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Hawk Shadow is the bastard son of an Elvin Cleric who was raped by a demon when she was separated from the clan on their pilgrimage to a new home. She was found lying in a pool of her own blood covered in cuts by an Elvin Mage. The Mage knew a few healing spells and cured her best he could. He then carried her back to the clan where they cured her body though her mind was still in pieces. She no longer had the ability to use spoken words. It wasn’t until later the clan found out that she was pregnant with the demon’s child. The clan wanted to kill the child upon birth though she convinced the council to spare the child and let her raise him as if he were just a normal elf.

When the child was born he had gray eyes and a pair of black bird like wings growing from his back. When one of his feathers falls out they turn to a hard black silver metal and a new feather grows back. His mother gave him the name Hawk for his wings while the council gave him the last name Shadow though he would know of his demon farther. She raised him best she could though the other Elvin kids wouldn’t have anything to do with him. His mother passed away when he was still young leaving him a dark silver cross.

When he grew older he left the clan to search out his own life on Solaris. He met up with a Demon Mage who took him under his wing and taught him how to fight. This demon wasn’t evil but he had his own way of living. This demon made his life by cheating other demons in bets for items, powers, slaves, or any thing else he could talk them out of. In one of the bets Hawk puts up his mothers cross for a pair of magic glasses and the dice landed in his favor. The other demons accused him of cheating. Well he did what any good gambler would do; took his winnings and ran away. Well now Hawk lives day to day looking out for the group of demons who want his hide. As a parting gift his demon teacher gave him a custom made suit of armor for him.

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