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~24,756 lbs.

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True origin unknown, the Elder God Sunder spent several thousand years stuck in the belly of an enormous plant-based monstrosity deep inside the surface of Planet Lunaris. To escape, Sunder used up most of his remaining energy to send a powerful blast up the mouth of the beast, hoping to get the attention of someone who could help him.

The blast traveled through the atmosphere of Planet Lunaris, through space, and entered the atmosphere of Planet Solaris, where it proceeded to strike Elyndaar City. It certainly stirred up some attention. Krauser Killener raised the shields of the city to protect it, so no major harm was done. Afterwards Krauser pulled together a group of explorers to travel to Planet Lunaris through a special gateway.

The team arrived in the Crimson Wilds of the new world. They set up base camp and began exploring the area. It wasn't long after some powerful earthquakes began shaking the entire forest. Krauser investigated and was nearly eaten by a massive beast they had no idea was right beneath their feet. He returned to camp and soon after was struck with powerful visions of a being, Sunder, who was trapped deep inside the belly of the massive beast.

Krauser and his team quickly devised a plan to find and rescue the being trapped within the beast. They had no idea the trapped being was none other than Sunder, the Planetary Guardian, and Elder God of Solarian system. How the powerful diety had been consumed wasn't certain, but the team quickly jumped at the chance to help.

After using his army of mechanoids to build a zeppelin out of local resources, Krauser and his team flew over the great maw of the beast and dropped straight down it's throat, into it's great belly. Fighting their way to the core of the beast, they discovered the massive feline god wrapped tightly in the creatures clutches. The team fought their way through an army of tentacles, and freed the Elder God.

Even in his weakened state, Sunder was more than capable of attacking the heart of the beast and helping the team kill it once and for all. With Sunder's help, the team destroyed the heart of the beast and escaped before the entire inner structure of the monstrosity collapsed in on them.

Sunder has now reclaimed his role of Planetary Guardian of the Solarian System. In his massive feline celestial form he travels from planet to planet assisting the inhabitants of the various worlds. He occassionally visits planet Solaris, but spends most of his time cleaning up the mess the plant beast left behind on planet Lunaris.

Physically, Sunder is enormous. In physical form he's several stories in height and likely weighs several tons. In his celestial form he's still feline in shape and appearance, but he can grow in size to be nearly as big as a planet, or larger.

Sunder is incredibly wise and always willing to offer knowledge to those who seek him out. He is kind and defends the mortal inhabitants of the worlds orbitting the binary system, Alpha and Omega. No one knows how long the being has existed, or if he will ever truly die.

It is believed the forest-sized plant parasite that captured Sunder grew to such an enormous size because it fed off of his energy for thousands of years, eventually the creature became the Crimson Wilds of planet Lunaris. Even though Sunder and the explorers killed the heart of the beast, the Crimson Wilds still continues to grow. it may not stop for thousands of years.

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