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Creature Guide

These are the creatures discovered by the Elyndrians throughout their adventures.

    Osperian Forest

  1. Faewen
    Tiny mystical forest folk.

  2. Elwen
    Small mystical forest folk.

  3. Osperian
    Flightless bipedal birds for riding.

  4. Dortuk
    Bear-like forest dwellers.

  5. Razorbeak
    The meanest Osperian ever.

  6. Endless Plains

  7. Kepp
    Fluffy critters who bounce.

  8. Decoceras
    Rideable racing slugs.

  9. Juroc
    A seven-tailed fox-like animal.

  10. Lycanthian
    Wolf-like pack hunters.

  11. Amarok
    A legendary wolf-beast.

  12. Skyhold Mountains

  13. Darkling
    Shadowy abominations.

  14. Goblin
    Small green humanoids.

  15. Tulvar
    Large armored flying creatures.

  16. Dreadbeast
    Sightless raging monsters.

  17. Dragonus
    An enormous sleepy dragon.

  18. Xhan Tarn Beach

  19. Tidemantis
    A large aquatic sea mantis.

  20. Grathian
    A large noisy bird.

  21. Prana Devil
    Aquatic raptor-like monsters.

  22. Brunta
    Aquatic telepathic mammals.

  23. Gorbahl
    A demon who eats children.

  24. Darkmire Swamp

  25. Lamper
    Fiesty fish-like humanoids.

  26. Husk
    Shambling undead humanoids.

  27. Shadowcree
    Large annoying black birds.

  28. Ophiditan
    Enormous snake-like serpents.

  29. Deathroot
    A furious talking tree.

  30. Hinterfall Jungle

  31. Eewanchu
    Small creepy forest folk.

  32. Ashrisen
    Self-resurrecting birds.

  33. Chimera
    A monstrous hybrid beast.

  34. Pantherian
    Panther-like nightstalkers.

  35. Honeygore
    An angry talking tree.

  36. Kazarial Desert

  37. Sandlurker
    Stealthy sand-swimming beasts.

  38. Stoneborn
    Powerful gargoyle-like humanoids.

  39. Krossa
    Monsters from another world.

  40. Sandwyrm
    Enormous subterranean monsters.

  41. Titanus
    The biggest sandwyrm ever.

  42. Dormuzahn Isles

  43. Depthling
    Tentacled sea monsters.

  44. Lophii
    Vicious bipedal anglerfish.

  45. Kiniff
    Weird lizard-like creatures.

  46. Mechanoid
    Machines with attitude.

  47. Kontu
    A massive city-sized ocean crab.

  48. The World's Edge

  49. Undiscovered
    Undiscovered creature.

  50. Undiscovered
    Undiscovered creature.

  51. Prowler
    Armored-plated icy blue beasts.

  52. Frostwyrm
    Snake-like ice monsters.

  53. Jorgrun
    The biggest frostwym ever.

  54. Planet Lunaris

  55. Nezaling
    The offspring of Nezal.

  56. Howler
    Vicious ape-like animals.

  57. Minok
    Ape-like bipedal beasts.

  58. Scrufaceros
    Red rhino-like quadrupeds.

  59. Nezal
    A planet-eating parasite.

  60. The Afterplane

  61. Shadowling
    Weak minions of Bahumura.

  62. Soul Eater
    Soul eating demons.

  63. Hellhound
    Ferocious ghostly hounds.

  64. Darkstalker
    Creepy shrouded demons.

  65. Azzodal
    A servant of Bahumura.

  66. Infernal Chasm

  67. Vile One
    Mindless humanoid demons.

  68. Sin Eater
    Sin eating demons.

  69. Undiscovered
    Undiscovered creature.

  70. Vixari
    Alluring female demons.

  71. Modan
    A servant of Bahumura.

  72. Planet Gorgonia

  73. Pyreling
    Small flaming humanoids.

  74. Elemental
    Beings made of the elements.

  75. Brimfur
    Humanoid tar monsters.

  76. Behemoth
    Enormous wooly beasts.

  77. Karzath
    A servant of Bahumura.

  78. The Void Realm

  79. Voidling
    Small amorphous critters.

  80. Vorkan
    Floating jellyfish-like brains.

  81. Shadowborne
    Powerful minions of Bahumura.

  82. Darkspawn
    Minions of Bahumura.

  83. Voidcrawler
    Weird tentacled monsters.

  84. The Wildlands

  85. Podling
    Recently mutated beings of Solaris.

  86. Sporeling
    Mindless plague spreaders.

  87. Xitha
    Large ant-like insectoids.

  88. Plaguebloom
    Giant plague spreading flowers.

  89. Vardtrad
    The biggest talking tree.