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He was a small boy from Elyndrel Village. Born and raised in the town his parents worked hard and struggled to keep food, and shelter. Neither one excelling in a martial or magical art.Much like his parents he has not shown any natural talent with martial or magical arts. As he grew up he made a few friends in town and like all children some rivals as well.

One day when he was eight years old he went out of the village to explore and be alone for a while. He has previously found some small caves in the woods and would explore a little deeper each time. However on this occasion something unusual happened. He went missing for nearly a week. Parents frightened and villagers searching for him. Not enough money between the parents to try and request the Aid of the Influential adventurers they stayed silent on their troubles.

During that week....

He had managed to slip into a deeper part of the cave, but did not realize he would not be able to get back out the way he came in. His meager light source quickly faded as the hours went by. A breeze was felt in the cave his only clue as to which direction he should go. Though as he stumbled upon the source of the breeze it was not at all what he expected. No small crack in the wall, no open faced cave on the side of a cliff. Instead what he saw was the slumbering reptilian form of a Dragon. Its body crammed into the cave, as the cave seemed to have closed in around it trapping it there or so he Thought.

That is when the eyes of the Dragon popped open. Glaring down a the tiny form before it. Still weak from a mighty struggle, it had tried to hide to sleep and allow its wounds to heal. Taking in the child and using its senses to gauge the passing of time and how healed he was after that long of sleep. It knew then that it would never heal. The wounds inflicted upon it by the malicious force had not healed at all and several years had passed. It knew then that its only way to continue to live was to stop being a dragon.

Normally the ritual to turn ones self into a Dragonkin was to use a dead host, but it didn't have the time to find another host. To much time had already been wasted trying to heal and his energy reserves where diminishing keeping himself alive. So it hoped that his body already dying and being burnt in the pyre would be enough and that the child and his mind would be able to merge over time as the child grew. He prepared the child for the ritual!

The boy to scared to fight and lost beyond hope of getting away from the massive dragon before him. The boy was safe guarded from all of the dragons knowledge and memories as before the ritual the Dragon created a second place in the child's mind. Placing the child inside of it. Knowing his own memories would be to much to handle for the small mind. Though through time this barrier would slowly break away, more and more of the Dragons mind would influence and merge with the boy. Though he could do nothing at all about the physical changed to the boy the ritual would have. He would have the slitted eyes of a Dragonkin, and intense emotions would like break the mental barrier between their minds and souls prematurely. Though he hoped that by the time the child was physically mature that barrier would be no more. He would not the child, nor the dragon but be both of them.

The ritual took some time to set up, and complete. Plus the mental shock of the experience rocked the boy for a good while. Though after he felt guided as if he knew which was he needed to travel from this cave to get home. He stumbled back into the village after a week. Starved and confused. Though no other harm.

His parents and all the villagers did not immediately notice the change in the boys eyes. Getting him home, getting him feed, and the next day when he woke his parents seen his slitted eyes. It was a shock his parents could see he looked like their son, spoke like their son, but was he...

Five years have passed (Too be expanded upon later)

He is now 13 at the cusp of adulthood. His body and mind are both maturing and the barrier between the minds in his head are weakening. He has stronger mood swings than a regular teenager and a talent for magic has been noticed as he starts to manipulate the forces of Solaris. This requires him to find a teacher and to learn so that he does not become a liability to his parents or the village.

Five years have passed (Too be expanded upon in play)

He is now 18 years old. Many have come to accept him for who is he. A few of the villagers still remember the incident with him as a child but most don't bring it up around him or his parents. There have been a few more unusual incidents with him along the way but nothing violent. As he seems to remember things from before his time, and knowledge he has yet to be taught but already knows. A loss of identity. He has decided to change his name from his boyhood name to something else. This may be a side effect of all the new knowledge and personality blending together to make who he is now. His sudden interest in hording money, his desire to become stronger and more powerful. All signs that yes he is truly a Dragonkin. His parents are still hazy about the how or why but they have come to terms with the fact that they will likely never know.

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