grey hitched a ride 30,000 years into the past and made it his mission to corrupt the entire race and then send them out into the world to destroy everyone else.

Grey was once an honorable warrior in the beginning, but as with all of his previous ancestors his heart was eventually blackened. In fact, the Vegonians themselves were pretty respectable overall during this time. Unfortunately though, after losing the Great Wars they nearly became extinct. The Eastern Solarians of Solaris City nearly eradicated every last Vegonian after the Great Wars. (That's a different story altogether though.) It was mostly because of this that Grey turned vicious towards anyone and everyone. It was likely the mass extermination of his people that eventually encouraged Grey to go back in time and give his people the means to stay in control.

Before the time travel however, there were more conflicts between Grey and the Eastern Solarians, especially the Killeners in particular. The son of Deus Killener, Krauser, was once a knight in the Solarian Military and during his time serving in the military he was tasked with hunting down and eradicating the remaining Vegonians. Krauser and his fellow knights (including the legendary Xeno Knight, Ramsus Vormav, Hukan Lao, and Zero to name a few) hunted down and killed all but a handful of Vegonian warriors, Grey Fenrir and his band of followers.

Grey and his followers plagued Solaris City with many “terrorist” attacks over a time and over that time his gang was slowly picked off one by one until finally it was just Grey and his lady friend and mistress, Vyrana Bloodborne. Well, to keep a long, long story short Grey grew very fond of Vyrana over time and while Vegonians don't recognize marriage in their culture, he and Vyrana were basically married to one another. During another encounter with Krauser and his band of knights Vyrana and Grey briefly had the upper hand through some crafty manipulation and strategy. During this encounter Krauser found a way to distract Vyrona and his second in command, Ramsus, decapitated her right in front of Grey.

As you can probably gather, Grey's hatred for Krauser and his followers was boundless by this point in time. For a good while, several years, Grey laid low and gathered a new group of followers. He dabbled in Shadow Magic and eventually stumbled across an ancient artifact while exploring some ancient ruins. Perhaps it was fate, but this particular artifact was the vessel which housed Bahumura, an entity known throughout Solarian history as the “Original Evil” by many. It wasn't long after discovering this artifact that Grey began having visions and hearing voices in his head. His ability to wield Shadow Magic accelerated dramatically at this point. This drove him further into madness and only thickened his hatred for Krauser Killener and not only the Eastern Solarians, but all inhabitants of Solaris.

The next years were wrought with death and sorrow for Krauser Killener. Grey and Bahumura nearly took everyone he loved from him over time, even going as far as to corrupt the heart of a Western Solarian female by the name of Delaria Kai who later tricked Krauser into falling in love with her, had a child with him, then when the time was right destroyed his home (Cloud Nine) and nearly killed him and their son, Hauer Killener. Krauser killed Delaria though, and shortly thereafter learned the truth of her lies and who was truly behind it all, Grey. It was a wicked web of deceit that literally spanned years. It was also during this time that Bahumura nearly killed Hauer, instead the young man was sent thousands of years into the past to only later meet up with his father (after the Undoing took place, but that's yet another story).

Grey and Bahumura influenced the world over the years and caused many destructive events from behind the scenes. The duo was responsible for influencing several major catastrophes, the biggest being the initiation of the Second Flux and Neolarions, which led to The Undoing storyline. During the final hours of the future timeline, when the Neolarion ship came crashing to the ground, Bahumura and Grey saved Elyndrel Village from destruction by diverting the shock-wave from hitting the village. This wasn't to save the people within, but instead an act of self preservation. Grey lost his physical body during this moment and became a literal cloud of evil for lack of a better term. He literally became like Bahumura, who up until this point had also been a hazy floating cloud of black destruction. The two of them fled into the Arena as Elyndrel was saved and transported back in time 30,000 years by Krauser Killener and his technology.

Upon arriving 30,000 years in the past, Grey and Bahumura fled the village (as noted in a role play session during the time as two dark clouds fleeing the Arena and disappearing into the forest) and escaped into the ancient timeline. Their mission? Locate the ancient city of Vegonaar and corrupt it beyond all compare… and then use their corrupted army to conquer planet Solaris.

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