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Class Guide

These are the various character classes. All classes are capable of various forms of combat including ranged, melee, or magical but each class excels in one particular thing.

The Adept

The Adept rely on sorcery instead of metal and physical strength to achieve their goals. They are masters over the magical forces and are able to wield them with deadly power and accuracy. They have been around for millenia. No matter the obstacle, their dedication to knowledge makes them capable of always finding a way over it, around it, or even through it. Armies dwindle and planets destroyed, but the power of the Adept will always remain. These magic wielders are capable of casting spells and teleportation. The Adept's primary stat attribute is intelligence.

The Juggernaut

One of the oldest classes in existence, the Juggernaut has existed since the beginning. Don't let this fool you though, they are not primitive. Juggernauts have evolved over the centuries. They are naturally some of the strongest and most powerful warriors in all the land. They are capable of wielding any weapon or armor type. They may use shields or dual wield two weapons at once. Juggernauts have limitless potential, leadership qualities, and combat expertise like no other! These powerful defenders are capable of soaking up enormous amounts of damage. The Juggernaut's primary stat attribute is vitality.

The Soldier

Soldiers are capable warriors who wield various forms of equipment and even magic to take down their enemies. Like an Adept, they are also capable of utilizing the magical forces of Solaris to varying degrees. Soldiers are physically strong and masters of all various fighting forms, relying on strength, quick wits, and strategy to get them through a fight. They often focus on single targets, cutting them down as quick as possible to move onto the next. These skilled fighters are capable of unleashing enormous amounts of damage. The Soldier's primary stat attribute is strength.

The Techknight

A techknight is someone who has learned to use technology inside of their fighting style more than a normal person might believe possible. While some might think that these are simply "tricks" and not really a fighting style. They don't know the countless hours of customizing and building a unique gadget, then training and honing themselves to use it while inside of combat. Many Techknight's don't use their magic to directly assault an opponent, instead, they will use and channel it through a gadget to produce an effect that they desire. As they have spent countless hours designing and building these gadgets and not developing or designing spells. Though this does not mean that they can not throw energy it just means they prefer not to.

The Warden

The Warden are the ranged-focused combat archetype of planet Solaris. They may have a bow, ranged magic, or a reusable throwing weapon. Wardens try to keep their distance and attack from afar instead of up close and personal like other classes. They wear light to medium armor types, usually. No one can shoot better, faster, or truer than the world's first and greatest marksman. Wardens are also the most capable wranglers and trainers of beasts. There are no stories told of a great Warden that fails to mention his closest companion. Wardens are often drifters who travel the world. They explore even the most dangerous locations that others would avoid. These ranged sentinels are capable of combat from a distance. The Warden's primary stat attribute is agility.