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General Lothuron is Lord Kelthuron's right hand. Wherever Kelthuron goes, Lothuron isn't far behind. In the future timeline of planet Solaris (before the Undoing occurred), General Lothuron was the commander of the entire Thunderwing army. He was also one of the mightiest dragons to ever set foot on planet Solaris.

Lothuron saved the Thunderwing brood from many threats countless times over the years. He also helped defended Solaris City from several threats over the years. Lothuron is like a brother to Lord Kelthuron in many ways and the two have been together through thick and thin for roughly 18,000 years.

Even though the Thunderwing brood are all bronze dragons, Lothuron, a red dragon, was accepted into the brood without question when he selflessly defended the Dragon's Den from a demon invasion while Lord Kelthuron was away.

Currently General Lothuron defends the new Thunderwing Lair. The location of the new lair is a complete mystery as Lord Kelthuron wanted to rebuild the brood's numbers in safety.

One day the Thunderwing's will be completely rebuilt and likely reclaim the glory they left behind when they ventured into the past with the Elyndrians. While still the High General of the Thunderwing army, Lothuron can be found guarding and teaching the broodling whelps.

Lothuron's new goal is to raise a new army (literally) and lead them into glorious battle one day, likely in defense of the Thunderwing Lair. On another note, Lothuron is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Not only is Lothuron an incredible Warrior and physical threat, he's powerful wielder of Fire Magic. He's so in tune with Fire Magic that physical contact with fire regenerates his physical form.

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