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Many thousands of years ago, in the very distant future, Lord Kelthuron was the leader and king of a legendary brood of dragons known as the Thunderwings. The Thunderwings were the largest and most powerful brood of dragons at the time. In total their numbers soared beyond the tens of thousands. When a series of unfortunate events took place in the future world the Lord Kelthuron and his closest followers banded together to secure the future of their brood by traveling into the past with Krauser Killener and the Elyndrians.

In order for Lord Kelthuron, his younger brother Lothuron, and his consort Queen Vishera to travel back in time with the Elyndrians they had to give up their true dragon forms and become Dragonkin instead. This wasn't an easy choice, but it was the only choice for them. The rest of the clan was left to fend for themselves in the bleak future. Their fates are unknown. The trio did bring with them a few unhatched eggs however, whose current fate and whereabouts rest hidden in the new secret location of the Thunderwing Den.

Lothuron and Vishera went off on their own to start new broods, and Kelthuron went off with his remaining eggs to rebuild a new version of the Thunderwing Brood. Lord Kelthuron now resides in a secret location, far from civilization. He now focuses his efforts entirely on rebuilding his nearly extinct brood. While he may not be the dragon he once was, he's still incredibly powerful and will not hesitate to protect his brood. Kelthuron values all life and does not like to fight. He uses extraordinarily powerful teleportation magic to send entire legions of his enemies to the far ends of the world when they try to start trouble with him and his people.

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