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36 lbs.

Character's Armor

Stalker's Robe of the Swamp


This is a small ratton sized robe. It is mottled earth browns and shades of dirty greens. It looks ragged and unusable but that is only the guise of its underlying enchantments. When the wearer focuses their magical power into the robe, tiny strips of cloth begin emerging that take on the qualities of the local plant life, acting as a natural camouflage.

  • Type: Armor, Class: Cloth, Quality: Unprecedented

  • Notes: Unique, +10% Dodge while in vegetated areas

Character's Relic

Bindingweed Cuff


The Bindingweed Cuff is a deep rust colored metallic band that wraps around the forearm. It is fashioned to appear as a thorny vine coiled around the forearm. When magic power is channeled through the cuff, the vine comes to life and can be controlled by the user.

It also gives the user the ability to channel nature magic into an offensive form of nature magic power to damage enemies. The metallic vine can extend from its coiled position and be used as an extension of the user.

  • Type: Relic, Quality: Unprecedented

  • Notes: Unique

Character's Weapon

Weapon of the Neophyte

This is a very common weapon not much more powerful than being without one entirely. This character has yet to obtain a better weapon to improve his or her attack capabilities. During a session this weapon may be described however the player chooses until he or she can obtain better equipment. This weapon could be considered to be a basic knife, dagger, sword, staff, mace, etc. This equipment has no real value.

  • Type: Weapon, Class: Any, Quality: Common

Character's Inventory

Demon Beak and Talons

Pitch black demonic beak and talons are all that remain of a greater demon Sylvix fought in the ruins of the Blank Library. They appear to be from an owl of monstrous proportions. There is one curved beak and six talons which are seven inches long, two of the talons are thicker and wider than the others at ten inches long. They are unnaturally sharp and when they break flesh they inject viscous black ooze with currently unidentified properties. Used for crafting.

  • Notes: Unique

Map of Revealing

Thick yellowed paper, with creases to be folded, the Map of Revealing appears to be just a dirty old piece of waste paper. When held by those who know its secrets the map of revealing shows its true purpose. The Map of Revealing is used like a traditional map, with both hands or laid out upon a surface.

It can reveal person, place or thing. The user simply needs to know what they are looking for, think of it, and the map will reveal it. The map interacts with the user, allowing the user to acquire any information they can think to be of use. A legend appears on the map in the user’s native tongue.

The map can double as a general area map when needed. This artifact was found in the ruins of the Blank Library. Who made it and its history is currently unknown.

  • Notes: Unique

Character's Mount


'Dumdum' is a large male Osperian that is brilliant blue with purple streaks near its tail feathers. It was captured and tamed by Sylvix on a quest to hunt a great Sandwyrm. Dumdum loves seeds and large roots. The Osperian is exceptionally brave from being given a small bit of confidence through magical power but it is also fairly stupid.

  • Type: Mount

  • Notes: Unique

Holiday Gifts

Enchanted Roasted Tulvarian

Once consumed this item will add a 3X bonus multiplier to one role-play session (quest sessions included). For example, for a normal role-play session or solo session it will provide a 3X multiplier. For a quest session it will increase the multiplier. A quest that provides 3X could be combined with this item to increase it to 6X. This item may only be used one time, so make it count.

  • Type: Holiday

  • Notes: Thanksgiving 2017

Frostlore Candycane

Once consumed this item will add a 4X bonus multiplier to one role-play session (quest sessions included). For example, for a normal role-play session or solo session it will provide a 4X multiplier. For a quest session it will increase the multiplier. A quest that provides 3X could be combined with this item to increase it to 7X. This item may only be used one time, so make it count. This bonus cannot be stacked with any other holiday items.

  • Type: Holiday

  • Notes: Frostlore 2017

Character's Abilities

Mark of the Sikkim

Sylvix turns into a murderous giant beast. Standing at 8’ 3” once transformation is complete, Sylvix loses much of his esoteric knowledge and abilities to cast spells. He becomes a creature of intense focus and bestial fury. His already sharp claws become weapons of a butcher.

Each, half a foot in length and serrated along the bottom edge, they are tools of destruction. He becomes an agile, powerful fighter, with a voracious hunger. His teeth become just as dangerous as his claws. His tail swells and becomes as powerful as the densest of clubs.

  • Pending (mechanical)

Rat King

Calls forth masses of rats that attack and swarm. When they are killed they become earthen material, which causes thorny vines to erupt from it, grasping and swinging with violent force.

Causing those caught by the thorns to bleed and become infected with strange plague like symptoms. Boils, coughing, seeping blisters, bloody vomit and violent diarrhea. Effects wear off within a day for most creatures with advanced immune systems.

  • Pending (mechanical)

Swamps Murmur

This spell causes even hardest of ground to soften and become thick mud. It extends 100 yards in all directions around Sylvix. The mud has a slowing aura on those in its grip. As time passes the mud creates heavy noxious atmosphere in the area and it begins to bubble and murmur, making it nearly impossible to track and hear the movements of Sylvix in his native environment.

  • Pending (mechanical)

Life’s Reemergence

Sylvix has become an avatar of the great mother, granting him the ability to constantly push back any aggressive auras and spells meant to drain life or energy. While it does not stop these auras and spells from working it acts more as an immune system that reacts and goes on the offensive.

Every other turn it pushes back any aggressive auras and nature attacks the aggressor. Trees will bend and swipe, vines whipping and grabbing at, water rushes over, animals snap their teeth trying to stop whatever causes the aggressive aura or spell.

  • Pending (mechanical)

Eye of Nature

Solaris opens her eye and focuses it on a target. Bravery and Fear are meaningless words when the great mother looks down at you and shows her teeth. The psyche of a prey animal takes hold of the target and causes them to act according to their level.

Any creature or character with 80% or less experience than Sylvix freezes in terror for 2 turns. Any creature or character between 80% and 120% of Sylvix’s experience panics and takes flight, fleeing for 2 turns.

Those of 120% or greater experience than Sylvix attack with no regard to their previous actions for 2 turns, only wishing to destroy their tormentor. This spell does not require the target to use or even have visual senses. Nature is persuasive and will take hold of any senses the target has available. Also makes the target piss on themselves.

  • Pending (mechanical)

Character's Biography

Born in the swamps of Solaris and treading carefully along the border of the Hinterlands, Sylvix the Sikkim has lived a short but brutal life. His brothers and sisters were hunted shortly after birth by migrating Tulvarians. They heard the cries of his mother as she was having the last of his siblings. The ones that were lucky enough to make it out of their bog home soon found themselves stalked by a hungry Pantherian. It's hunger was not satiated after taking Sylvix's remaining family. The Pantherian chased Sylvix through and up the canopies of the large swamp trees. Hanging on a thin branch over an unforgiving mix of mud water and beast that stirred below with a frenzied Pantherian stalking him to the end of the line, Sylvix learned of his gifts. As the branch bowed from the weight of the beast, vines began to wrap themselves like constrictors around its powerful frame.  It struggled and growled as more and more vines squeezed and clenched. In that moment!

Sylvix was ordained by mother Solaris. She took everything from him as he awoke to this world, but she would provide power to survive in it as well. He saw both faces of the great mother and he was impressed. He slowly walked back from the edge and approached the contained Pantherian with a sense of awe. As he passed he bit into the creatures ear marking it as it hissed and then clawing its face as he quickly hurtled over its body and disappeared into the swamp below. Sylvix the Sikkim was born into struggle and suffering, he now seeks balance of the scales.

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