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84,938 lbs.

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Created in an ancient time by the Nu’Lath race to protect the forests of the world, this ancient creature is the only Warden left in the world. As time around the world continued to pass, and civilizations began to grow, the Nu’Lath law of remaining unseen allowed for the deforestation of the world, which in turn caused the Gardens, that this form of Nu’Titan was created to guard, to die out.

Retreating to the Osperian forest, a pale reflection of its former glory, Vardtrad continued to perform his duty of maintaining the Gardens housing the Ancient Nu’Jira. He maintains the last four remaining Gardens, keeping them presentable to any Nu’Lath that would visit, even though the existence of the Gardens have been forgotten through time. Vardtrad is rarely seen, as he walks through the Osperian forest from garden to garden. Some have claimed to catch sight of his massive frame lumbering through the forest, but upon second glance the witnesses just deduce that it was only a tree that they seen blowing in the wind.

Even though the figure is as illusive as he is, he will protect the sprouts within the centers of the gardens with his life. The magic used to maintain the incantations, for keeping visitors from tampering with the sprouts, have begun to wane over time, and the dark energy released from Bahamura has put the Warden on a higher form of alert. Having no weapons of any particular fashion, Vardtrad simply uses his massive frame as a weapon against any people he deems unworthy of being within the confines of the Gardens. Standing at 30’ tall, Vardtrad’s legs are roughly 7’ thick, his arms are roughly 4’ thick and what would be feet or hands are simply a large entanglement of articulated vines.

The trees that Vardtrad was birthed from were so strong that it was said to take a force of over 20,000 lbs/sq in to break, and they weighed in at around 84 lbs/cu ft which gives him his insane weight and density. Besides himself, the only creatures that would be birthed from this material, are the magically stored Nu’Jira sprouts that he guards. The moment that they are brought out of their slumber, they will grow to a height of over 130’ with legs that are about 36’ thick, and these monstrosities will only be brought forth when the forest itself is in grave peril.

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