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The A’lexi are members of a timeless, extraplanar race led by a commander with the ability to peer into intersecting planes in the ever-shifting miasma of time-space and see into its present and dozens of years into its future. This arrogant being, followed by an arrogant culture, deems himself worthy of deciding who on these planes that are in trouble deserve a second chance and who on these planes that are destined for wrong-doing deserve a swift death. To the former group he sends agents of the A’lexi called Guardians, rescuing those in dire circumstances or from certain doom; to the latter he sends agents known as Executioners, who are never seen and do just as one would expect. A young A’lexi named Yenis of one of the greater houses of Silvia was sent as an Executioner to Western Solaris, near the time of the Great Wars in order to fulfill a specific task.

Once completed, instead of returning to her home plane immediately, the inquisitive A’lexi secretly roamed the nearby Gardens of Basien City. Entrapped by its beauty, she committed the unthinkable, and missed her window to return; as the ever-shifting planes of her home and the Nomaverse drifted away, she became stranded. Unable to live as an A’lexi outside of her plane, she was forced to create a vessel to house her true form; she copied the Western Solarian physiology, as it was the ambient race around her, and she modified it slightly to be able to contain her A’lexi essence. Through a long series of events, she became pregnant.

Yenis was frightened, as she did not know how to birth a child without also giving it an A’lexi form – a form that would live inside the body of her infant like a parasite and snuff out its life as it drained large amounts of life energy. Her own body was specifically created to resist this corrosion, but her poor infant wouldn’t last a day. However, to her surprise, the child lived; little did she know that her son was a legendary True Solarian, one of the few races in the Nomaverse that could actually survive such a parasite for an extended period of time. Her plans were to train her son as soon as he could walk and talk to control this inner being and to create a new body that would be custom made, like her own, to hold in his true form. Sadly, that training never came and her son was orphaned before he could learn the truth…

Character's Biography (Part 2)

Excommunicated from both of their homes, Yenis and her beloved became a husband and wife pair of wandering mercenaries and freedom fighters. They died attempting to protect a small desert-dwelling tribe when their child was but an infant; luckily, the child was able to be taken back to the great floating fortress, Solaris City, where he was taken in by an old private teacher, known simply to his adopted boy as the “Professor”.

The Professor did not know the true identity of the growing boy – neither his legendary True Solarian blood nor his A’lexi parasite, slowly killing him from the inside out. If he had, then he would not have been so surprised that they young boy was such a sponge for knowledge that even he could not keep up with his learning. He attempted to send the boy to boarding schools, but he never lasted long; either he was expelled because of his illegal contraband, the sword he never parted with that killed his mother, or because his arrogance and confidence in his intelligence often got him in tight spots with other children who were often twice his age and a mere fraction of his IQ. In the end, the loner spent a majority of his time in the Professor’s attic, learning from the stacks and stacks of tomes that were provided to him by his caretaker and paying his rent by copying and translating books for the use of libraries across the grand city.

Hungry for challenge, he took up the arts of the forces, what he was led to believe to be a complicated task. It only took one near-catastrophe with the fire element in his old, dusty home to make him take most of his practices outside. During his daily walks and practices, he would pass near the edge of the city. Looking through the shifting, translucent hexagons that made up the city’s shield, he could make out a structure in the distance if the sky was clear. It was simple-looking from the outside, but he knew what it was; in fact, he knew many things about it. The Arena of the Elites was a place for fighters to train to defend or destroy. It was a place to truly challenge all those who entered.

One day, when he decided the time was right, he left his foster father and traveled to the Arena to register himself as a fighter of Solaris.

Character's Biography (Part 3)

While many other fighters acted more like the bullies of his youth, intimidated and even aggravated by his confidence and arrogance, one in particular noticed and was interested in the potential of the newest addition to the roster, the wizard Kwin Alexander. Lumione, soon to be promoted to the rank of Elite Master, he who runs and manages the fighters, took the newcomer under his own tutelage. Armed with natural talent, an increased learning potential, and a master who was more powerful than all the other fighters, Kwin Alexander’s growth in reputation was only overshadowed by his growth in power.

When threatened by an outsider, the fighters of the Solaris looked to the most powerful fighters for protection. However, a personal conflict froze the elites into a stalemate, unable to confront the problem head-on. Frustrated, Kwin Alexander stepped forward, against the wishes of the elites and his closest associates, beginning a political tailspin that began to topple the structure of the elites but also proved to push them into exterminating the threat.

With a first-hand look at the problems that come with authority’s corruption and apathy, Kwin Alexander vowed to change the way the world worked. He promised to seize control of power through whatever means necessary. He has spent years and years manipulating the formation of the new Elyndrel’s now-anarchical, but budding, structure in an attempt to form a new order. With a command structure put into place and commanded by himself, the world could be a better place.

Character's Biography (Part 4)

It seemed that Kwin Alexander was doomed to die of old age after only a fraction of a percentage of his life-span would conclude. His body just was not fit to hold the essence of an A’lexi; it ate away at his life force, poisoned his blood, and withered his flesh. For no apparent reason, his body was wasting away. Even armed with his mother’s old journal, he could not decipher its strange language or come to the fact that her mysterious homeland mentioned in the text was not just a village he had never heard of, it was in fact a different plane of existence.

It was on one fateful day that the planets seemed to align, all in his favor. Every time that the A’lexi home plane and the Nomaverse came close enough to communicate, Kwin Alexander’s inner being passively attempted to communicate with its true leader, but it never had enough power to reach all the way across the planes. This time, though, it was able to get through. As the elementalist’s power grew, so did his A’lexi essence, until it was finally powerful enough to send a plea to its commander.

In an instant, a tsunami of memories and knowledge passed down from A’lexi to A’lexi washed over and throughout him, the missing child and the only one of his kind to be born outside of his home plane. In this moment, he became completely aware of his history, his mother’s abilities, and his own potential. With this new-found awareness and with the blessing of his commander, he created a new body, as his mother did, that would house his true form safely. Armed with a timeless outlook, a millennia of knowledge, and a continual burning desire for peace through dominance, the defender of Elyndrel plans to make his world a better place, whether the others want it or not.

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