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Sirak is a very inquisitive avian from Skyhold City, which is a very advanced but secluded city located on the tallest mountain of planet Solaris. He is very curious and always trying to feed his thirst for knowledge. He finds himself in constant struggle with his culture's ways, and this often gets him into trouble with his people.

In his most recent law breaking adventure, he decided to leave his party and venture down to Elyndaar City by himself. He does not seek to harm, only to increase his own knowledge. This is all he cares about, mostly. Sirak is constantly struggling to maintain a balance between feeding his own curiousity and staying out of trouble.

Character's Biography (Part 2)

As a young hatchling Sirak was always inquisitive, take his first adventure out of the rookery for example. A golden flicker on the wall caught his attention and he hopped right out of the safety of the nest.

A mere two weeks old and just a couple feet from his nest, Sirak found himself dangling precariously on the edge of the Watchtower. With a couple thousand feet between him and certain death he was bound and determined to get that golden sparkle.

Sirak hopped after the golden sparkle, following it down a ledge and around the outer corner of the wall. Just as he was about to pounce on the sparkle, he slipped and fell straight off the side of the tower.

About halfway down, the natural instinct of being able to fly struck him. He spread his wings and began to glide away from the tower. A couple of quick wing flaps later and he was ascending. A few more and he found himself heading back to the top of the tower.

It wasn’t long and the two-week old hatchling landed exactly where he had lost his footing. The golden sparkle was nowhere to be found though. What he did find was his grandfather, Girak.

Girak had been sitting above on another ledge and had used a golden amulet to catch Sirak’s attention. He had tried it with some of his brothers and sisters, but only Sirak had paid it any attention.

This was the beginning of a wonderful, loving friendship between a grandfather and his grandson. Girak knew any grandchild of his was more than capable of flight at a mere two weeks, much to the disapproval of his son, Giran.

Time passed and Sirak and Girak spent nearly every waking hour of their time together. Girak saw himself in Sirak in many ways, whether it was his obvious interest in “shinies” or his natural gift with flight and maneuvering through the harshest winds.

Twelve short years passed and Girak took ill. No amount of technology or magic could save him, nor did he want to be saved. His age was finally catching up to him. Sirak took it harder than any of his seventy-two other siblings. When the day Girak finally passed came, Sirak flew away and hid for several days.

Sirak had lost his best friend and mentor. To the others the loss was great, Girak was the father of their society, but to Sirak the loss was simply insurmountable. He struggled with the loss of Girak for years after his death.

One day Sirak was hanging out at the top of the Watchtower with two of his best friends, Daz and Onek, when they overheard a conversation between two Sky Guardians.

The conversation was something about an outsider from the lowlands and much to the disapproval of his friends, Sirak was immediately interested in this news and promptly headed to the dungeon.

Daz and Onek lingered behind as Sirak traveled into the dungeon utilizing a set of keys he had swiped some time ago from one of his father’s guards. He immediately found his way to the cell which housed a bald and very pale-skinned low lander.

The man was silent in meditation when Sirak arrived. Sirak didn’t disturb the prisoner, only observed from a distance. It was the first time he had seen anyone from the lowlands. This man was strange, no feathers, no wings, and he dressed very strangely.

He noticed the man was capable of controlling rats using some strange gadget, and for a time Sirak observed as he steered the rats to the guard station and each one was promptly dealt with. This amused Sirak to no end.

Sirak wanted to know more about this low lander, like where he came from and who he is. So, gathering what the bald man was attempting to do, Sirak went to the guard station himself and started talking to the guard, of whom he knew well. This particular guard was a stubborn ass, and he had gotten Sirak into trouble a few times by reporting his adventures to his father.

So, without a second thought, Sirak distracted the guard long enough that bald man’s rat could release a heavy weapon rack onto his head and it knocked him it cold. Sirak winced, it probably could have killed him.

Sirak quickly cleared the chamber as the bald lowlander succeeded in freeing himself. He escaped, and Sirak followed at a safe distance. All the while occasionally distracting the guards as they would near the bald man’s escape route.

To his surprise, this bald lowlander didn’t immediately leave, but instead headed to an examination room at the far side of the city. Sirak, Daz, and Onek watched from a distance as the lowlander stole a machine from the chamber and about a dozen other things, and then finally decided to leave.

Once the bald man escaped the borders of the city, Sirak and his two friends followed. They kept their distance. Eventually the man led them all the way back to an enormous city with great walls, Elyndaar City. A place like Sirak and his friends had never seen.

Daz and Onek would not continue onward, they promised Sirak they wouldn’t tell his father of what had taken place, and they returned home. Sirak on the other hand decided to explore, he went down into the city and eventually made his way to the roof of a place called the Sunfire Tavern.

...and that is where Sirak’s real story begins.

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