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On the day the world ended, there was fire; lots of heat and flames, death and ash. It was a normal day for Seric. He had just got home from the Gym when it happened, there was no warning just a blast of flames and death. The Mushroom cloud shot high into the afternoon sky. He could do nothing but close his eyes.

He awoke an indeterminate amount of time later to the sounds of birds, or what he thought where birds. He woke in a forest laying on the center of a dirt path. "Where am I? I'm I dead? I have to be dead right?" Looking around and spotting nothing but trees and tall grasses he slowly got to his feet, he had felt as if he had a bad sunburn all over his body, each movement causing him pain. To add to that he had a very hard time standing to his feet. It felt as if a great weight was pressing down upon his entire form causing him to struggle for breath. After but a few feet it had to sit for rest. Slowly making a plan he managed to obtain a long stick to use as a walking staff. "Well, wherever this path leads I'll stick to it." He thought to himself as he slowly hobbling wondered down the path though the forest.

After a long walk and a few stops for rest on the side of the path he managed (lucky not to run into any creatures within the wilderness) and managed to find a small village made from wooden structures and windows. It looked like an old time-y western village. "Maybe this is some sort of... Vacation? Village?" He pondered to himself but spoke the words aloud. He heard water flowing and looked up at a nearby fountain where he quickly made his way and begin to drink. He had no idea how thirsty he really was but the water was clean. He washed his face of sweat and sit on the ground next to the fountain and just rested.

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