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155 lbs.

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Niccon is a wanderer. He has been training on Zikkar, Having heard how merciless the peoclickse on Solaris can be. He seems to have an interest in young Chibi Kia, but he will not speak of his true intentions of her. His face is a bit sullen usually, and he doesn't smile unless he is fighting or he has something to smile about. His robes cover his body, his legs cannot be seen, and his red eyes stay hidden by the brown and silver bangs on his head. He is of medium stature, not strong like some of the others on Solaris, yet he relies on speed more than anything to blind and confuse his opponents. On Zikkar, his status was unknown and he was hunted for it.

The law on Zikkar wanted him for many things he himself did not commit including murders, robberies and many unknown disappearances of some of the high priests of the King's Court. To hide his name and face he took the name Auron and his last name was only the number "341287". That was his security number. He doesn't like to talk about his past, but if it is hinted that travelers wish to know, then he will regal them with his stories and maybe his advice.

Niccon doesn't like arrogant peoclickse, yet strange as it is, he himself sometimes is rather childish and arrogant. He thinks he is a bit better than everyone else because of all his experiences on Zikkar. Although he knows of herbs and medicine, he never speaks of how he learned. He remembers and often hints of the days when he was married, but to whom and how long they may never know.

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