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A mysterious half-Vegonian warrior who fought off a band of Vegonian marauders outside Elyndaar City as they tried to attack some villagers. The city guards showed up just as Xenovius finished the last marauder off. This is how he earned his place as an Elyndrian.

Xenovius, sometimes Xeno, an incredible warrior but highly mysterious. Initial scans done by the lab detected his Vegonian genetics, but after proving his allegiance by decimating the Vegonians at the gates, Elyndaar City council decided to overlook his origins.

Xeno is occasionally seen hanging around the Sunfire Tavern or lingering around the Entertainment District. He leads a quiet life, and sticks to himself for the most part. No one knows why a half-Vegonian would defend the city, but then again, he probably has his reasons.

Vegonians usually kill half-breeds who often come about when their raiders get sloppy and don't finish off their victims. While very rare, half-breeds do happen. Since they are shunned by their own society they often leave or die.

Xenovius is very quiet, and tries to keep his new life as peaceful as possible. He sometimes offers jobs to citizens, usually missions to go take out Vegonian marauders along the border of the Osperian Region.

One thing is certain, Xenovius has a history, a long one... and he is an incredibly powerful warrior and ally to the Elyndrians.

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