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Raid Loot

Crystalline Signet - This crystalline ring is made entirely of indestructible, magically enhanced, ice. Although it is made entirely of enchanted ice, it does not feel cold to the touch. This ring has incredible potential for focusing magical energy and has the added perk of converting all ice magic damage directly into HP for the wearer. It is very lightweight and semi-transparent, yet it has a mild blue aura that never seems to fade. (Type: Legendary Relic, Notes: Indestructible, Unique)

Ice Queen's Bulwark - Although it is not cold to the touch of the wielder, this shield is made entirely of enchanted ice that never melts. Queen Vishera manifested this shield for one of her elite guards. The shield magically changes in size depending who is using it. It is impossibly strong considering it is made of enchanted ice. The blocking capacity of this shield makes it one of the best shields around. (Type: Legendary Shield, Notes: Indestructible, Unique)

Character's Abilities

Deep Freeze - Vishera sends a wave of ice over the battlefield and freezes all of her opponents in place for the next turn. The ice completely encases her opponents up to their necks and this prevents them from taking any action during their next turn. Vishera may do this multiple times during a battle with multiple enemies, usually when her opponents are starting to get the upper hand. She often cackles loudly when she casts the ability, as she thoroughly enjoys encasing her opponents in the numbing cold. This ability will instantly kill anyone under level 90 during a battle with Vishera. (Type: World Boss)

Ice Skewer - Vishera summons a long and razer sharp rod of ice from the floor to skewer a single member of the raid. This occurs instantly and without warning. This skewer isn't always lethal, but it does some serious damage. (Imagine having an ten foot long rod of solid ice jammed through your gut while you are left to dangle helplessly until someone get you down.) While the raider is skewered he or she cannot take any actions until someone helps him down. Another member of the raid must assist the victim of this attack to free him or her. (Type: World Boss)

Shadow Magic Manipulation - Vishera has the ability to handle and manipulate Shadow Magic due to her deep connection with the Original Evil, Lord Bahumura. Shadow Magic has the ability to consume other energies and corrupt the flesh of the living. Vishera can use it both offensively and defensively in a manner of different ways. She's been known to create walls of the purple and black energy to surround herself, something important, or her opponents. Touching the energy can have many different effects on her victims. (Type: World Boss)

Character's Biography

Queen Vishera, also known as Vishera of the Thunderwings, and the consort of Lord Kelthuron of the Thunderwings. For a Dragonkin she is young although still over three thousand years old. As with Lord Kelthuron, Vishera was born thousands of years in a future timeline and came back in time during an event known as The Undoing.

After arriving in the ancient timeline her duties were simple, go out and rebuild the race of her people. The plan was sound and started off well. Lord Kelthuron traveled in one direction, her brother Lothuron went another, and she traveled to the far south. She ended up in a location that suited her well, The Frozen Region.

Each yearly cycle the trio met to discuss their progress and plans and all was well, for a time. On the third year, just before their yearly gathering, a strange man came to visit Queen Vishera in her den. The man arrived shrouded in black and had apparently traveled deep into The Frozen Region all on his own. He came to Vishera with a strange purple crystal, a gift for the Queen he insisted.

Vishera was cautious, but not cautious enough. The stranger tricked her into touching the glowing purple crystal just long enough to taint her mind, body, and soul and then he left, leaving the crystal with her.

Some time passed and with every passing day the crystals hold on the Queen's mind became stronger and stronger. She began having delusions and hallucinations and developed a thirst for more power. The thirst for power overtook her quickly. It wasn't long until she discovered the crystal enabled her to wield her magic far beyond her normal capabilities.

At first the Queen would only briefly use the crystals power. Not only did it enable her to use her magic longer, but it made her magic far more potent. The more she used the stone for this purpose, the more she craved using it for other things.

Soon enough her mind was so twisted by the stone that she began freezing the creatures of The Frozen Region all around her one day. She froze them solid, turning them into statues of ice. Soon enough, she began turning travelers and visitors into statues as well. This continued for some time... until eventually just about every living thing in the entire area was frozen solid.

Her power became greater and greater each time she wielded the crystal and eventually it made her so powerful she summoned a storm of icy weather. The storm grew larger and larger and eventually overtook her entire underground cavern... and soon enough, the entire continent of The Frozen Region itself.

The storm spread upwards until it consumed the southern oceans of planet Solaris, the Broken Isles, and then the beaches Xhan Tarn... It finally passed over the mountain ranges beyond Xhan Tarn and headed to the Osperian Forest beyond. Every creature it the way of the first wave was left behind as a living statue of ice...

Now Queen Vishera waits for those who will come to stop her. She is more powerful than ever, and ready for a fight with even the most powerful planet Solaris has to offer... Will she be stopped, or will the world be forever frozen by her powerful magic?

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