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195 lbs.

Character's Biography

I was adopted. You seen ages ago when I was young it was said that I was found in a field outside of there small village in Japan. They said that I came from the heavens on a cloudless clear night. On that night the villagers seen a bright light and when they went to see what had happened I was laying upon the ground no older then a few months old a strange birthmark upon my forearm and burns on my face.

They thought I a demon and cast me out but an old man and woman took me in and even moved from there village to keep me alive. Over time they thought me there clans ways, teaching me the way of the Ninja. They always said that my flaws where not really flaws at all. They thought me all that I needed to know to overcome them.

In time all was well, until the day when another village attacked us, on this night of fighting and death one of the caption ninjas set of a bomb, my parents where caught in the blast but lived long enough to get me away. When I woke they where dyeing, they told me that I would be safe from the battle and that I should keep going and find a palace ware I belonged. With there last act of kindness to me they told me what had happened years ago. How I was found, The burns on my face. They told me why they had never lived within the village that was ever so close by.

When they dyed I wept. I buried them and moved on though the forests. I walked for what seamed like forever. I heard a sound and turned lessoning. I walked towards the sound and came out within a small village, the fountain within the middle was a god send for the parched its soothing water sustained me.

I lived within the seemly abandoned village, Within the weeks I heard many things that did not seam to be earthly. And now I seek for where I belong.

Character's Biography (Part 2)

After a short time in the world known as Solaris he changed his ways greatly. He went from his Ninja, which did not suit his new life. And instead become a Bard. This change come natural to him, most of all he did was sit around and talk with the many inhabitance, Normally serving them tea while they spoke.

His abilities over sound makes him a natural bard it seams, and he uses it to his advantage. He still has an edge of his past life on him, not really giving up many things about himself and mostly sitting the lessoning to the many stories from the random travelers that pass though the villages. He tries to be excepted by everyone, even if they are unlikable by most he will still try to speak with them and cause them no ill will.

It I unknown what Malaki would do in a fight, as he has never truly been in a battle on this world. And has hopes that he will never have to. He hopes to live a peaceful life without violence though even he is unsure weather this is possible. But until the day comes that he must do battle he will be seen around small groups of people serving his tea and lessoning to the stories of the villagers and warriors the come by.

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