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His name is simply Noma, or Noma'el in Ancient Solarian dialect, and he is considered to be the most powerful being in all existence by many inhabitants of planet Solaris. Not a single mortal being has ever seen or made contact with Noma, however. Many believe that Noma's story was passed down from the deity Obel'jon to the Builders, then from the Builders to the first civilizations. Over the millennia the tales of Noma have been skewed, but the truth is still there.

Before the creation of the Nomaverse, billions of Solarian years ago, Noma traveled the multiverse in an enormous inter-dimensional vessel of his own creation. This vessel is commonly known as the Arcasphere, because well, it's an absolutely enormous sphere with a mirror-like hull. Not much else is known about the Arcasphere, and very little is known of Noma's physical appearance. Many Solarian scholars believe the races of the Nomaverse were created in Noma's own image however, so we can at least assume the creator was likely humanoid in form. For whatever reason, Noma began experimenting with the creation of an entirely new cosmos within an already established multiverse. The real name of this new dimension isn't known, but internally, its inhabitants refer to it simply as the Nomaverse, in honor of its creator.

The Nomaverse as we know it consists of seven layers with a core at the center, like a sort of cosmic onion. The layer just beyond the innermost core is considered the First Layer. Each layer beyond the core increases in numerical value and overall size the higher you go. The newest of the layers is the Solarian dimension or the Seventh Layer. Being the latest layer, it is enormous compared to the previous layers.

Each layer of the Nomaverse is filled with the typical things you might find in a universal macrocosm. Each of them includes celestial objects such as galaxies, nebulas, star clusters, solar systems, black holes, and much more. The Seventh Layer is home to more of these than any previous layer, and most importantly it is home to the Solarian galaxy, which in turn is home to the Solaris solar system and planet Solaris.

Some scientists of Solaris theorize that the inhabitants of each layer tend to become less powerful as their lineage is watered down each time a new layer is manifested atop the previous layer. Considering how powerful some of the inhabitants of the Seventh Layer currently are, their ancestors in earlier layers must be unfathomably powerful. No one truly knows for certain, however, as it does not seem the -living- inhabitants of the layers can travel between them.

Many scholars and scientists of planet Solaris believe Noma can move freely between the dimensional layers, but he chooses to reside somewhere in the Inner Core. Obel'jon on the other hand travels them freely and frequently. As a side note, some religions of planet Solaris refer to the Inner Core as the Cosmic Heart, the Inner Sanctum, and even the God's Altar. Only entities from the Inner Core and First Layer, are powerful enough to move between the upper layers. The distances between each of the layers are so enormous it is nearly impossible to travel between them without utilizing dimensional tunneling technology.

Little is known of Noma's personality and demeanor. As mentioned earlier, Noma is the only deity-class being who has -never- communicated directly with the mortal inhabitants of his self-created dimension. The only hints we have of his demeanor were left to us by the lesser god, Obel'jon. The teachings of Obel'jon would have us believe that Noma is all-powerful, all-knowing, and completely omnipotent. Though, strangely enough, the leader of the Builders, Dakon, left us with a different view of Noma.

When Dakon walked among the early inhabitants of Solaris, ever-so-briefly as it were, he taught his disciples that Noma was indeed powerful but not what they would ever expect if they were ever to meet him in person. Dakon also dropped hints that the Nomaverse is not what it seems. He left many mysterious clues before he disappeared, but one of the most alarming was the thought the entire Nomaverse is contained entirely within an enormous inter-dimensional vessel, the Arcasphere.

The belief established by Dakon to his disciples is that the entire Nomaverse is actually a microverse, contained within a massive spherical globe that resides in the belly of the Arcasphere. Dakon also led his followers to believe that Noma is simply a kindhearted fatherly figure who enjoys experimenting and creating things. The truth is, no one really knows. No one has ever proven anything. There are plenty of tinfoil hat theories running wild throughout the civilizations of planet Solaris though, but more on that later.

Some theologians believe when a mortal inhabitant of planet Solaris dies, their soul returns to a parallel dimension called the Afterplane. Hidden deep within the Afterplane there resides a inter-dimensional tunnel that leads the souls of the deceased back through all of the previous layers, straight to the Inner Core of the Nomaverse. The inhabitants of the Afterplane refer to this gateway as the Great Vortex, as it appears to be a massive spiraling vortex leading straight up into the darkness.

Once a soul has entered the Afterplane, the soul will soon feel drawn to the Great Vortex. Those who get too close to the vortex will be pulled into it and immediately sucked into the Great Beyond. The Great Beyond is an inter-dimensional void that pierces each of the layers and eventually leads deep into the Inner Core of the Nomaverse. The idea is that these souls return to Noma in the Inner Core, however, no one really knows the truth.

Escaping the Nomaverse

Beyond simply dying and returing to the Inner Core, there is one other way to escape the Nomaverse. Dakon left hints to his followers that there are dimensional gateways scattered all around the Nomaverse, typically found on various planets throughout each dimensional layer. We know for certain that one of those dimensional gateways resides somewhere on planet Solaris, as one young Solarian explorer successfully located it. His name was Deus Killener. For years Deus was completely infatuated with the documents, scrolls, and books left behind by the followers of Dakon. Deus made it his life's goal to find the gateway, enter it, and seek out the answers to all of life's questions.

Suprisingly enough, Deus was successful in his endeavors, to a degree. He gathered a band of like-minded explorers and together they located the mysterious gateway. The group found the gateway on a small moving island in the far southern reaches of planet Solaris, near the Frozen Region. The group set up camp and studied the gateway. After some careful consideration, Deus cautiously entered the swirling portal and he completely disappeared. One of his followers documented the experience. The report stated that Deus stepped into the portal and vanished, never to be seen or heard from again. As far as his supporters were concerned, Deus was never seen again, at least during their lives.

Roughly 6,000 Solarian years later, Deus Killener stumbled back out of the portal into a strange new world. His experience inside the gateway had left him a changed man. He was no longer the peaceful scientist and explorer he had once been. Instead, Deus became a madman bent on destroying whatever it was he had seen on the other side of the portal. He later recounted his trip to the "Other Side" to some of his new followers in a tavern. The following is the only record of what Deus witnessed and encountered.

Deus described entering the gateway and immediately collapsing in agony onto a solid white floor as a smoldering heap of irradiated and scorched flesh. He was lucky to be alive at all. Traveling unprotected through the dimensional tunnel was agonizing and debilitating. His clothes were literally bonded to his flesh and his muscles were wracked with agonizing pain. He opened his eyes to see a blindingly white room. Painfully turning his head from left to right, he saw two key things in the white room. To his left, there was a massive transparent sphere filled with what could only be described as a cosmic darkness. To his right, a man dressed entirely in white robes quickly approached his crippled form.

The man in white robes grabbed Deus, stared him in the eyes briefly, and without a single word he proceeded to throw the crippled man back through the swirling portal. When Deus emerged back on the island, nearly 6,000 years had passed. Though, the entire experience had only seemed like thirty seconds or so to him. He had no idea how much time had passed. His men were nowhere to be found and the island was completely overgrown with plantlife and strange animals he had never seen before. His body was covered in new burns and he was sick with some sort of radiation poisoning. The only thing that saved him was his Solarian heritage. He laid in the solar radiation and absorbed its energy for three entire days until finally, he was able to move. Over several weeks he regained his strength on the island and returned to the mainland where he promptly began gathering new followers.

One particular cult-like group arose out of Deus Killener's ramblings about the "Other Side" and his experiences there. While his original followers were all long dead, Deus was very charismatic and had little trouble gathering up new ones. He and his new cult orchestrated bombings of Solaris City and other critical infrastructure.

Eventually, this cult was wiped out by the Solarian Special Forces (SFF) team. The special team took out the followers of Deus over a series of carefully planned raids. At that point, Deus was alone again. In a last-ditch effort to attain his final goal, Deus located the gateway a second time. Deus traveled back through the portal with a powerful bomb, hoping to destroy everything on the other side. Before he was able to pass through the portal, however, the SSF team sabotaged his equipment, and he was once again caught off guard by the radiation of the portal and never heard from again.

No one knows what happened to Deus after venturing into the portal a second time. Perhaps the robed figure kept him, or perhaps killed him. Krauser and his team wiped out all traces of information concerning the portal and the adventure into it. Currently, very few inhabitants of Solaris are even aware of the existence of the portal. Perhaps one day someone will stumble upon it and encounter the very same robed figure that Deus had met all those years ago.

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