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Gremlocks long lost brother Hemlock, is a warrior that was once on Solaris before. But something had happened to him and he had vanished from the planet of Solaris, or so it would seem.

Hemlock was within the old Solaris City when a rift of space time ripped open over head. The rift began to suck in street lamps ripping them straight out of the ground along with stone benches and Hemlock. He fought with all his might against the massive energy well. As the portal reached its peak Hemlock, and the large piece of ground that he was holding onto was ripped up from the main square and was hurled though time and space.

It was a long ride as Hemlock traveled though the vortex. To him it was years of endlessness. It went on and on, leaving him awake, never to sleep and the hunger he felt but never had to eat. After years he was thrown out from the portal landing within the Village of Elyndrel. Energy rippled from his body as he fell though the portal. The energy wrapped around him and as it did it transformed into a armor that was lost eons ago on Gorgonia. The Fire Gem Armor.

All was dark within the village. The only light that shown was the light given off from the Lava Crystals and the small blinking light overhead where the monster of a ship was. He took note of his new armor that he had never known before.

Hemlock stood there, still feeling the hunger from years of being trapped within the void. A voice spoke to him.

"So, you finally made it?" Come a voice from the darkness. "I was beginning to wonder when you where going to show up."

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