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A lesser god of the Nomaverse, Obel'jon is a silent observer of all the dimensional regions and planes. Occasionally the demigod observes the system where planet Solaris resides. By many Solarian cultures, Obel'jon is often seen as mischevious and puzzling. He is the leader of the League of Watchers, a powerful group of silent dimensional observers.

Obel'jon is seldom seen by the mortal folk of the physical realms. While he may not be nearly as powerful as Noma'el, he is just as powerful as the dark lord, the evil Bahumura. Obel is still not one to be trifled with, however. He willingly shares his power and knowledge with those who join his league but limits them to a strict set of rules that he insists must be maintained at all cost.

No one knows where Obel'jon spends his days, but many believe he resides in a place called the God's Altar. It is said that there is an ancient temple located on a secluded southern island on planet Solaris that holds a gateway to the strange dimension he calls home.

Many years ago a group of Elyndrians located this temple and activated the gateway. The trio of adventurers was transported via the interdimensional platform to the home of Obel'jon where they met the man himself for a brief moment. He only allowed them to ask a single question before teleporting them back home and locking the gateway behind them.

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