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These are the various character classes. All classes are capable of various forms of combat including ranged, melee, or magical but each class excels in one particular thing.


Hunters are ranged combat specialists, proficient in archery, ranged magic, and throwing weapons. They favor fighting from a distance, utilizing their superior range and accuracy. Clad in light to medium armor, they move nimbly across the battlefield. Skilled animal trainers, Hunters often travel with a companion animal for combat assistance. Their primary stat attribute is agility.


Knights are powerful tanks that can withstand immense damage and deal significant harm to their foes. They are versatile, excelling as front-line tanks or damage dealers. Their leadership skills inspire allies to fight harder and their defenses are unmatched. Knights are a formidable force, always ready to protect their allies and crush their enemies. Their primary stat attribute is vitality.


Mages are powerful magic users who have been around for centuries. They can cast a wide variety of spells, teleport, and provide buffs and healing to their allies. They are not as physically strong as other classes, but their magical abilities make them a valuable asset to any team. Their primary stat attribute is intelligence.


Techknights are master technologists, using their expertise to create powerful combat gadgets. Their technological prowess compensates for their lack of physical strength. Versatile warriors, they can serve as damage dealers or support characters. They are the ultimate technological warriors, always ready to fight for their allies. Their primary stat attributes are agility and intelligence.


Warriors are versatile fighters, capable of wielding various weapons and armor, and employing diverse fighting styles. Their physical strength, quick thinking, and strategic approach make them formidable opponents. They often focus on single targets, eliminating them swiftly and moving on to the next. Warriors are capable of unleashing immense damage. Their primary stat attribute is strength.