12,000 Years Ago

A tiny sprout arose in the wilds of Hinterfall. Against all odds, the tiny sprout grew into a strangely beautiful plant pod and blossomed one day to reveal a lovely plant-like, yet humanoid, baby girl. Perhaps it was fate, but it just so happened that a nomadic tribe of Beastkin were traveling through the area when the child was born. As the baby cried out, a young female Beastkin by the name of Etheria discovered her still lying in the opened pod. Etheria took the baby to her grandfather Krogos, who at the time was the Elder of the tribe. Krogos examined the baby and immediately took to her. There was something special about her. That very night, Krogos had a vision in which a mysterious voice told him the baby should be named Yasmine, and so that was her name from then on.

Yasmine's Childhood

As the years passed, Yasmine grew up as a humble young Grovekin in the company of many different Beastkin. The Beastkin were more like her family than other Grovekin she encountered during her travels across the world. When she was ten years old, Yasmine began having powerful visions of an enormous tree located somewhere in Hinterfall. She informed Elder Krogos of her visions, and the old pantherian enabled her to guide his people to the enormous tree. Krogos believed that part of Yasmine's destiny was to guide their people to a permanent home... and eventually, she did.

Discovery of Ylelthaes

After nearly ten years of searching through the wilderness, Yasmine and her Beastkin tribe discovered a strange place hidden away by magic located deep within the confines of Hinterfall. The moment Yasmine neared a magical barrier around the mysterious area, she, as well as the entire tribe, were suddenly granted the ability to see an enormous magical tree that had been standing in the middle of the region for nearly a millennia.

The tree was thousands of feet in diameter and tens of thousands of feet tall. It spoke telepathically to Yasmine and her tribe, telling them it had called them to it and that it had been waiting for them for many years. It also told them that its name was Ylelthaes. As it turned out, the massive tree was actually an ancient Grovekin Titan and over time it was discovered that Yasmine was its one and only child. Yasmine's tiny seed had been blown away by a mysteriously strong wind one day. Ylelthaes had been distraught over the loss of Yasmine for nearly twenty years, and finally... her child had come home.

Yasmine's Training

With the guidance of Ylelthaes, the young Yasmine learned incredibly powerful healing techniques using the forces of nature around her. She felt drawn to heal those in need and whenever she encountered anyone in need, she helped. Yasmine grew into a powerful sorceress over time and her Beastkin people, along with Ylelthaes, made her into their Queen when she turned 30 years old. Ylelthaes revealed an inner chamber for Queen Yasmine and her people, which had apparently been her plan all along. The massive internal superstructure of the tree became a place for both Grovekin and Beastkin to live and thrive. The inhabitants of Ylelthaes built a massive city within her walls and everyone lived in harmony... until the Vegonians came.

The Vegonian Invasion

Queen Yasmine and her people now guard the City of Ylelthaes and Hinterfall from Vegonian raiders that have been attempting to claim land and steal resources. It wasn't until Queen Yasmine encountered the Vegonians that she ended the life of another living thing. The first wave of Vegonian raiders attacked with such ferocity they nearly made it all the way to the city itself. The raiders killed dozens of innocent Beastkin and Grovekin along the way. They burned the land, killed the wildlife, and finally Queen Yasmine snapped. When the Vegonians arrived at the gates of the city they were met only with death. Queen Yasmine lifted her hands into the air and summoned up forces of nature like nothing her people had ever witnessed before. The majority of the Vegonians were consumed by the planet itself, some were turned into fungus, and many others were simply torn apart by the massive living vines of Ylelthaes herself.

The Aftermath

Queen Yasmine cleared the Vegonian raiders away as if they were an army of ants. She crushed their forces with such righteous fury that those who did survive went back to their leaders in complete awestruck terror. The Vegonians now remain along the outside borders of Hinterfall and any time they try to enter into the region they are instantly met with the crushing forces of nature at the hands of Queen Yasmine.

The people of Ylelthaes welcome any and all travelers who are not Vegonian, but they have been hardened by what the raiders did to their people. They seem to keep a wall up and never let their guard down at all times.

Queen Yasmine is a powerful and benevolent ruler, but she is also a fierce warrior. She will not hesitate to defend her people from any threat, and she will not rest until the Vegonians are driven from Hinterfall once and for all.

The people of Ylelthaes are grateful for Queen Yasmine's protection, and they are proud to call her their queen. They know that she will always fight for them, and they are confident that she will lead them to victory.

The Gorgonian Invasion

Years later, Grey Fenrir of the Black Empire coerced General Raynar and his army of Gorgonians to attack Mothertree Ylelthaes yet again. This time the attack was successful, and as the Gorgonians proceeded through Hinterfall Jungle, they salted the land in their wake. This weakened the Grovekin and the land itself to the point where they were able to reach the Mothertree and burn her to the ground. In her dying breaths, Queen Yasmine transferred her essence into General Raynar, as it turned out Raynar had been forced into slaughtering the Grovekin against his will.

Queen Yasmine's essence survived within General Raynar secretly for some time. Eventually, she left his body and grew a new form. When the armies of planet Solaris all joined forces against the Black Empire, Queen Yasmine and her Grovekin helped in the assault, and the war ended in success. Instead of taking back the Hinterfall Jungle, Queen Yasmine set her sights on the Blasted Region, the home of the Black Empire.

Rise of the Wildlands

The Grovekin, now called the Awakened, claimed the Blasted Region and transformed it into what we now call the Wildlands. There are few traces of the Blasted Region, and only some ruins remain of Vegonaar City. For fifty years, the Wildlands spread out and consumed what had once been a land of death, turning it into the thickest jungle in the world, as well as the most hostile.

The Awakened claimed ownership of the Wildlands, and any travelers who entered were never seen or heard from again. It was observed by the remaining factions that something was going on, but nobody could enter the Wildlands to investigate. As it turned out, the crater left behind by a massive Builder Vessel had breached the crust of planet Solaris. This enormous hole in the bottom of the crater became known as The Breach.

The Assault on Solaris

For an unknown reason, Queen Yasmine unexpectedly attacked the world of Solaris with extreme aggression from nearly every direction imaginable. She set forth a plague upon the world which transformed the inhabitants of the various civilizations into Podlings. The attacks were thwarted by the Elyndrians and the other armies of the world, but not before untold numbers of Podlings were created. These Podlings seemed to instinctively be drawn toward the Wildlands.

The Elyndrians and their allies traveled to the Wildlands to stop Queen Yasmine and determine the reason behind the attacks. During their trek deep into the Wildlands, they encountered various dangers and eventually made their way to what the Awakened call the Cradle of Life. The Cradle of Life is the crater left behind by the previously mentioned Builder Vessel. At the bottom of the Cradle of Life, the Elyndrians discovered an enormous and powerful Grovekin Titan known as Vardtrad guarding the entrance to The Breach.

The World Below

The Elyndrians had stopped Vardtrad, but the battle had taken its toll. They were exhausted and wounded, but they knew that they had to keep going. They had to stop Queen Yasmine, no matter the cost.

They traveled into The Breach, and soon found themselves in a tunnel that led down into the Sixth Layer of planet Solaris. The air was thick and humid, and the walls were covered in strange, glowing moss. The Elyndrians knew that they were in a dangerous place, but they pressed on.

After traveling for what felt like hours, they finally reached the end of the tunnel. They emerged into a vast, underground cavern. In the center of the cavern was a massive tree, its roots reaching up to the ceiling. The Elyndrians knew that this must be the World Below, and that Queen Yasmine was waiting for them.

They drew their weapons and prepared for battle. Queen Yasmine was a powerful enemy, but the Elyndrians were determined to stop her. They would not rest until she was defeated, and the world of Solaris was safe once again.