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Beast God








~6,758 lbs.

Character's Biography

The Grand Phoenix is a creature of incredible power, and in a future timeline, it was often summoned to return dead warriors back to life by their allies. The being is intellectually brilliant and speaks to whoever summons it via telepathy. It is believed to be nearly as old as planet Solaris itself, but its origins are shrouded in mystery. It is also considered as one of the Elder Gods of Solaris. When summoned the Grand Phoenix is several stories in height and often causes the sky to darken.

The Grand Phoenix is believed to be the father of all other phoenixes, having brought all others to life by scattering its burning embers across the world. While the smaller phoenix of Solaris can return themselves to life, the Grand Phoenix is the only one who can restore a dead inhabitant of Solaris by using it's powerful restorative magic. Due to this reason alone the Grand Phoenix is often claimed to be the Guardian of Life. Currently, there hasn't been any method of summoning the Grand Phoenix discovered, but it's out there somewhere, waiting to be summoned once again so someone can cheat death.

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