Class Description

Clerics are those of dedication. Many are people of faith and find their powers through prayer and meditation to a divine being. Some focus on the power of spirit or even the power of emotions throughout the world around them. No matter their muse, you could never find anyone who cares for and lives for his beliefs more than a Cleric. While a multitude of things might fuel a particular Cleric, the outcome is the same. They're unmatched in their ability to use their powers to mend the wounds of the allies.

Class Capabilities

Divine Healing - Clerics are capable of healing four times per ally, per battle, at 90% MP per spell cast.

Holy Resurrection - Clerics are capable of bringing their fallen allies back to life after a battle.

Protection Barrier - Clerics are capable of manifesting powerful barriers twice per ally, per battle, which reduces damage taken by 50% for one round.

Class Characteristics

  • Good with light and medium weaponry (staves, daggers, knives, etc)

  • Very intelligent and spiritual, often seen praying to their god(s)

  • Typically wear very light forms of armor (usually cloth)

  • Often seen carrying a staff or relic to help channel healing magic

Class Variants (50+)

  • Monk - A righteous martial artist who wields spiritual and divine magics.

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