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Long ago I lived free of the bonds of flesh and free of the torment of being locked away. I once roamed free to create havoc and mayhem throughout the world of Gorgonia. But then I was locked away within the Gorgon, though he will have remembered it differently, I remember it all to clearly.

Destroying the village and being hunted for my lack of restraint, the only way I could escape was to abandon my freedom and enter the dying Gorgon child that had become more than just a thorn in my side. I have managed to break free of his control countless times but the last time I managed to brake free that bastard Krauser Killener put a stop to me.

I demolished and burned Elyndrel almost to the ground that night while within the Gorgons body and as I was about to make my leave he showed his face. It was a mighty battle but because that blasted Gorgon was also fighting me within his head I lost my concentration and fell with a swift hit to the head.

(Krauser, after knocking out Gremlock's body with a swift blow to the head with the hilt of his sword, took Gremlock away to Solaris Central Laboratories where he lay Gremlock on a steel slab and with some wires to Gremlocks head and his lab, he managed to pull Zen from the Gorgons Skull. But he did not stop there. He raised a body from deep within the depths of Laboratories that was tall and gray in color. It had a slender body as if it had never eaten in many years, with a long crooked nose and pointed ears it was wielding a masterful set of horns from the hop of its head that curved back over his head and come down around the side of his face. After this Krauser typed upon his computers, moments later a window popped up saying "Download Complete" and Zen was downloaded into the mind of the creature before him. After several weeks there was a power surge that fried the chamber that he was within and from there he awoke and broke free.)

I'm not sure what happened after that but when I awoke I was deep within the vast workings of the Central Laboratories. Within a new body no less. It was strange being the only voice within your own head, but oddly enough it was quite maddening... I enjoyed it. I got out of the lab easily enough and made my way out into the forests of Solaris where I now stay.

At first it was difficult trying to figure out this new body, it was tall and slender as if it had not eaten, and my fingers where long and boney with long nails but I did not feel weak. But physical power did not seem to be this bodies greatest asset. After a while I managed to figure out that this body was for casting, and that was about all it did. It had amazing prowess for it and the amount of destruction it caused was amazing. It seemed to have an endless amount of destructive power. I'll have to test it out soon to see just how well it fares in battle.

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